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  1. 500K Hooligans win week 1 (tie is void)
  2. I think the issue isn't the system but the community. People just don't want to play so they don't. Well you could argue the game doesn't give them a reason to play the ladder at all, since it gives useless rewards for late game people, since the exclusive vanities are already acquired by the ladder regulars after 1 whole year, since placing wherever on the ladder is meaningless since not rewarded by the game, etc ... But all in all, if the hundreds of people that sign up to UU & NU tournaments did play a ladder game every other day, we wouldn't be where we are with 5 whole days of inactivity before the first game of UU was played this month. Where you can queue for 6h and not find a single game on a daily basis, etc The comp community has a large enough pool of players to have active UU & NU ladders, it just doesn't want to, in my opinion.
  3. This would still be in the BL from NU so wouldn't be considered for going down I hope. At least it would be brainless to go against the whole community and drop it when plenty of valid arguments were made against it in the past for NU Hyped for next season tier changes tho πŸ™‚
  4. Good job Suigin but this doesn't seem up to date πŸ˜• Or is Stunfisk really ever considered in the tier ? In which case my bad Or Crobat not being specified in the Haze users when it's probably the most common lately ... etc
  5. Sailor Lunatones isn't forgetable OwO Also, Daryl names are all cool. Can't do anything better than these XD
  6. Did you just rename the event following @Neuzzzcomment ? XD Or is it another event
  7. Request that Dugtrio attack is reverted to 80 or that Dug is quickbanned to OU. We don't need to reprovide calcs for that, Dug was proven too strong in OU in the past and nerfed to 80 atk for that reason, why is it currently in Under Used makes absolutely no sense. Ty πŸ™‚
  8. Not sure what you mean but I'm playing against players I blocked all the time. The "battle" block is to avoid random people to ask for a duel to you outside of the PvP system (duel request)
  9. I mean imagine if a dude can't watch a tournament finals cause the other guy blocked him lmao Ladder and Tournament games so far are public and it's fine as it is imo
  10. @DianoThen that's not a spoiler material xD Surely did they add this when they remade the Lore because it wasn't in Vi's description back in the day (actually when Jinx released none of the Vi/Jinx story was explicitly given) But I checked and in the French dub they don't ever call her Violet, so I feel scammed now. Nice to know tho πŸ˜›
  11. What ??? I never knew this even watching the series did I miss that line ? What episode is this pls @KaynineXL (Also I did play Vi a lot too, cool champ, enjoyed her character in the series. Fuck Jinx btw)
  12. IGN : TohnR Tiers : UU NU Timezone : 24/7 (Probably UTC till February) Usefull information : I'm mostly willing to play UU but signed NU just in case a substitution is needed My record was 2-2 regular season last PSL (W: Mkns/Umbra // L:Zhiko/Mlhawk), 3-1 in playoffs (iirc ?) with some of the biggest upsets in that PSL (Mkns and Umbra were worth at least 20 times my amount of credits) I'll surely have a lot of time in early December and January (exams tho), but possibly much less in February (no clue if the dates are even announced yet). I'm currently in my last year of Masters so there's a lot going on. I'll probably be available most of the weeks but absence is to be expected. Will always have time for the team regardless of my situation tho πŸ™‚ Other : If you're not intending to dedicate yourself to winning don't signup to this event please, last season too many people ghosted from W1. I speak French, English and can understand/manage in Spanish πŸ™‚
  13. Ok bro his message was put in a very respectful manner, he ain't hating. Second thing this sentence makes absolutely no sense in English πŸ™‚ It shows that you got angry from that but there's no drama against you there really (btw he has multiple wins among which is a shiny, you go calling people randoms without even fact checking)
  14. Gb trashtalking all of us by assuming PSL matches aren't any better than tourney round 1 Kekw
  15. 3 of which are your team mates. Not even half biaised Also I was pretty sure Jaawax did manage and actually won PSL last season ??? I would definitely have picked differently than what Pachima did tho, but idk how that is an argument against his point
  16. So what if I bid on banning JJ and win the auction, then I reffuse to pay ? I don't see any rules enforcing you to pay (wow you're banned from PSL with your fake account amazing), just like with the betting thread. Talking about it, why are players banned for scamming in the betting thread allowed to bid for this auction ? Like Kamimii Anyways, this system is very unhetical but you do you Gb, and we all can see who's fucked up enough to be willing to pay millions to prevent another player from playing in a god damn game
  17. When I heard about this I thought who's gonna waste any money on dead idiots that won't even sign up for PSL anyways Turns out I was wrong XD
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