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  1. Totally agree about it! Upvote this asap
  2. Well, most of male bulba/evos were at 75-90m. Shiny prices are falling :p
  3. hax hax hax hax hax Congratulations! Felicitaciones prro ! :v
  4. bump, sold anorith, added flygon comp perfect shiny
  5. Bumpppppppp sold all shinies and breeder one of them °>° Removed some vanities
  6. Spent 20k on that beauty thing, i really do not care about ivs, i just like 5x25+ natured ones xd the 30 (high roll) iv was just lucky, but not luckier than hatching it shiny LOL
  7. Was doing another random semi comp and.... Rip for the * but.... at least is comp ready xdddd SHINY RATE IS TOTALLY FAIR
  8. Bumpppp added shiny ursaring Also sold some shinies
  9. Bummmmmmmp Added Shiny Frillish Female Added Reserved List Also Sold Shiny Tauros, Kyu hat & Knight Helmet EDIT: Sold Shiny Girafarig, Frillish & Aggron
  10. Comps for Sale! Lvl 1 - Timid 30/x/30/31/30/31 Lvl 1 - Timid 30/x/28/26/31/30 Lvl 1 - Timid 29/x/28/30/28/31 FEMALE Lvl 1 - Calm 31/x/24/27/28/29 FEMALE Lvl 8 (Wild) - Impish 31/30/27/x/29/1 Lvl 1 - Modest 21/x/23/29/26/31 Lvl 50 - Timid 29/14/28/31/25/31 Full Trained Lvl 50 - Modest 28/8/26/31/27/28 Full Trained Lvl1 - Calm 27/11/26/28/31/27 ||| Lvl1 - Modest 24/6/26/27/30/29 Lvl 1 - Modest 29/x/26/26/31/29 Lvl 1 - Naive 30/29/31/28/14/28 Lvl 45 - Jolly 28/28/29/24/27/31 Full Trained Lvl 25 - Relaxed 31/23/31/25/28/0 Trained HP evs only
  11. Hey, Im actually Taking offers on some stuff that i own Shinies: Lf $$$ Vanity or Shiny offers. also take lot of stuff like bags, low tier vanities, particles, leppas donator etc Female JOLLY 27/31/26/22/30/31 Male JOLLY 30/31/27/22/31/31 Vanity: x3 Blue Flaming Skull Mask x3 Orange Flaming Skull Mask x3 Kyu Hat x1 Knight Helmet x1 Jack-O-Lantern Mask Also considering to sell THE ELECTRIC STORM Taking offers Yen Count: RESERVED: BUYING: THE ELECTRIC STORM DESU'S LABCOAT DESU'S LABCOAT (COLOUR) PARTY HAT :V RARE SHINIES OR UNCOMMONS Offering Pure $, Limited Vanity / Shinies Soon: Comp Shop & Breeding Service
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