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  1. To be fair that's not the metagame that is seen in PSL right now. This is mostly a ladder thing, even if those HO teams are also all over tournaments (with a fair share of balanced/semistall). And you could also argue that the metagame is such because some threats in the tier are uncheckable (depending on sets), Blaziken being only one of many (Zoroark, Gallade, Absol ...) πŸ™‚ Otherwise, all of the above is absolutely true. Blaziken is just the best/most common pivot in the tier that has plenty of different possible uses, good typing and power with good stabs and good coverages, of course it will see a lot of usage overall. I don't think anyone could say it is not centralizing tho, it hella is. The first thing to do when looking at an NU teambuild is certainly how the team will deal with Blazikens, indeed. But it's not necessarily problematic, what I mean is that Blaziken usual "checks" (or at least the choice scarf physical set ones) are also quite good mons in the overall metagame (outside of Altaria I guess) and they don't need to run a specific spread for it different than what they would normally use.
  2. Pls stop acting up like a victim as if I did any damage to you or your reputation, my original post was literally only targeting NORE habits to scam other people on this thread (check out last season's betting thread if you want more insight on that part), as well as emmiting suspicions about yourself as I don't know who you are. I apologized right after I saw your reply, and that your betting was legitimate Did so before I saw your reply (don't know which was first I was surely typing when you replied) like less than 1 minute after my initial post, I just went through all the posts to see if anyone else attempted to bet with you. However is there any wrongs with adding additional context to my initial post ... I felt like I had more to say so I did Good for you, usually not accepting another person bet (through a like or a reply) can be seen as not concluding a bet with them. So someone posting a betting post and not interacting with whoever intends to bet with them can be seen (what I did at least) as an attempt to scam them (say the bet was not in place if you lose, because you didn't accept it // still claim the money if you win) which is not what you were trying to do, so I apologize again for saying such things to you. Have a good day, and don't hesitate to ask me for your money back if you don't feel like the bet was legitimate. Sure thing, but hard to "end on that note" when you're sending questions about me in your post πŸ™‚
  3. Yo I'm sorry for assuming it's a scam so early you right. But to be honest you are not even entitled to pay me since you did not accept my bet anywhere. I was just wondering why are you posting bets if you do not engage with people on this thread Also nobody asked for your opinion Jovi
  4. Did Dontea go dead ? They put a whole betting post last week but never got in contact after I took one of their 500k bets (that I won). I do realize I'm the only one to have taken anything from them, I guess that should have been suspicious enough. I'd like some explaination from them for why did they not get in contact in any way, do they not want to bet with me for whatever reason ? Or is it another NORE scam ... πŸ™‚
  5. From what I heard last summer, they need a bunch more years to do them, if they are doing them at all. Game will be empty of content until then yay ! πŸ™‚
  6. Getting extensions on day 1 ain't mischeduling ? Ok then I get it πŸ™‚ We just think differently
  7. I was refering to this part of your post ^ What's the point in putting these restrictions on those people (the 3 time windows thing you enforced especially), when all they did was mischedule ? Which you seem to tolerate
  8. Taking that one. 500k it will be
  9. This ^ Also feels like gb giving away extensions to all of his buddies whenever they need it and trying to fuck with those he doesn't like hmm nothing too unusual. We are on Monday, if people know they can't play by the deadline ALREADY they should just tell their manager not to line them up this week πŸ™‚
  10. Me & Latios in 5 Edit : I won, didn't screen but yall were here so you know
  11. We need people motivated enough to make a new one πŸ™‚ Teambuilding Compendium is heavily outdated too but I made one that'll be posted sooner or later.
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