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  1. The development team has other plans for the other legendaries introduction ... ^^
  2. Team Name : Random ass ppl Team Tag : Rap Registered players : iMat, TohnR, Purpleturkleton, PoseidonWrath, OrangeManiac Team Captain : iMat the goat Thanks to Wrath for the name inspiration
  3. Team Name : Late Night Lime Registered Players : Lin, Purpleturkleton, TohnR Team Captain : TohnR
  4. That looks sweet ^^ Hope you all had a great time
  5. TohnR

    Island Team Base

    This is exactly what teams need. May also consider giving these furnitures some use like for instance having berry planting slots in the garden or being able to change rotom form through our own furniture or having some sort of hot springs that would activate the Flame Body ability effect when you're there, hatching eggs ^^ Idk but I see a lot of potential in this and hope the next updates' goal is going to be making PokeMMO more MMO-like and give content that favorises interaction between players like this.
  6. 2 main reasons why this isn't 32 seats : 1- There has never been over 32 signups for a team tournament, in which case I'm sure the issue would have been considered, and we just can't host a team tournament in which some teams get a bye in first round, since that would simply be unfair. 2- Team tournament hosting requires a lot of time and effort on the staff, making this 32 seats would obviously require much more work since the amount of referees available for the 16 first round matches would be largely inferior to the amount of matches being simultaneously played. Now you don't have to spam posts in caps, we got your point and to be honest a lot of people agree with you (me included) that the amount of seats being restricted to 16 makes it feel like the event is kinda irrelevant. Proof is a team such as mine got 2nd last month and we total newbies :3 Every month some major teams miss the signup but well it is how it is ... I remember some people asking for a looser bracket too which would seem absolutely great, but for the same time reasons it cannot be made.
  7. I had the notification for Spxter reply a few seconds before hour turned for the signup too. However their 2nd post lets them enter in the 16 first teams so no big deal there
  8. Team Name: SimplyLëmonadë Team Tag: LËM Registered Players: TohnR, TWOTAM, SakuStein, purpleturkleton, CupidOfSorrow, Powerdrib, Endlaves, Misdou, Cloudpiercer, Noomuch Team Captain: TohnR
  9. Yeah everyone in my team owning Mac suffer from the same error. Myself included ... Hopefully will be fixed tomorrow :))
  10. Thanks, imma use this when @pachima annoys me with his irrelevant calcs ^^
  11. ^ Non shiny prizes worth competing. Not giving names but some people should learn from this :))
  12. Just ban Extrasensory from NU, no more problems Kappa
  13. This looks insane. I don't think the new mons make Haxorus acceptable tho. Spiritomb kinda helps with P-Z I guess but I still think the powerlevel of P-Z is too high for UU. Keep BLs to BLs
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