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  1. Why ain't Serp already in OU ? The mon will clearly be a top tier there, and could even be argued to be ban worthy (I can only see 2 viable counters in Venu and Blissey, we are missing Heatran tbh) Also sad moment for my guy Zoroark who was an absolute beast in UU for the past 2 seasons, and finally rizes the moment it is the worst in the metagame, with Roost on Empoleon and Machamp in EVERY SINGLE team 😒 Magneton is the one that should've rose this season ... Ever usage
  2. Let's make a deal, Capybara hat and we don't complain about the delay when it's out 🀝
  3. Hopefully not. No fun to prep 3 lineups each week, and if you can't swap it's also dumb
  4. TohnR

    Golurk Buff

    We are not playing hackmons we don't give new moves or buffs to existing mons just because we like it πŸ™‚ You can now close this thread
  5. I didn't know the calculator was broken but just wanted to point out you're calculating at lvl 100 while we play lvl 50 in Pokemmo. Cheers (and thanks Sweet Zymo for an info I didn't have)
  6. Why would you even argue pre-event, this meta is gonna last only a few days nobody cares honestly
  7. No clue either but playoffs aren't played yet, or shouldn't be The amount of hype in this betting thread, woah 2 pages
  8. Being able to play against such strategies is the whole point of 1v1 This not only loses to ghosts but also loses to pokemon with toxic and recovery as well as pokemon who can 2HKO it without dealing too much damage It's quite weak overall
  9. I mean if you just link the mons the referee can see the moves and see if they change That's why when i played vs Quinn in 1v1 last PSL, we did link the mons to a 3rd party that then only announced the mons species and we only brought 1 of our selected mons to the battle. The issue would be if host is not trustworthy and leaks sets to their friends or whatever, but the person that got picked for hosting wouldn't do that so all G
  10. Who is complaining tho ? I thought people seemed hype Memes are memes, don't get fooled
  11. You seem to know much, mind sliding in my DMs to give me the Legends Arceus moveset changes if you have them ? Ty bro UwU
  12. You're just being cringe here showing off that you have absolutely no clue how random works. You just lost some ladders games so you are mad about it, just honest advice bro you should delete this thread
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