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  1. Nobody know exact dates, that's part of the hype ! However, lately there's been a tendency to make the events start on the exact date. So expect Lunar New Year to happen when we get into a new Lunar cycle Google says that should be on the 12th of February :) So in about 2 weeks ! It's however possible that it starts a few days earlier so stay alert and check on the patches like the rest of us ^^
  2. Links can also be used to make group private message with up to 4 people, since it enables a new type of chat called "Link chat" To be honest the most I've used it for was that, chatting with a group of friends outside my team xD
  3. Since I've been asked to, I also breed Trick Room mons, price can be discussed come hit me up
  4. Bump, trained some comps, bred some more > list updated :)
  5. Considering the drafts, my predictions for the singles tournament would be : Enchanteur, High Five Whoopers, Quinn (unbiaised) and Super Shell Smash Bros. for playoffs. Other teams I can appreciate are Si Hax (didn't realize the balance of the team at first glance, mostly because many unidimensional mons), Vermilion Villains and Arte :) Good luck in this hope I get enough time and motivation to come watch the matches xD
  6. I'd rather you DM me in game to ask if I would do it or not first, but since you're a bro, aight EDIT : Your Feebas is ready, come grab it any time ^^
  7. Hey there ! Lately I've had way too much breeders in my boxes, and GTL seems broken xD So I'm willing to breed semi comps for the following fees : 1x31 1x29 3x26+ > 190k 2x31 3x26+ > 310k 2x31 3x28+ > 350k 3x31 2x26+ > 400k 3x31 2x28+ > 450k I do trick room breeds too ! I don't do perfect go ask Spxter or Hannah XD Obviously all breeds come with the wanted nature. Disclaimer : I don't do male only or rare genderless (besides for the existing comps I'm selling) Disclaimer 2 : 21k females add 50k to the pricing Discla
  8. Is it not allowed to play for another team with an alt account when your team did not sign you up ? From what I understand it is only allowed if your "main" is in a team that's not playing is that it ? Asking for a friend (legitimately lol)
  9. All my calcs use 80 base attack ???? What do u mean Mago, it's written that I use jolly choice band just before the calcs start Sorry if it was unclear
  10. TohnR

    Quick Wishlist

    Suggestion : Display team names next to player name in Leaderboard or/and in the viewing tab of the PvP Menu. What will it bring ? Help teams build rep, help players looking for a team to be scouted and recruited, help bored viewers find some more hype in matches between rival team members.
  11. They never wanted to recruit or have the community help develop the game. Just one of their policies (that way they don't have to share the money or take risks if the game is removed one day eheh) However they've been doing well in 2020, hopefully more to come !
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