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  1. Now you only have to get 10,000 PB.
  2. EazyL


    The team tournaments are all the last Saturday of each month, it is not something improvised
  3. EazyL


    Hi Melikos It is not a bad idea, but team tournaments are currently held.
  4. Hello Hammad80 Here, in this forum, there is a guide called: "Finding Every Move" (clicking on the name will send it directly to the guide)
  5. English: You can redeem the Celadon Game Corner for chips. Spanish: Se puede canjear el Casino de Ciudad Azulona por fichas.
  6. :/ Now both items are consumables, I don't give much importance to the lucky egg, but the change they made to the coin amulet if it bothers me.
  7. [You need a PokeMMO Heart Gold Account to be able to read this post] -No. Not falling for that again.
  8. It was a joke, all that... They cheated on me, the joke was very well made.
  9. [You need a PokeMMO Platinum Account to be able to read this post] Okay, okay, guys, this is torture.
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