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  1. You just hyped me for something in the game. That's not something that happens a lot as of lately. Thanks !
  2. @gbwead Both are as "mentionnable" (I'll avoid "relevant" cause not used much) for UU even if you dislike it, their options are just different. Do you need someone to explain to you why he used Hitmonchan instead of Top ? Or do you already get that having stronger priority isn't the same as having stronger damage options against switch ins And I'll just give a props to Awa for spitting facts every time It's getting old now but last PSL's and season 3/4 of UU ranked I was personally using Hitmontop a lot. Turns out JJ was in my team so it wouldn't be surprising if he considers the option. After all it's not forbidden to come with answers to a new mon dropping is it ? Disclaimer : This is not a post defending Lucario I was pro-ban until not too long ago, I'm currently trying to see for myself on ladd/tours sadly this game's quite inactive
  3. Levels are different to compensate that. Lower tier pokemon have artificially higher stats through a higher level !
  4. I didn't even know Nghia won last edition 😮 Damn boy, best of luck to everyone I'm not wasting any more time with this XD Edition 1 taught me some life lessons
  5. You mean it wasn't already ?
  6. Thanks for the info, my dead ass wasn't following
  7. Rands made me wanna kill myself many times but I still greatly appreciate the effort of implementing it xD Thanks. Would be good if we could avoid 3 screeners in the same team or those pp stall battles I had because both teams are relying on wish pass and other strategies with no clear wincondition Another thing I could note is about the leading mon. It would be much less frustrating if you could get a pokemon that has a decent leading set as your lead (such as a pokemon with hazard OR a choice item OR a momentum option OR a sash OR sets like fake out that can beat potential opposing sashes) Other than that, no complaints. And I don't think all of the NFEs were bad indeed
  8. First thing, Dugtrio is banned, so I believe NU has the potential to be a good tier to play, thank you for that. Second thing, why no explaination is provided about Alakazam ? It's not even mentionned that it's banned to NUBL or why ? Could've used TC's reasoning, not that I'm against it or anything (unless I missed a sudden rise in usage) Third thing what's the argument for keeping p2 in the tier ? Given the only offensive checks of it are Metagross and Heracross (being able to take a +1 modest hit and threaten it back) who both rose to OU. But it's not like I'm surprised given TC does TC things. Sure Lucario adds a really good answer for p2, but since it'll most likely be quick banned, I wouldn't be too sure that's a strong argument for keeping it.
  9. Cursed Body is not broken, Suigin simply is a hater. We've had it in UU for years on Jellicent and it never broke the tier in any way If you hate no counterplay stuff don't play Pokemon that has freeze, paralysis side effects on offensive moves as well as an unfair amount of misses, crits, lowrolls and more. PLUS both mons that currently use Cursed Body lost a great amount of teambuilding effectiveness in losing their respective immunities for it. (Not that Gengar asked for it but y'know) You got no counterplays against ALL these either, including getting flame bodied or statik'd with just as many odds Cursed Body has. If you're locked on a move, then it's up to you, don't say there's no counterplay, start by not relying on choice items then. Idk I don't really care and didn't want to post this, but I can't believe people are crying for a random average ability now when Dugtrio is literally allowed in NU.
  10. Because devs probably threw random percentage values in there and didn't bothered to see if they were even worth using to begin with I assume. Very nice paper, are you by any chance a Uni math teacher or a thesis student ? Your paper looks very much like what we get handed for classes in here tbh
  11. For a mon that's barely viable in the tier outside of setup HO & screens 😄
  12. Yea @HavshaI may also share this opinion. But I'm more concerned about getting it ouf of NU, getting out DEFINITELY from every tier wouldn't bug me but I don't care as much ^^ EDIT : May I add considering the Chinese have taken over all the ladders top spots now, it would only be fair to have somebody represent them in the TC ? Given they represent at least 40% of the competitive scene. I see some known names from China were already against allowing Dug into NU back in January
  13. Oh ? Didn't you say people who can't build against it are just bad ? Dang Good to see people can change opinions tho I agree with Gb about Arena Trap not being inherently a problem but the combination of 3 factors : Arena Trap AND Dugtrio AND NeverUsed being the issue, however totally banning AT wouldn't be weird either since it's not used anyways and cancer.
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