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  1. Yeah, Typhlosion with Eruption & flamethrower is helpful.
  2. Are you really complaining that the Halloween event is near Halloween? Seems legit.
  3. Oh please, don't leave your sense of humor out of video game forums.
  4. Offline for Halloween event. It will be back online in a few minutes.
  5. Thank you for this fast answer & the event.
  6. So, the kids will only be in Unova or it's all the other stuff that are only in Unova?
  7. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  8. Interaction Related Questions number 17. Good luck.
  9. I agree. If you have big fingers like mine it's easy to fail clicking "No" and releasing your mons. But I don't like the first idea of not being able to trade a mon if it's holding an item. Releasing ok, but trade? Just be careful about it.
  10. Yeah and it's outdated too since FS works now. Unless i'm wrong.
  11. Ok i'll check it out. Edit: It's also outdated if I am not wrong. Page 19
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