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  1. I still owe Jovi 100k. Will pay someday before PSL ends idk cba log and grind. Rest should be dealt with, hmu if I owe you any I'll check
  2. Aldahirramines Pablobacs Darkver Kiwikid Banaedito Ever how drunk ? DableJ or RIOT !
  3. If I wanted to play with VGC ruleset I'd just turn on my switch and play there. This is not an argument lol Do we have to stop the match after 30 minutes too ? Cause afaik Singles players must end their match within that time frame apparently on console Still don't see a point besides the fact you got salty for losing a few minutes a few times. What about it ? I'm sure you have over 5k hours on this game, this certainly didn't ruin your experience as a player, and no-one lost tours for being time stalled while they were being counterbuilt ^^ Just bring another team and no risks of that happening, as always
  4. Lol, what about no ? I can only see negatives with this suggestion, people who get a disconnection would automatically lose (and that happens in every of my games, even my PSL ones) Also, 45 seconds per turn would really make matches longer since you'd be able to stall timer every turn, while currently you only get 10 seconds per turn. Lastly some very decisive turns take over a minute to make a choice and it'd be dumb to force people to just play fast and not be able to think We are not playing OU Blitz, just some standard matches bro, 3 minutes is nothing to lose since your matches are going to be 20+ minutes anyway (and HO players don't timestall you'll realize). I also feel like counter teaming in tournaments isn't a thing at all, most people just play same team every round until semis and finals anyway (some even don't change at all when they reach that point tbh)
  5. #TiesWeek #MorePuntosForLunatones
  6. Borderline 1 is the Uber of UU tier. Those pokemon are banned from UU and are therefore only usable in OU. Borderline 2 is the Uber of NU tier. Those pokemon are banned from NU and are therefore only usable in OU and UU. About NU, it is the short for Never Used which is the tier that corresponds to all pokemon not used enough to be sitting in both the OU and the UU tiers Basically OU is the top tier, UU the middle tier and NU the "bottom" tier (even tho Untiered is even below NU technically)
  7. The Trashtalking Taillows (0) vs (0) Just Blaziken It NU: JamesFaul vs Tawla LOST M-NU: Pablobacas vs Kriliin @Sebat The Ruthless Rotoms (0) vs (0) Nincadas with Attitude UU: Mkns vs Umbramol (most hype match of the season, ngl) @Moi WON ! NU: Kanicula vs Zymogen LOST LC: Stelian vs Elcoolio LOST Vermilion Villains (0) vs (0) Sailor Lunatones UU: Zhiko vs TohnR (Zhiko take only @Zhikodark ? Up to 500k) NOT HYPE ANYMORE LC: Baneadito vs Inxss @LeJovi LOST M-OU: Yosoyarca vs SweeTforU @Sebat LOST Devil Bats (0) vs (0) Empoleon Bonapartists LC: Urquidi vs YeyoXD 100k each bet Void if Tie/Sub/Activity I'm bouta owe a bunch of money xD I pay bets when week's over don't worry
  8. Imagine Zymo being satisfied xD Must be a great prize this once
  9. This is a minor concern about these tours but the Crown vanities we won tonight in the West Season Finale are named " Crown of Summer - Season #2" in the inventory Maybe this is related to the previous bug and the game considers this tournament is Season 2 NU's finale
  10. In before Pumpking ate a candle and the Eruptions just lit him into some sort of Pumpkin Lamp kek Flash Fire be real On a serious note tho, if the boss is the same as last year, prepare some Darmanitan/Gengar/Hydreigon iirc they were the most optimal partners with the 2 you named
  11. Taking these since they were among my unpicked bets ^^
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