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  1. Hello everyone, as the title says, I thank you all for this beautiful community of which I am a part, but since everything has a beginning, it also has an end and my end in this beautiful community has arrived. At one point in my life I did not think about retiring, I just wanted to stop and spend some time without playing, and then go back to the game, but now I have more important things in my life that need my attention and my importance. . . . . Thanks to this community I could make friends, meet people who are really interesting and, sometimes, being from different countries, you can realize that they have many things in common, so I thank this beautiful community, who knows, maybe I I am back. but for now I will only say: "until here I was able to accompany my friends, then I will reach them" PS:I will always be on the discord server of the game The only image I have of my friends: Spanish:
  2. The preview of the pokemon team in pvp, I know that for some it's uncomfortable, but for others it's more fun, in my case it's more fun, it gives me the option to use another strategy with my pokemon team, so do it. Do not always use the same ... previously, you used your Pokémon equipment in several battles and you could give the surprise factor with a Pokémon, now you can use the Pokémon, but you can surprise your opponent with a new variant of some Pokémon that you carry in your Pokemon team. That way you can prevent your battles from being routine.
  3. that interests me, it has music from the NWA crew
  4. Then I leave a link where you can find the guide of tutors and MT. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/57058-finding-every-move/
  5. PokeMMO, has its own Tier and Battle Rules Pokemon, you have to get used to the changes. There are double battles, and it also has its own rules but it is not similar to VGC
  6. Currently you can only capture three legendary pokemon: Zekrom (this is captured in the story mode of the unova region, then Zekrom remains in the character's room as an ornament) Mewtwo and Rayquaza (not permanent, you have to fight to remain their masters, but Mewtwo and Rayquaza you can be bored by their owners and leave)
  7. Hello Gerotora. Well, the donation is shown in dollars, but at the time of making the donation, the change is automatically made to the currency of your country and the donation varies according to the method that makes the donation.
  8. Apart from the recommendation that @Crimar gave you, you can also go to this place: In Mistralton City, in the house next to the Pokémon Center. For every movement to remember, ask in return Heart Scale.
  9. Here I leave a link where you can find the MT and movement Tutors. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/57058-finding-every-move-all-in-one-guide/
  10. Mistralton City / Bug Bite : Silver Powder x2 / The tutor is inside the building at the entrance to the airport.
  11. currently the Battle Subway in Pokémon White / black is not implemented, the link only serves to perform some events for festive dates or 2 vs 2 Battle Frontier in the Hoenn region... among other things. is not bad your suggestion although it is not the first time I have seen the same suggest ... I am sure that they suggested the same thing before.
  12. Good afternoon everyone, I read your comment from Mayor @Bestfriends , I also have an anecdote and I will mention it: One morning I decided to enter my account and it turned out that I was with a permanent ban, first I was surprised and also for the reason of the prohibition, so I decided to present my appeal here in the forum and first I received a response from @Desu and then @Rache so that my problem was solved, everything was part of an action that I did and that confused Pokemmo staff, after that they eliminated my user's permanent ban and from that moment I decided to read the user's behavior completely and from that moment until now I do not have sanctions and, like Mayor @Bestfriends , I also recommend new members of the community to read the user's behavior to avoid future penalties. Personally I did not want to vote, and the main reason is that the staff is also a user of the game that has received a charge and they are people who can be confused like us, I think we both learn from our mistakes, well ... I decided to vote and My vote will be for: Yes
  13. Is it mandatory to make the choice or not?
  14. Wooo in this event if I'm interested ... I was breeding a Nidoqueen of a bold nature and I spent 2 M, but I could never finish ... the last breeding always came out with the male gender.
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