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  1. In the original games have a high percentage of probabilities (50%), but this is an MMO game, so the chances of getting it are very low, I do not have the exact percentage to tell it but it could be 10% or less.
  2. I think it is one of the best videos, it explains what are the guaranteed and unsecured methods to win pokeyen. Good Luck my friend
  3. You can go to the YouTube channel of Mayor BestFriends of PokeMMO, there is a video that talks about methods to win Pokeyen. click here
  4. The team preview has made a total change in the Meta-game, the implementation of zoroark in the game also influences the changes, dugtrio and wobbuffet also have something to do with the changes, although this is not important.
  5. Spanish: A veces me ha pasado y la solución que se puede hacer para ese problema es la misma que explica SodaNaranja, o si usa mods, debe actualizarlos. English: It has happened to me sometimes and the solution that can be done for that problem is the same as explained by SodaNaranja, or if you use mods you should update them.
  6. EazyL

    New Currency

    hmmm, I could read your post, what I liked most was being able to make the transformation from pokeyen to PB, (I think you forgot that if it is possible to add a PC in the secret base to be able to change the pokemon equipment without going to a pokemon center) I made a mistake here, if you mentioned it
  7. pitifully you can not raise the battle window anymore, its maximum is 100, so you can not make it look full battle screen .... in android can be observed full battle screen.
  8. @RedactedColour , I could read the guide of kanto and now the one of hoenn, I am delighted that it is very good ... I remove the doubts I had in front of some pokemon of gymnastics leaders, even for me, since I always dedicate myself to the rematches of the gym and did not know the other movements of his pokemon. thanks for the guide
  9. English: If you wish, you can add it to the team where I am currently, I always try to help new ones in their doubts about the game, I even do it in the channel chat. Spanish:
  10. But Budew cannot breeder, it's a baby pokemon
  11. Hello, sometimes it's good to forget about unnecessary movement to one of the parents so that the breeding can inherit the egg movements I need.
  12. there is no implementation date for the sinnoh region in the game, currently the developers have plans to implement other things ... but as I say, there is no date.
  13. Oh, of course this happens when you disconnect from the server without having left the event, it has happened to me... hahahahaaha
  14. When you leave the event with a score higher than 4, you get coins that you can change with the NPC that is next to the pokemon center and give you the red envelopes. Lucky Red Envelopes give it to you after you have won the pokemon entei. Currently only gives 2 lucky red envelopes.
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