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  1. OK, I just escaped from a shiny pokemon and I fell really bad. So can we have a warning if we meet any shiny? like we use master ball? ty
  2. ykh601

    About shiny rate

    The problem is you can not buy some rare shinys even you have cash, feeling bad if you failed after hundreds of hours
  3. ykh601

    About shiny rate

    Thank you and hope I can achieve my dream.
  4. ykh601

    About shiny rate

    Also I try to buy this rare shiny from other players but no one willing to sell it even I willing to pay amazing price .
  5. Hi I am a player who played this game about 1300 hours. I want to say something about shiny because I get 0 shiny up to now. I trying to make eggs about 6-10 boxes every day with donator status and I still get nothing, nearly 400 boxes now. So I suggest maybe we can cost money to buy shinys from npc? maybe I just want to take comfort but I still love this game. ty for take ur time
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