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  1. SneakyTeddi

    Ready, Teddy, Go! (Monday, 19th November)

    Lmao I wonder why I was tagged xDD cute event, right??
  2. SneakyTeddi

    two accounts trade

    Hi! No problem at all on that! ^^ You can have as many accounts as you want. If you're unsure about something, you just need to check our Code of Conduct Transferring money and pokemons between them isn't against any rule.
  3. Hii! Are we talking about design or use? lol I use Gallade more because I tend to have a lot of Sp.Atk pokemons just because they look nicer, and Gallade is one of the few Atk mons that I like, so eh But like I said I have a special place in my heart for Sp.Atk mons so...in resume, I prefer Gardevoir but I use Gallade. xD I mean, look at this beauty:
  4. SneakyTeddi

    Access to PC (Pokemon Storage) within the Secret bases

    Hi Lulu! <3 What Bestfriends and Munya mean is that implementing something that could possibly break some markets isn't really interesting. It's not just Leppa Berries sellers who would suffer with that, we would have more shinies since it would be easier and faster to hunt them. Sometimes a small change can be good for some people but terrible for the economy. We need ev train/shiny hunt to be at least a little hard. I understand your idea, truthfully, as someone who spend a lot of money in Leppas lol but we would need to considerate how it would affect the market, because it would be not just the Leppa/shinies market affected. For example, Leppa sellers would migrate to plant EV Reducing Berries, then we would have a lot more of this berries being sold and the price would be affected too.
  5. SneakyTeddi

    Move relearner?

    Hello!~ If you're talking about Tepig I suppose you're playing in Unova, right? That is correct! The Move Relearner is in Mistralton City inside the house in the right side from the Pokemon Center. There's 4 NPCs there. It's the girl in the top left. ^^
  6. SneakyTeddi

    Search pokemon by map (route, city, etc)

    Let's keep the discussion healthy for everyone, please. <3 Also, I think it would be a really interesting tool. I've seen a lot of people asking about pokemons they can find in a specific place. Even if we don't have this currently, there's some websites where people can easily find this info so I don't think it would change anything, just the fact that we would have our own tool and make their life easier. ^^
  7. SneakyTeddi

    Indication for couples

    I will always support this idea! <3 Let's have a lot of wedding ceremonies!
  8. TeddiPromotion = Undefined =1/30k = TotallySonnTM

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      Oh thank you <3 you don't need to post my selfies here tho

    4. MGRazor


      It's just me trying to impress Jessie but OK :c

  9. Scrubscrub = Razor Karp


  10. 515a9760b5fd83c48b5ea41749bd0193.gif

    1. SneakyTeddi
    2. Mystic


      Thank you for the birthday wishes ^^

    3. SneakyTeddi


      Bday kitty please

  11. SneakyTeddi

    Do u remember this?

    But in Squirtle's case he just presses B everytime.
  12. SneakyTeddi

    Drain Punch

    Hello!~ The move tutor is inside this house, in the second floor. It's the clown. :3
  13. SneakyTeddi

    Custom Fishing Rods

    Hello, Bestfriends! I like that idea! Customizing makes things even more interesting, happy and cute. :3 You have my thumbs up!
  14. Welcome aboard! :*

    1. SneakyTeddi


      Thank you very much! <3 ^^


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