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  1. I'm with ya, @OrangeManiac, but I also wanna see these statements.
  2. Contrairement aux jeux Pokémon classiques, aucun monstre légendaire n'est disponible, à quelques exceptions près, qui fonctionnent comme des nouveautés. Articuno n'est pas là par conception :) J'espère que vous avez réussi à attraper un Jynx pendant que vous y étiez! À votre santé! Unlike the conventional Pokémon games, there are no legendary monsters available, save for a few exceptions which function as novelties. Articuno is not there by design :) Hope you managed to catch a Jynx while you were down there, though! Cheers!
  3. Sí, también funciona así para Rayquaza en Hoenn. ¡Asegurarse de que su chat tenga habilitados los mensajes del sistema es fundamental! Te voy a vincular a una guía breve y clara escrita por @BrokenBulb78 que puedes encontrar útil. Feliz caza, compañero! Yeah, it works this way for Rayquaza in Hoenn, as well. Making sure your chat has System Messages enabled is pivotal! I'm gonna link you a short, and clear guide written by @BrokenBulb78 that you may find useful. Happy hunting, mate!
  4. Mine is Wudenbachs What's yours?
  5. Dude, I was about to post that guide a second ago, but I switched tabs to find a good gif to include... Feels bad man. I gotta get a new gif to express how I feel now.
  6. You're the hero we need, @RakuenX
  7. None of Cheren's matches were included, and neither were any of the other rival battles, save for Wally. This is because the NPC Re-Match Guide only includes battles that can be consistently challenged. You'll find that after you've beaten Cheren at that location, he can't be re-matched there again, hence his exclusion from the guide! ;) Good lookin' out though, @Mermeladadeguayava!
  8. Me explaing the joke is kinda cringy though
  9. You see how I told Aard not to take it seriously, and then proceeded to do just that? That's where the funny is supposed to happen. 'The cringe' isn't real. It was literally manufactured to be perceived as cringey. That's how satire works. It's a subtle commentary on Bestfriends himself, do you not see?! That's where the funny is supposed to happen!
  10. I'm not gonna say that Mayor Bestfriends is without fault, and I believe that every elected official should be objectively criticized. That being said, Bestfriends is actually very approachable! It's easy enough to carry on a conversation with the guy, is what I'm saying. Although his position may not be taken seriously by some, the fact is that he was elected by the the community to represent them, and he does have an earnest conviction for the role. Honestly, the charm and appeal of the valiant Don Quixote is reflected in our Mayor. The fact that he does take it so seriously is what makes the entire enterprise worth being a part of! The fact that you're taking it so seriously, Aard, kinda defeats the purpose, you see? My advice? Ride the high, and don't harsh the mellow. It's more fun to be on the inside of the situation. When you denigrate it, you've missed the entire point! I'd like to take a moment now to express my appreciation for our Mayor. Watching his videos was one of my first impressions of this game, and meeting him in person was a down to Earth experience. He spends a lot of time helping out fresh players that are only just commencing their journeys, many of which don't even play for more than a month or two. It's a thankless job, but whether or not it's recognized by the majority of the community doesn't stop him from going out there and doing it. He's out there giving hours to players that most wouldn't pay any mind. Players without a badge to their name! I stand by my Mayor! May he continue to serve the community in all that he does. Serving the community that chose him to lead. - Wüdenbachs Vice Mayor of PokeMMO
  11. Bestfriends! This guide is fantastic, man! Very well organized and researched You do well by your citizens, good Mayor Thank you!
  12. In memoriam of Munchkin the Cat, and in support of Umbreeion, whose Love for her kitty has touched us all tonight <3
  13. What's good! New to the forums, and back to the game with a new account years after initially playing :) I'm very curious as to why all of the items available in the Gift Shop, including Donator Tickets, can be purchased with in game resources through one means or another, save for the Amnesia Brace. After the conversation came up in Global, I felt inclined to start a thread, but I see now that this question has been asked for years. Surely, there must be a rationale for the decision to mark the Amnesia Brace as 'Untradeable', and we can speculate on that, but it'd be nice to know for certain the vindicating argument. I'm not against it as long as it's reasonably justified, and in all honestly, I'll most likely pay for one soon whether or not the decision to limit the availability of the Amnesia Brace is extenuated. This doesn't upset me because I'm ok with paying. I'm just curious why I HAVE to. Maybe it's really as simple as that. I'd like to imagine an untradeable Amnesia Brace was implemented to help maintain a fragile economy, or something along those lines, but maybe it really is simply content secluded behind a pay wall. As I mentioned, I'm not against this at all. I'm actually very grateful that the vast majority of items are NOT implemented in this way. Just lookin' for an straight answer is all. Kinda seems outta place, don't ya think? Looking forward to a reply, and thanks for taking the time to listen <3
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