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  1. No, but not for the reason most people would simply go by. The majority of the demographic in this game would classify as "casual" players. Making the boss harder only reprimands the minority which is, "hardcore" players, in pumping creative yet annoying strategies to fight a broken boss. That itself however is also neglected by the devs making certain strats unusable and/or banned. What is it that they want then? I would have preferred if the devs geared the update more towards the sentimental value of the Halloween event and rewards rather than the hardcore players that just want to make mon
  2. I second this. A Sweet Scent ocarina would have to be heavily limited if ever implemented. If you could just spam it, too many things within the game would become broken and collapse. Perhaps a time limit? One use per minute? Not sure.
  3. Hello everyone! This one is purely aesthetic, but I think it's a nice little addition perhaps. Similar to the tags that staff have, a tag for players who have donator status active could be present! I think it would just provide a neat little extra incentive, and show that you (hopefully) support the game! Think of it similar to subscriptions on Twitch! Thanks again!
  4. Shojaxu


    Thanks for the feedback so far! I updated it to talk on the popular subject only, mounts.
  5. Hey everyone! Hope it doesn't seem too broken to perhaps add an item in the gift shop, or maybe even at a daycare like the ability pill, which would evolve/unevolve your level 100 Pokemon. Obviously one time use per pill, mainly for people with certain builds they want to follow and such.
  6. Seems like an interesting suggestion. However, it definitely can be manipulated, thus broken. It is also unnecessary.
  7. Shojaxu


    Hello everyone! I have been playing since 2016, on and off, and have something to recommend. - Would it be possible to add mounts to the game? They could function the same as bicycles, and even be listed in the same section in the gift shop!
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