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  1. I missed that guy in Johto. Someone brings him to Unova, please.
  2. It took me 5 minutes to complete the update. Pretty fast, imo.
  3. Why tournaments all the time? Halloween is coming. Can't we just get a Halloween theme event?
  4. "Spells" and "skills". Look at that heresy O_O...
  5. Hoenn region introduces double battle if two trainers see you at the same time. Ofcourse you could battle each trainer separately if you want. In pokemmo, all those battles become single battle. And the most annoying part is after the 1st one, the 2nd one always takes like forever to start. It seems like the NPC trainer has a bug and the game literally freezes a while at that time, which is pretty annoying. Anyone has the same problem like me?
  6. I thought we already have one? A very lazy one, who only sits in your room reading doujinshi like weebs?
  7. To be specific, we already have Machamp, Hitmonlee, etc. who are the result of that kind of breeding. I think [player]'s mother has taught her son very carefully about this.
  8. But 99% the time, I am not at home. And I am sure he cheats me a lot with other people. I meant, Trainers.
  9. I just express my ideas that your mother has to carry you back to Unova is pretty disturbing. You travel the whole region, even catch a legendary, and now you have to ask Mom to carry you back to Unova? Please, just coding a NPC, which will look like a flying pokemon (just put Tailow in, please). It will say, "In case you forgot something in [insert your starting region here], you have caught [insert birdy name here] to bring you back. Would you like to take a ride?" Sorry, but I don't want to become Zekrom, who becomes too lazy to get a job after fighting against N.
  10. mq003at


    Really approve this, but in order to not crush the GTL system, let's make the auction operates once a week, sort of. Moreover, not everyone can put their pokemon in auction. Only people who sells a lot on GTL can do that, or other people who is a breeder, or shiny farmer, IV farmer, can do that. I am pretty sure with this system, the price could come at a negotiable price. If you could, the dev can make a whole sale one kind of pokemon. For example, a batch of 50 Magikarps starting at 30k dollars bidding. Then next week, a batch of 50 (little-puppy-eyes) Growlith starting at 50k. Random IV, ofcourse. That will make the breeders starting in Unova less burden. (don't reply with things like who needs a batch of 50 magikarps, oh, you can't be sure :D). Anyway, welcome to Team Rockets :D.
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