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  1. After the male chansey scandal, staff has led experiments on those good old birb' to make female bravs. Has science gone too far ?
  2. Only 2 rounds to win to get an invite ? (2 invites out of 8 players) This event went quite unpopular... I heard even people really far from top20 got into the tournament due to the lack of people willing to play. That's pretty absurd. I thought it was meant to be an elite tournament ?
  3. Yeah sorry I was being unclear ... Thanks Munya
  4. The price of Sword/Shield is indeed probably what you will need to pay to get a comp Tauros =) Glad you like the game. Always good to see new faces
  5. @awkways No there's no way this happened. Bear was just confused when he made the example ... He meant the blank were deleted so you still had number 1, 3 and 4 since there were no blanks within the first 4 tickets, but Hackgame who had number 7 got the #5 instead since there wasn't a number 5 & 6. Same goes for PikatchuKetchum who had the number 8 and got the #6 in the reordered list. Well at least that's how it's supposed to be if they are trying to be fair.
  6. That's called Fly Ocarina. Thread can now be locked ty
  7. Isn't Omastar 55 and not 85 base speed ? It's in there twice and since this little guy really matters when teambuilding NU :) Also thanks for this very useful page !
  8. Lmao why you start being radical all of a sudden Takens. The guy is saying reduce the amount of max characters a message can contain would solve it and you start saying put the chinese on another serv you've completely lost it dude ... You're not even making an argument there.
  9. Why @Takens ? This honestly looks like a good suggestion. I don't have chinese chat activated however @Hao seems to know what he's talking about ^^
  10. I don't understand why those useless posts aren't instantly locked and deleted. I mean if you want to leave, then leave noone really care honestly Why bother creating a forum post about it ? If you want to play like the original games just use an emulator and a rom like everyone, this is not the purpose of PokeMMO :)
  11. @Aard RIP old LËM days ... Also @Linfanz but that one guy is far from dead for now so I'll be good :p
  12. @suigin I'm sometimes one of those that don't relog, simply because why would I bother ? Like if you're not going to keep playing and it was the last ranked session, why would you relog just to save time for your opponent ? That doesn't rly makes sense. Instead, a "Forfeit" button would save time for both the winner and the looser. ^^ However, yall shall not think a forfeit button will solve it all, some idiots wait till they get timed out instead of forfeiting on Showdown so the same may happen in here as well. Also I'd like to point out that for some players with bad internet, logging off and on might take longer than simply waiting for time out :/
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