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  1. 1st. Pillar of Hats can be obtained in the Mistery Boxes (Celadon Casino). Santa suit is back EVERY CHRISTMAS also
  2. You can only use them in the Unova Region
  3. Ramphardos and prevo after the PTS or Official Release of Unova Region (i cant remember)
  4. Regirock / Regice / Registeel Dolls for Secret Bases.. They were on the Gift Shop but for some reason staff removed it :(
  5. You are flash you should do it faster than anyone
  6. More people hunting feebas spot = higher chance of find it faster
  7. Come to hunt Shiny Feebas on Route 119 ch1. People are hunting the spots/squares !! :D
  8. Exodos

    Value Advice

    should be like 8 edit: prob more or less, im not sure
  9. @razimove lmao Well, thank you anyway
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