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  1. You know you can also die to a trapping move + perish song at any point of the game and it's not gonna be "cheap" either, bringing perish is quite a risky strategy (because it takes a whole slot in your team) compared to other things that are used and you losing to it doesn't mean it's good (let alone broken lol). If you feel like it's too strong start using it and you'll see for yourself that it's not ^^
  2. Is it possible to change Captains to ZzZerra ? Spxter won't be here anyways so it might be a problem Also you put LËM in both reserves and signed up list ^^
  3. Where's the JoJo reference ? Smh I'm disappointed ...
  4. Team Name : Bushido Team Tag : [BSDO] Registered Members : Spxter, Kloneman, OxOReFaked, Frosteye, TohnR, Kravism, NinjaBlender, ItsGray, WayneV, ZzZerra, BartekDolar, NickRains, DeGarzo, IsabelaNeko, Rynners Team Captain : ZzZerra
  5. Dude looking up times seem so hard for some people
  6. We can't possibly add VGC to PokeMMO, if something of the sort is ever added it will just be a custom Battle Spot Doubles format that will not be a VGC format in any way because PokeMMO's content is currently matched with none of the official games that had a VGC season. Note that training VGC2020 with Dynamax and all the new moves/mechanics will not help you (well, at least less than MMO Doubles OU) to become good at Battle Spot Doubles once it is added to PokeMMO. Irrelevant argument
  7. So there's like, 5 more matches from finals and 3 more matches from little finals to be played today ? Will be interesting glhf
  8. Probably how you feel because our pool had great SMOU players but it wasn't the case with all pools really
  9. No worries, it won't change anything at all xD Like these changes will clearly make offense overall better but doesn't add up new ways to control or revenge kill Garchomp in particular
  10. @pachima You have to enter this and prove to the world how brilliant of a PvE player you are !
  11. zZzz Whatever... iMat wins against whoever he's facing is my prediction Are we clear ?
  12. Belgium - Mexico NU - Kriliin VS Mexidani Doubles - iMat VS Crisscy Columbia A - Argentina A UU - Yaritan VS Souu Doubles - IJulianFNT Vs Titoooo 100k each, I will pay when I re-install (most likely when next patch comes out lol so don't expect instant payment, however I always pay in due time)
  13. I'm joining Havs with my own terrible predictions. Belgium 4 - 2 Mexico Ou - Jaawax VS Walls Life UU - Mkns VS KokenoCastro NU - Kriliin VS Mexidani LC - Stelian VS Baneadito Doubles - iMat VS Crisscy SMOU - LLLLiolae With 4 L's VS CamiNeko Columbia A 3 - 3 Shame Argentina A OU - BrianAttackPro VS Azzazz UU - Yaritan VS Souu Nu - Jamesfaul VS Wiriketchup LC - Enchanteur VS GasaiYunoSan Doubles - IJulianFNT Vs Titoooo SMOU - Zeldris VS LKrenz #ShameForFinals #DontChokeBelgium
  14. I think it's really cool to make individual prizes but also not accurate since some pools were MUCH more disputed than others and each pool was kinda like a different competition on its own ! However all the players receiving a prize have been demonstrating amazing performances so it feels good to see them all be rewarded regardless of their team's results ^^
  15. Just type /lang and the initials of your language to switch ^^ It's much faster that way ! Example : "/lang EN" to set language to english Maybe a command to blind languages would be appropriate as well tho (maybe there's one and I'm not aware ahah)
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