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  1. Sandiles can hold them ^^
  2. More than 1 billon for sure, common price was 1,5b but prob gonna sell mine for 1,4~ Idk, just lf offers
  3. This is a good topic, i dont see why people hate this kind of stuff Totally agree about what you said bruh Thanks for the feedback :) GTFO Everyone
  4. Exodos

    Horde Guide 2019

    Grimer/Muk can be there too
  5. Char 2016, toto 2018, cynda 2019 as i said, hes probably the FIRST player who got 3 STARTERS <<<<<< Ispy got 1 starter and 2 very rares, not 3 starters
  6. Programmed Rare Shiny Hunt -  06/06/2019

    Shiny that we gonna hunt:  Snivy - Chansey - Charmander

  7. I would like to nominate these cool and good guys @SodaNaranja @[email protected] @Akshit @Intor
  8. First player (imo) who got 3 shiny starters. Congratulations, Shiny Hunter god Pistero (he also has flygon)
  9. Prob worst idea i've ever seen but.... if it cost 10k rp or something hahahaha will be funny af to see how ppl lose money to get shiny tentacool xddd, anyway that makes every shiny hunter worthless Im not upvoting this. People will get OT shinies just paying,i think thats not fair for those who spend lot of hours hunting for something @jonulo @GodofKawaii for example
  10. Amigo pone la traduccion en ingles asi no te joden los mods Translate: Bro put the english Translation so mods wont bother u SUGGESTION TRANSLATION: Implement Copy/Paste on Android I wanted to suggest the implementation of copy and paste texts for Android chat, it would be a facility for many players
  11. Hola! Podrias hacer una mini lista sobre los rangos de niveles con sus respectivos precios? Ejemplo: al lvl50 -- "x" dinero Hasta lvl100 - "X" dinero Desde ya muchas gracias, pronto te daré algo para entrenar^^ Translate: Hey! Can you make a short list about level range & their prices? Example: To lvl50 - x cash etc Thank you in advance, soon i will give u something to train^^
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