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  1. TL;DR If it's boring just quit. You're the most boring and useless thing in this game. You're not the game designer so you don't get to choose what this game is made of, so stop being a selfish kid and move on
  2. There isn't any plan for them to be ever released. 4th gen is next (SoonTM)
  3. TohnR

    Daily rewards

    All other MMOs I played have some incentive for the players to play regularly and log every day. Yeah sure just logging on and off won't make the game more active but it's actually some sort of psychological process that gets people used to logging every day without fail. You could also do this with some kind of daily quests to accomplish to claim the reward like battling a few trainers, catching a certain pokemon in the wild ... It could range from small rewards like consumable items to some gift pokemon (untradable of course) for one month consecutive login. But that's additional coding and it's pointless to even suggest because the admins aren't really trying to build a proper MMO. All they've been doing is make a connexions between maps and add a chat to the original games (which is great tbh). So if I were you I wouldn't be expecting much in that regard
  4. Tbh I was selling starters and recent limiteds at 300h that's no RMT lol 300h is a bunch I don't think it's so easy to identify RMT but anyway that's not our role so good for us ^^
  5. @Weedle His statement didn't need further explanation to prove your previous statement irrelevant.
  6. You put the wrong format in your thread
  7. @razimove You're wrong about thinking PvP players don't spend money in the game tho
  8. By the way Sceptile is a very good choice of reward because he's probably one of the NUs you can use in OU without a problem
  9. I honestly think we should increase the time cause there really isn't any point in spamming the same post more than once every 2 minutes. If people are attentive they'll see your announcement and if they are interested they'll buy. Tbh over spamming things only makes me not want to trade with the person even if I would've been interested. Manners matter
  10. As usual looking for people to play with. Not going to try hard I play for fun ^^ Can play OU/UU/NU but am irrelevant in all Dm me on discords as I might not log until then x)
  11. As Quakkz say the exp gain should be good if you check your mon's exp in the summary. However when hording it only displays the exp gain for the first mon killed. Nothing new under the horizon Hannah :)) Try multiplying those values by 5 and you should find the 50% you're looking for ^^
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