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  1. Hello ! NeverTM SoonTM Game only been available for 8 years, maybe in 2022 ? :'p Ez money for devs. You think they would hire more people to improve their game ? Ahah nice one bud
  2. Take 100k ^^ Sadly I'm a poor boi so I can't take all the other bets against me Q_Q
  3. Hi, welcome back to the community ! First i need to let you know that LYLE is still alive so you can always try your luck there and maybe find people you knew ^^ And second, you can hit me up in game (or @powerdrib if I'm not on) if you need a team. LËM's always open for comp wannabes. Have fun & see you around !
  4. Lmfao if this game's E4 is what you call "frustrating" I can't imagine how frustrating high level dungeons/raids must be in other MMOs such as WoW or GW2, where you have to try again a dozens times before you achieve cleaning a single floor...
  5. Sent money for a ticket. We can't let this darma go for this much like ?? Go get your tickets peep This tbh ^
  6. If that's how Pachi does it, here I go x) Venomoth B+ (x4 fighting resist shouldn't be overlooked when most of the top tier physical sweepers are either fighting types or carry fighting coverage) Typhlosion B- (This meta is about checking RotomH and guess what Typhlosion doesn't pass RotomH checks either, it has more speed and power with Eruption but so much less versatility) Kabutops at least B- (His only flaw is Azumarill being in the tier honestly but he requires less support to setup and can switch in on Flying type which is also essential for UU) Not sure why Bisharp is ranked A- (honestly expected B) in this meta, it seems pretty weak to all the other A tiers but it indeed benefitted from the recent implementation of top tier Intimidate mons so I guess there's that
  7. We didn't manage breaking the ice ... GGs however
  8. Canada vs Myself in 20 minutes
  9. Canada versus myself, Saturday 5pm EDT (edited time)
  10. Ok first fuck off for not being able to spell my name right after all this time, you broke my heart Mathew ... Secondly, I take :3
  11. Indeed. I had no idea 4.36% was a fixed percentage for NU/UT separation and that is mostly what I was looking for. Thanks
  12. Thanks for trying to answer but you're missing the point. I'm not discussing how tiering system works or should work. Sorry I must have been unclear. What I was pointing out is that all these Pokemon I mentioned are actually used. To rephrase my question was : Why was a 4% cutoff chosen for NU/UT when it isn't either 6.7 or 1.7 (this month cutoffs) ? Even things that were NU and are still above the dropping cutoff like Serperior (2.43%) are in the list I mentioned ... and dropped to UT this month I know it honestly doesn't change anything tho, it's just that I don't really see why would we randomly decide on a different cutoff and make the NU/UT separation irrelevant... With the little NU usage we get, tiering already seems irrelevant enough for us to go ahead and do that. I think that if the goal is, as you said, to help players see what is viable for the tier, then those above 1.7% I mentioned do qualify to be part of NU since they are used enough
  13. So if I understand, anything under 4% usage is out. All right ... All of these above the cutoff % could be listed into NU tho (and none of them are). I wouldn't call any of them gimmicky or unviable (except that Levitate flying type thing smh)
  14. With 31 Atk : 0- Atk Mandibuzz Foul Play vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Sigilyph: 78-92 (53 - 62.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO Without 31 Atk : 0- Atk Mandibuzz Foul Play vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Sigilyph: 62-74 (42.1 - 50.3%) -- 0.4% chance to 2HKO
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