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  1. You got Geomancy Xerneas the game was over at turn 0 πŸ™‚
  2. TohnR

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    Bro AQA you're playing this game and competitive pokemon for like 3 years at least, how come you can still post dumb shit like this ? Step up your game buddy
  3. Reminder that TC laughted at people like me who argued about not allowing Dugtrio when it dropped (quickbanning). So now you expect people to try providing arguments ? They ain't even considered There's no escaping "Ban X" messages now
  4. Not like it changes anything about its value, it's just a Chansey 2IV worth about 40k at the end of the day 1/78 the chance to catch a 2x31 pokemon according to 8.8% official catch rate for Chansey (probably lower in MMO, say 7% cause balls are broken) 5% chance to hold lucky egg That's a total of about 0.000045 which in odds gives you 1/22k
  5. No such thing ever existed in Pokemon, sorry, as long as Ice Beam will freeze, crits exist and Meteor Mash can raise your attack 3 times in a row, this can't be neither healthy nor competitive. However no reasons for us to fuck the game even more in adding RNG in the items (here I meant Quick Claw and King's Rock), that I can't disagree
  6. Some people need to check what tiers are for. If a Pokemon is used in an upper tier it deserved to be in said tier. That's the point The only question that should be asked is whether a pokemon can drop to a lower (hence weaker) tier or if its too good for that.
  7. Thank you. Besides, really happy with the fairly expected tier changes There's Tenta that I didn't see coming, but it's cool. It probably won't be a top played mon there but that's another good option for spinning.
  8. 2M most people will say this edition sucked (as every year) when it's over but sign up for next one regardless
  9. Thank god, ressources to link whenever somebody asks for a good set
  10. How can you not move seasonals UU/NU to the OU/Doubles time slot since those don't have any tier changes ? That's ridiculously dumb
  11. There's no strategies in Pokemmo just make as many encounters as you can and pray, best of luck :)
  12. You aware of privacy ? :) It's not a solution
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