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  1. Is it here I can flex my SwSh OU ladder ? I had doubts about this gen's comp but I can tell it's really good till now. (Tbh I'm sort of winning/loosing by the matchup every game as some expected but ...) I heard many smogoners were looking for a Dynamax ban early in the gen and I don't think the meta is unhealthy because of it yet. Sure some things are busted (mostly Flying abusers Gyara Corvi Togekiss) with it however they all have ways to be countered/out-tempo'd. In the very first weeks, we all thought it was going to be either HO or Stall that would become viable but I laddered with a balanced and have seen most teams being balanced on the ladder. Yall have any opinions on this gen yet ? I'm interested in hearing the community's opinion about it.
  2. I think we can all thank @drdray and whoever pasted and distributed his team for this change ! ^^
  3. IGN : TohnR Timezone : CET Tiers : UU/NU/(OU) Most Prefered Manager : They all suck anyway
  4. I'm quite surprised by what you are looking for tbh :p Seems like an interesting choice of team
  5. We too busy enjoying the game :) I like it better than gen7 and gen5 so far. Not one of the best gens but not the worst I guess
  6. By team and artistS you mean @Darkshade ? :')
  7. Rip Rakuen, I still use their guides tho. Especially the speed tier one
  8. Looking for anyone willing to play LC or Dubs for my squad. Will probably play with Linfanz and Twotam which are my team mates. Hmu :)
  9. So Pumpking bags have no exclusive vanities normal bags don't have ? What point is there to even open them then ? I'm guessing the chances of getting vanities is higher ?
  10. What happened to yall, changing nicks and all ... :'(
  11. That's an actual suggestion there. I'm surprised I actually didn't think of this earlier, guess I have no faith in the admins to even work on QoL updates like this one :/ But it wouldn't do wrong to anyone so big upvote here.
  12. Lol why divide the small comp community we have there ? I mean sure you can make tournaments by country but then what even is the point ? (And by the way there were some brazilian exclusive tournaments for instance) Only the chinese will ever be able to run 128 people tournaments if we do it this way xD For matchmaking it's even worse. We can't properly queue for UU and NU with all the community so what would you expect from a divided one ?
  13. TL;DR If it's boring just quit. You're the most boring and useless thing in this game. You're not the game designer so you don't get to choose what this game is made of, so stop being a selfish kid and move on
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