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  1. Mylu

    My own Gym

    I still want my own gym and I still want to rewards winners with my items.
  2. Mylu

    My own Gym

    Personally, I never participate to matches because there's no rewards. If there was a system where I can win useful items, I would fight for sure.
  3. Mylu

    My own Gym

    Hi, I would like to have my own Gym, and other players can come to challenge me, the Gym Leader. Then if they defeat me they get a reward. My first thought was to transform my Secret Base into a Gym but that seems complicated because many players can have a secret base at the same place. So I had another idea... Adding to the PvP menu (the Masterball icon) "Gyms". Then, if we click on it there's a menu that appears and that shows a list of Gyms. For example: Gym name / Leader name / Availability / Rewards / Rewards type / Win % ----------------------------------------------------- ThunderGym / PikaJesus / Available / 87 / Selected / 62,88% Dragonwall / HaoJin / Unavailable / 8 / Random / 31,04% ... Explications: Gym name is the name that a player gives to its Gym when he creates it. Leader name is the player name. Availability means if the Gym Leader is currently connected and available for a battle. Available means that the Gym Leader is available to fight. Unavailable means that the Gym Leader is currently not available to accept challenges. Rewards is a vault where the Gym Leader put some of its items in it so these items become rewards for the challengers who win. The number represents the number of items in the Vault. Rewards type is how we get our reward for defeating the Gym Leader. Selected means that the player can access the Vault and select one item in it. Random means that the player cannot access the vault and automatically get one of the items in it. Win % is the percentage that the Gym Leader has won against challengers. Other notes: I think after a battle it would be better if the Gym Leader has a little break time to heal or change its pokemons. Maybe it would also be better if the Gym Leader can choose its open hours (in game hours) for its Gym, so he can do the story or whatever when the Gym is closed. To avoid abandoned or unuseful Gyms to pollute the Gyms list; a Gym that does not accepts challengers during a certain amount of time will be dissolved.
  4. When I'm on my bike, I would like to see one of my flying pokemon following me. I know speed is increased on a bike this is why I talk only about flying pokemons. A flying pokemon can fly fast so he can follow me when I'm on my bike. Like that, there's a pokemon (whatever type) selected for the walk and another pokemon (flying type) selected for the bike.
  5. Mylu

    Vanity Thread

    I would like that my bike or moto is visible with my sprite in a battle. Like I'm on it or it is placed behind me, whatever. But also, and this is important, that bike or moto is visible in the battle only when I started the battle while I was on it. That means if I'm on foot when the battle start, that's my regular sprite that appears. Thanks
  6. When something can bring money, that always go faster.
  7. I made this thread to find solutions in the purpose to improve the actual system, not to find solutions that leave it as it is now. So I would appreciate if you, readers, try to contribute to the suggestion by being more constructive. Thanks a lot.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion but NO I can't accept that because if I catch a pokemon that is, for example, number 4 in the pokedex, that means I would have to move one by one all the pokemons after number 4 of one case. That's AFK 10K. Simply unacceptable.
  9. Mylu

    Vanity Thread

    When I created my character I put a pant on him, not a short. Then I found nowhere a place where I can buy more pants to enlarge my pant collection, in the purpose to change when I want. Sad. Can you add colorable pants in your Gift Shop? I would be incredibly thankful for that.
  10. Thanks but I'm sad. I wanted to have a larger choice of pants in my bag so I can change when I want.
  11. No, I have been AFK while I was in my boxes trying to sort my pokemons. Pikachu in box 1, another Pikachu in box 3, 5 others in box 4... same thing for other pokemons. I have to move this one in that box but that box is full so I have to move this one first... WHAT A CIRCUS! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! I would prefer a system that automatically sort pokemons (like by number in the pokedex).
  12. When I created my character I put a pant on him, not a short. Where can I buy a new pant, with another color? Thanks.
  13. I like the design of the scuba, filet, luxe and other balls, they are really nice. But I would like to be able to customise the pokeballs I bought in the shop. For example, you can add to your gift shop something that allow to choose, in a gallery, textures, colors or skins that can be applied to pokeballs. Like dye for clothes. I personally would love to have black pokeballs, or even a pokeball looking like pikachu, a yellow pokeball with a black or red lightning on it. I mean, skins for pokeballs can look like pokemons themselves. A pikachu skin for the pokeball of my pikachu.
  14. Mylu

    Heal Ocarina

    Thanks @Linfanz
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