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  1. Very nice one ^^ Finally a tour that European kids can play
  2. TohnR

    Vanity Thread

    Well items exclusive to 2018 and 2017 Halloween event are tradable so you're not even making a point here ...
  3. IGN : TohnR IGN : Linfanz Team Name : Tohn x Lin (OriginalTM)
  4. Since I'm not entering, glhf to everyone and hopefully the winner gets to play in the real tour. That's all I wish for you guys ^^
  5. Technically Archeops moves from Untiered to NU in the dex since its usage is over 6.7% r-right ?
  6. You have to pay 25$/month to have a Platinum Accounts. Check the Gift Shop !
  7. Let's be real I stopped reading when I saw you never use the "Enter" key while writing a post. At least those threads have that good old ritual 1) Look for the 4F post 2) Hit the like button 3) ??? 4) Profit ! 5) Leave the thread
  8. TohnR


    I don't see any point in reducing the cooldown but if it was adopted I wouldn't complain about it. I agree with Suig, getting F-ing teleporters to get to the champion in some Unova gyms and that one Hoenn Psychic Gym (damn cancer) would be much appreciated ! Would make gym farming much more effective with the amulet coin because you don't want to loose those precious minutes of boost of course ^^
  9. Bro even when you're trying to make puns you fail. Eggscuse my rudeness, but I need to tell you you are off topic right here ...
  10. Also update the existing tiers (in particular NU) with the most recent tierlists ^^
  11. Another way is to have one of your pokemon kill itself with a recoil move while memento-ing him with your 2nd pokemon ! Since you targeted an ally and there is no target left for memento, it will fail. Bring in a faster smeargle on the spot of the pokemon that died and sketch. Easiest way I found so far. But it's actually the same as the Fly/Dive method I didn't know about ^^
  12. First of, all the mechanics you mention aren't relevant for Pokemmo. Friendship isn't capped for non OT pokemon, the fact that they refuse to listen at high level is the same for both OT and non OT pokemon in this game due to level limitations. Also, nicknames can be changed even for traded pokemon but it costs 10k instead of 5k, not really a big difference ... And finally, since egg trading doesn't work, one pokemon OT will always be the one of either the catcher (if non bred) or the breeder ^^ If you haven't understood so far, PokeMMO is not really the same game as the vanilla console games. There are differences and you need to deal with it :/ There must be reasons for us not to be able to trade eggs ... But yeah rip, next time ask if you have any doubt about a game mechanic !
  13. @XondeX Considering you are in the Winner bracket until you loose 1 match, yes ! OU as long as you don't loose 1
  14. @bellzebuth By the way, great idea to have looser bracket on a different tier ! Will the finals match be OU ?
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