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  1. This should be fixed in the update that is happening currently. If after this you still have problems, please contact us on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ so we can check this. Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience!
  2. Hello! Please do not expose players in public. If you think his behavior should be checked, you need to contact Staff on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ in Player Reports. Thanks!
  3. We were just waiting for that, no game for you today, Gilan.
  4. Hello! As it was mentioned above, scamming is against the rules and it can always be reported on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ on Player Report (this support platform is also accessible in game in the menu on "Support"). We investigate case by case and deal with them accordingly to our policy. As general advice, I'd mention: Always remember the name of the person you are trading with. If needed, take a screenshot, as it was also mentioned already. Make sure the person you are asking for help with the trade evolution understands they are supposed to give your pokemon back so they won't think it's a normal trade. Check if you sent the trade request to the correct person before completing the trade. Aside of this I don't think you need to worry about anything. You can always ask for help at the global chat and if a Staff member is available, they will answer to your request as well. ūüôā I hope this helped!
  5. ¬°Hola! Por favor, no denuncie a los jugadores p√ļblicamente, tenemos la secci√≥n de informes de jugadores para tratar estos asuntos. Puedes acceder a √©l en el juego haciendo clic en "soporte" en el men√ļ o en https://support.pokemmo.eu/ asegur√°ndote de usar la cuenta afectada para iniciar sesi√≥n. En el futuro, proporcione traducciones al ingl√©s de sus publicaciones, es parte de las reglas de los foros. ¬°Gracias! - Hello! Please do not report players publicly, we have the player report section to deal with these matters. You can either access it in game by clicking on "support" in the menu or on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ making sure to use the affected account to login. In the future, please provide english translations to your posts, it's part of the forums rules. Thanks!
  6. Hello! Those moves are tutor moves, not TMs. Please check this guide for further information about this:
  7. Hello! It's not possible to appeal for a ban that happened more than 6 months ago, I'm sorry.
  8. Hi! They are not the same, you need to create an account for the game on https://pokemmo.eu/account/
  9. Excuse me, the Metronome champion arrived. And I just jinxed myself. I will bring my rng and show everyone why I never pvp. @Desu I challenge you again, it's your chance to try to get your revenge and fail miserably.
  10. Hello, NoShinyForYou. Staff is made by volunteers who donate their free time to make the game better and a healthier place. They have jobs, school etc outside of the game, so it's expected that they won't be present 24 hours per day. If you have a complaint about a Staff member, you are free to contact SGMs whenever you want. That said, the answer given to you on your other thread wasn't from a Staff member. Mods+ do not mute because they want to, they mute because rules are being broken and this player is for whatever reason listed on our Code of Conduct being removed from the chats (or from the game, in case of a ban) at that time for the length that is appropriate. You are free to complain about our rules and who applies the rules, but if you're going to behave like [CHANNEL][ES][CHANNEL: 4] NoShinyForYou : que metodo anticonceptivo recomiendadan? [CHANNEL][ES][CHANNEL: 4] NoShinyForYou : el nitrato de.meterla?? [CHANNEL][ES][CHANNEL: 4] NoShinyForYou : sigo buscando team que hagan orgias it's just expected that you will receive a punishment. If you still judge that the punishment is unfair after being more familiar with our Code of Conduct, you need to make an appeal on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ as you were already instructed in your other thread. Thank you for your time!
  11. Hello! If login on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ using your game account and go to Support > create ticket > client crash and use the error number (click on "yes" in the error message and copy the error number it gives), we will be able to help you further. Before doing that, you can make sure your graphic drivers are updated. Thank you! This is usually not needed anymore, the support team can deal with these issues a lot of the times. The best is to contact a support moderator, which right now consists on Revz, Sethsen, BrokenBulb and me as support leader.
  12. Ol√°! Precisamos de mais informa√ß√Ķes para poder ajudar, como por exemplo em qual plataforma voc√™ joga, se voc√™ recebe alguma mensagem de erro antes do jogo fechar etc. Por favor nos envie essas informa√ß√Ķes no https://support.pokemmo.eu/ logando com a sua conta do jogo. No futuro, por favor n√£o esque√ßa de acrescentar uma tradu√ß√£o em ingl√™s aos seus posts, √© parte das regras do f√≥rum. Obrigada! - Hello! We need more information to be able to help, such as which platform you play on, if you get any error messages before the game closes etc. Please send us this information at https://support.pokemmo.eu/ logging in with your game account. In the future, please don't forget to add an English translation to your posts, it's part of the forum rules. Thanks!
  13. Hi! As Hydra said, there is a tile above Juniper. You can walk there.
  14. Hi! Thank you for your support! Please talk to Xsolla's support about this problem. To do so, please open the Gift Shop in game, click on "Get More Reward Points" and proceed the the page where you choose the amount of Reward Points you would like to obtain. If you are on PC, you will see a purple chat bubble at the bottom left in this page, as shown on https://i.imgur.com/Cvlgyqo.png If on Android, it will be a button at the end of the page, like on https://i.imgur.com/dS6tU2P.png If the problem is still not resolved after talking to them, take a screenshot of their response and send it to us so we can help further on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ You need to go on Support > Create ticket > Support Request > Reward Points Issue Thank you! - ¬°Hola! ¬°Gracias por tu apoyo! Por favor hable con el soporte de Xsolla sobre este problema. Para hacerlo, abre la Tienda de Regalos en el juego, haz clic en "Obtener m√°s puntos de recompensa" y contin√ļa en la p√°gina donde eliges la cantidad de puntos de recompensa que te gustar√≠a obtener. Si est√° en una PC, ver√° una burbuja de chat p√ļrpura en la parte inferior izquierda de esta p√°gina, como se muestra en https://i.imgur.com/Cvlgyqo.png Si est√° en Android, ser√° un bot√≥n al final de la p√°gina, como en https://i.imgur.com/dS6tU2P.png Si el problema a√ļn no se resuelve despu√©s de hablar con ellos, tome una captura de pantalla de su respuesta y env√≠enosla para que podamos ayudar m√°s en https://support.pokemmo.eu/ Debe ir a Soporte> Crear ticket> Solicitud de soporte> Problema de puntos de recompensa ¬°Gracias!
  15. Hi Staggie! ūüôā Good to see you back, I hope you'll have a great time here again!
  16. Hi! Unfortunately there isn't, he needs to beat the E4 and use the stored exp to send it back to you.
  17. Hello! Please make sure that when trying to recover your password in the website, you are typing the correct username of the account (players often get username and character name confused when trying to recover credentials) and checking the same email that was registered when you created the account. If you still don't manage to recover your account, please create a new one and contact us on https://support.pokemmo.eu/ giving us the information you remember about it (character name, email used etc) so we can check if it's possible to help you. Thank you!
  18. Olá! Se baixar o instalador novamente de nosso site e reinstalar o jogo não funcionou, significa que infelizmente não há mais suporte para o seu dispositivo. Se você tem um backup do jogo antes de reinstalar, você pode usar esse backup, conforme anunciamos nesse link: Se não tem esse backup, infelizmente não há nada que possa ser feito, sinto muito por não podermos ajudar mais. - Hello! If downloading the installer again from our website and reinstalling the game did not work, it unfortunately means that your device is no longer supported. If you have a backup of the game before reinstalling, you can use this backup as we warned on this link: If you don't have this backup, unfortunately there's nothing that can be done, I'm sorry we can't help more.
  19. Hello! You didn't have to delete your character, if you didn't have two badges yet you could have talked to the mother after getting your starter pokemon in Hoenn and she would have sent you back to the region you were before. The only requirement to delete characters is to wait 48 hours after they were created.
  20. Hello, Kachumbus. I have a better idea that might actually work for you to not get punished, maybe next time check our Code of Conduct pointed by Bearminator before using the public chats and avoid saying things such as [28/05/2021 06:26:59][CHANNEL][ES][CHANNEL: 1] Kachumbus : Chigga = Chino + Nigga (busquen el meme) XD We do not tolerate the use of racist slurs in the public chats, please inform yourself better next time you decide to come do these claims and embarrass yourself in public before talking to a SGM directly about your issues with a staff member. I will close this thread to save the rest of your dignity.
  21. Olá! Para recuperar seu personagem por favor faça um pedido de suporte nesse link: https://support.pokemmo.eu/ Você precisa acessar com a conta em que o seu personagem estava e ir em Suporte > Criar Ticket > Pedido de Suporte > Recuperar personagem e preencher os dados pedidos, selecionando o personagem que você quer recuperar. Se você não encontrar o nome do seu personagem na lista, significa que você está acessando a conta errada. Caso seja esse o problema, você pode verificar outros usernames que você tem em https://pokemmo.eu/account_forgot_username/ Espero que isso ajude. :) No futuro, por favor coloque uma tradução em inglês nos seus posts aqui, é parte das regras do fórum. Obrigada! - Hello! To recover your character please place a support request at this link: https://support.pokemmo.eu/ You need to login with the account your character was in and go to Support > Create Ticket > Support Request > Character Recovery and fill in the requested information, selecting the character you want to recover. If you cannot find your character's name in the list, it means that you are accessing the wrong account. If this is the problem, you can check other usernames you have at https://pokemmo.eu/account_forgot_username/ I hope this helps. :) In the future, please add an English translation in your posts here, it is part of the forum rules. Thanks!
  22. Hello! The Daycare Man says that if you click on "breed" and confirm it, not before that.
  23. Hello! The NPC you talked to was the one at the Daycare on route 5. Your Gloom is at the Daycare. To get it back, you need to talk to the same NPC.
  24. Hello! Johto is planned but there is no estimated time for it to be implemented. Thank you!
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