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  1. Hmmm, Ok, I understand the modality of the tournament you plan to do ... If the tournament is finished, I would like you to make a publication to register. I liked the idea of your tournament.
  2. I like the idea of the tournament, what I do not understand is if the tournament will be held by members of the same country, in order to obtain a representative and then go to the World Tournament. What is the main idea of the tournament you want to make?
  3. EazyL

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    I was so excited about the event ... it was all part of a confusion. I hope the new Christmas event will take place.
  4. Not bad, very good basic guide for breeder. thank you @TSLuluAylen now I can breed a complete team of samurott xD
  5. Merry Christmas!

    ---Hope, peace and love for you this Christmas---

    ---May your presents be many and your troubles be few---

    Team FireSword[Fird]


    Image credits: @SodaNaranja

  6. EazyL

    Daily / weekly missions.

    Adding missions would be great, it would be more entertaining and, above all, a series of difficulties ... give a reward in return, it would not necessarily be pokeyen, some mysterious boxes or vanities....
  7. EazyL

    Last Words before leaving

    It was a pleasure to have met you in the game, I hope you do well in your new projects ... Thank you for having formed part of PokeMMO (I hope to see you again) Fue un placer conocerte en el juego, espero que te vaya bien en tus nuevos proyectos ... Gracias por haber formado parte de PokeMMO ( Espero volverte a ver).
  8. EazyL

    Sableye Stall / Rezagado

    I've read it, but you know very well that this skill is not implemented in the game for the pokemon sableye ...
  9. EazyL

    Gen 6+?

    Currently, developers have other priorities for the development of the game, in the future maybe the generation 6 of Pokémon will be implemented.
  10. EazyL

    Sableye Stall / Rezagado

    Currently the hidden abilities are disabled for us players, only the NPCs have active hidden abilities. the skill Prankster de sableye is hidden, currently you could not have that ability in your pokemon Sableye.
  11. EazyL


    You must obtain 4 badges and go to the port city of your region. Castelia City - Unova Vermillion City - Kanto Slateport City - Hoenn
  12. EazyL

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

    You can use the Pokemon equipment that BestFriends uses, They are almost the same as I use.
  13. EazyL

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

    I can recommend the use of multiple-attack movements, example: -Acid -Muddy Wate -Air Cutter -Snarl -Uproar -Rock Slide -Discharge -Eruption -Razor Leaf -Lava Plume -Heat Wave -Sludge Wav -Flame Burst -Swift -Water Spout -Synchronoise -Surf -Earthquake -Blizzard
  14. EazyL

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

    I would recommend a team for the farm of gyms the problem is that almost always vary the pokemon of the leaders of gyms
  15. EazyL

    Question about Seasonal vanitys

    very good question, I'm also interested in knowing I also want you to explain that seasonal, please @Kyu Thanks

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