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  1. I totally forgot that was a thing
  2. Anybody have dittos that are not from NA? I need one, and I don't care about IVs.
  3. At least there is no chance of figuring out the days in a week in this thread like on the bodybuilding forum. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=107926751 I have actually started to work out. I am on the reverse side of things. I am basically 6 foot tall but only way 120-125lbs. So I need to put on that muscle weight and eat more.
  4. I like this better than the original
  5. Gotta make this thread return to normal. Sandcastle will be this gens punching bag, like Garbador and Vanilluxe were for their gens.
  6. First season of Code Geass is good, second season is bad until the end which almost makes it all worth it IMO.
  7. http://masteroverwatch.com/leaderboards/pc/us/mode/ranked/category/skillrating Here is a good distribution of competitive rank. 55 is above average. I am rank 61 currently, have been to 62 though. I used to hover around 55, but I've been making my game better, and playing with at least one friend whos near your rank helps. At around 77 rank you are in the top 500 players
  8. Lucio Ball is pretty fun when you can do things like this.
  9. Random is not the game i downloaded originally. https://twitter.com/yangcliu/status/759607552313217024 ^My thoughts exactly. This would be an amazing replacement instead of three steps and randomness
  10. I had already stopped playing the game when the 3 step glitch (was it actually a glitch is now in question) and now I won't return to the game because I'm not gonna play pseudo-random mobile hide and seek.
  11. I do man. I remember getting 99 wc.
  12. I think I would be the kid if I joined the server, but maybe I'll try it out sometime this weekend.
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