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  1. Team Name : SoonTM Inc. Player 1 : Linfanz (Capt.) Player 2 : Beebam Player 3 : TohnR Player 4 : CupidOfSorrow
  2. Why would you want Doubles matchmaking when even NU/UU matchmakings aren't working properly ? I mean those tiers are for now more popular than doubles yet noone is queueing up for them, so adding Doubles and LC would just widen the amount of dead matchmaking queues in this game. There's no use to that suggestion for now in my opinion, even tho I wish I was wrong there ...
  3. Cool idea, I'm entering. Will post my 6 mons team later on (to avoid counter teaming of course ^^) IGN : TohnR Also are we supposed to bring 4 mons only out of the 6 we listed to each battle ? Since we can't "select" 4 in team preview like in the console games ...
  4. * COMPETITIVE THREAD * Hey everyone, it's been a while I've been feeling like creating a thread on which we can discuss teambuilding for competitive. I will use this thread to help you know what each Pokemon does and how to build it (EV, Movesets, Use ...) Don't hesitate to post the teams you're willing to build and ask for thoughts ! ===================== OVERUSED ===================== S TIER : META-DEFINING POKEMON #1 SCIZOR #2 CONKELDURR TOGEKISS FERROTHORN COFAGRIGUS HYDREIGON VOLCARONA DARMANITAN PELIPPER ** SOON TM **
  5. . Rip Roxx we didn't get to talk enough but all memories I had with you were good ones. I have nothing to add on how wonderful a person you were, I feel like everyone already said it many times and I agree with everything that was said here. Thanks for supporting me <3 Sry for haxxing you every time OwO
  6. @Bestfriends I'm sorry but you look completely lost there. I guess you simply don't know about MMO Classes so let me introduce the concept for you ... Classes are specializations of your character you get to choose before you even start your journey (most of the time), that are available for everyone and with a limitation of 1 per character. No discrimination whatsoever ^^ About the suggestion tho, I like the idea but also don't think it should/will be implemented due to alt accounts :p Late game people would be switching characters all the time due to optimization needs and that would in my opinion disrupt the community aspect ^^
  7. TohnR

    Player Titles

    I used to play Guild Wars II and I have to say player titles would be a great feature ! However I'm not sure if titles displayed under one's name would look good in PokeMMO That's mainly because names are already really massive compared to character's size IMO
  8. Great event idea. I'd love to play in this thanks for hosting :)
  9. My opinion is that team size is already too big. The fact that only a few teams represent the whole comp community is due to them being 150 slots. I agree that it would be stupid to reduce team size now that it is already 150. But please don't make it any bigger :/ Create a sub team if your team is already full seems like the best option there imo !
  10. Bad idea anyway, if you're too lazy to complete the story then you shouldn't even be playing the game. Money grinding and shiny hunting/comp building requires much more work and that's the only thing this game has when the story is completed
  11. Happy Birthday Funky ! I'll take #18 thank you
  12. If you feel unsatisfied with berry farming maybe just try something else ... It's a MMO you can't ask people to farm less for the sake of your own business :)
  13. TohnR

    About shiny rate

    @JLxKaos I meant that even 30 isn't much compared to the time you put in the game ^^ You took my comment the wrong way . . .
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