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  1. Meanwhile Mac users still can't open PokeMMO Launcher ...
  2. Your ROM is probably in english which is why, get the correct ROM ^^
  3. No it'll be like if you bought a pokemon off me and I rename, then the OT will change on the pokemon you have that is my OT as well. The second thing is that, when breeding, only the trainer ID matters and not the explicit name. Let me clarify, if some player with ID 99 changenames to "Kole" and catches a shiny, it's OT will display Kole, but the associated trainer ID will be "99". As a player with trainer ID 58, if you as "Kole" try to breed with this Kole OT shiny that has ID 99, the result bred shiny will be Unknown OT. That is to avoid fake OT shinies scam mostly, I don't see any other situations where it would be relevant
  4. You guys must be trolling I have my finals till Friday ... Why now of all times x) Anyway I'm sure Kyu is just meme'ing
  5. I thought Laz was talking about something along the lines of 10% chance to pop the Axew horde and 5 axew / horde but tbh it's most likely just a random number to emphasize that it's fair
  6. Frag Squad (0) Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus (0) UUx2: zhiko (0) vs jasonsparrowx (0) NUx2: titinn (0) vs pachima (0) The Squirtle Crew (0) Vs The Soaring Staraptors (0) Dubsx2: Zigh (0) vs Busso (0) Delicious Donphan's (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OUx2: MadaraSixSix (0) vs Necroskulldark (0) No Shaymin Losing (0) Vs The Knights of Corviknight (0) OUx2: abstractt (0) vs Kiwikidd (0) NUx2: Santiii (0) vs Sweetforu (0) 100k each (both match count) void if tie/sub/activity/any other shit that could occur.
  7. You can store breeders bought off GTL that way tho
  8. Taking these if you agree. FeelsBadMan having to save my yen to be able to honor all my bets
  9. TohnR

    Hatching Twins

    Imagine finding a random number between 0 and 100 in a random calc and saying this is now a percentage guys. Politicians always lie is a universal truth, even MMO mayors feel the need smh Also tbh the suggestion would be healthy if the rate is under 1/10k (doesn't have to be rarer than shiny otherwise it will generate frustration for shiny egg hunters that will find it but not the shiny they were looking for). About the maths, since you need at most 32 breeds for a 5x31 natured, the probability of it happening during the process would be 0.003195, so about 0.3% and obviously most of it would be just breeders being duplicated, not finished comps ^^ Otherwise the question is do we really NEED this ? Like most of the suggestions which are made on this forum, the answer is no and so it will most likely never be implemented
  10. I'm bored. Let me take those. ^^
  11. May as well implement the usual battle spot singles then (enter with 6 and pick 3). It's at least somehow more balanced than this and has the benefit to be an actually existing format
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