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  1. The developers in this event that is being held did not implement cosmetics to use on the character's back. ES:
  2. It is true that wild muk can carry a toxic orb, the difficult thing is to find Muk equipped with a toxic orb, its probability is 1%.
  3. No need to worry., have fun as much as you can and enjoy the game
  4. Hello anggyAO you can observe my own teams that I created to participate in pvp battles Team OU: https://pokepast.es/fa40a92d9c98314b https://pokepast.es/7838250446f426dc https://pokepast.es/3d1193fb9f26ff3f Team UU: https://pokepast.es/b0eb9dbe81647552 Team NU: https://pokepast.es/d04565b6b16ebef8 P.S: I hope you like the team I created.
  5. hmmm without using a pokemon with the flame body, it took more than 10 minutes to hatch P.S: at that time I was looking for hordes of pokemon
  6. It is already verified, confirmed!!
  7. You can try this method or expect a staff member to give you another option to recover your account.
  8. Hello Stickbow0 Of many suggestions I have been able to read, this is one of the best suggestions I have read after a long time.
  9. braviary is one of my favorite pokemon
  10. EazyL

    Hi Ò/

    Hello Federico (Koushi) , welcome to the PokeMMO forum. Create your own rules of the game, respecting those established in the game and have fun.
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