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  1. Looking for more than a billon, make your offer
  2. Deino can be found in Unova's Victory Road... most of them at the entrance (inside the cave, of course)... plus there you have x5 Deino Hordes using Sweet Scent
  3. Umm they hatch after 4-6 minutes so..... keep that as a progress bar
  4. Only during events... i mean, they can be obtained in Santa's present (xmas event 2018) or lucky red envelope (lunar new year event) btw, you can just buy the premier balls, they still on a decent price(better than buying presents or envelopes)
  5. So basically this BIG GAME has only ONE graphic designer Thank you staff
  6. Exodos

    Value Advice

    To be honest i would not value them more than 120 or 140, lvl100 and trained is useful, but those ivs are just "decent".. yeah, maybe 150 Good luck! I would say 3 or 4m
  7. Exodos

    Horde Guide 2019

    I will help you whenever you want and i can xd
  8. Hola! Recuerda poner una traducción al inglés en los posteos de este foro, de todos modos aqui esta tu respuesta: Debes hacer un posteo de soporte explicando con detalle la situación https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ Translate: Hello! Remember to put an English translation in the posts of this forum, anyway here is your answer: You must do a support post explaining the situation in detail https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ Translate: I had an old account with an email that I lost, so I want to recover it but without the email I can't, is there any way to recover it without the email?
  9. Exodos

    Value Advice

    Im interestedin that one, hit me up in game
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