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  1. Woops... Thought it was an official event my bad :) Have fun yall !
  2. TohnR

    can close please :]

    Ferroseed, Mienfoo // Mawile, Electivire, Hitmontop details pls :p
  3. TohnR

    World Cup week #4

    I didn't know Colombia B was giving free victories to USA too x) They must be very nice people
  4. TohnR

    Cooperative battles 2 vs 2

    Why would they Narrador ? You already have Coop 2 vs AI in the mixed battle tower and it works pretty well :)
  5. Rip I didn't see prize wasn't shiny ... Still good event <3
  6. TohnR

    World Cup week #2

    Match happens when current matches are finished
  7. TohnR

    World Cup week #2

    TohnR (France A) versus Sejuani (Argentina B) Tier : UU Time : Sunday 8pm UTC at Vermillion PC ch4
  8. TohnR

    PokeMMO-Player of the Year-2019

    @Lightningvolt Yeah he meant IVs. Because you can't really afford the 25 speDef (assuming you're going to take the maxed HP and Def) on Chansey, he compared to Conkeldurr because the 25s are more acceptable on it I guess ... (I disagree tho) 4x25 for Player of the year kinda hurts to be honest ... We all know it's not up to you but still, it makes the competition less attractive for some players :)
  9. 1.100h still wondering if shinies exist ... :') Shiny rate is fair I know
  10. TohnR

    World Cup Week #1

    That's how competitions work in this game @Goku sadly ...
  11. TohnR

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    No Metagross in UU please <3 That's like the worst idea I've ever heard. Mamoswine is predictable and has limited coverage but Metagross come on ... If we're talking about moving things down from OU, Arcanine UU when ? xD All his sets are outclassed in OU I don't know how he's still in 6% of teams
  12. That's why you Masterball if you don't have a damp poke in your team :p
  13. TohnR

    [Sig]Matt's Signature Shop

    Name : TohnR Team Tag : SIÂ Character(s)/Pokemon : Goélise(s) ou Staross shiny Background : Un "paysage naturel" cohérent genre ciel / mer / pluie Colors : Principalement du bleu, bleu clair fortement apprécié :) Donation : 70k (déso j'suis pauvre ...) Je suis pas pressé, merci d'avance <3
  14. TohnR

    PokeMMO Locations At「Unova」

    Driftveil city has Frilish hordes of 3 by surfing
  15. Yeah my suggestion would've been use a small part to make ladder great again. Also, price pools shouldn't ever go over 100M like that's already ridiculously high x) So I think it's a good idea keeping some for future events ! Would also love to thank you and @Roxxass for making this nice World Cup <3 Big thanks to everyone who donated as well :p PokeMMO lives only thanks to people like you guys

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