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  1. Hello pcduval you can click here, it takes you directly to the download site and choose the option for Android. GL my friend.
  2. Hello azureon. You can use amulet coins in more than one pokemon on your team, but that does not mean you will earn more money, at the end of the battle you will get the same as using a single amulet coin.
  3. Hello Marissa, For the LC format it may be feasible to use Smoochum You can go directly to see the strategy in Smogon of Smoochum for Lc, click here .
  4. Hello SerenaTW , Shadow Ball is a Special movement you can observe by clicking here
  5. Hello sounds interesting, you should ask those who publish their mods in the "Client Customization" section
  6. I'm sorry, I think I asked an illogical question..... or no ?¿
  7. I think I've seen more than one team with the TAG [LOVE], but in different designs their lyrics. P.S: I don't think I was wrong
  8. How often will the new elections be held to elect a mayor?
  9. Recently I realized that there are elections for a new mayor for PokeMMO, although I am retired from the game, I am still in the discord server of @Bestfriends, as a former member of their representatives. What I want to say is the following: Since I met @Bestfriends, I have noticed the effort he makes to make sense of his title as mayor and help new members of the community. P.S: I wish the winner of the elections many successes and that the community supports him in his projects.
  10. Hello everyone, as the title says, I thank you all for this beautiful community of which I am a part, but since everything has a beginning, it also has an end and my end in this beautiful community has arrived. At one point in my life I did not think about retiring, I just wanted to stop and spend some time without playing, and then go back to the game, but now I have more important things in my life that need my attention and my importance. . . . . Thanks to this community I could make friends, meet people who are really interesting and, sometimes, being from different countries, you can realize that they have many things in common, so I thank this beautiful community, who knows, maybe I I am back. but for now I will only say: "until here I was able to accompany my friends, then I will reach them" PS:I will always be on the discord server of the game The only image I have of my friends: Spanish:
  11. The preview of the pokemon team in pvp, I know that for some it's uncomfortable, but for others it's more fun, in my case it's more fun, it gives me the option to use another strategy with my pokemon team, so do it. Do not always use the same ... previously, you used your Pokémon equipment in several battles and you could give the surprise factor with a Pokémon, now you can use the Pokémon, but you can surprise your opponent with a new variant of some Pokémon that you carry in your Pokemon team. That way you can prevent your battles from being routine.
  12. that interests me, it has music from the NWA crew
  13. Then I leave a link where you can find the guide of tutors and MT. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/57058-finding-every-move/
  14. PokeMMO, has its own Tier and Battle Rules Pokemon, you have to get used to the changes. There are double battles, and it also has its own rules but it is not similar to VGC
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