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  1. Please Darkshade, for the love of Kyu, we need this hair. [Limited] Item slot: Hair Name : Dragon Storm or name it whatever you like ♡♡♡ Could be obtainable through the PVP Mystery Box at a low rate for a limited amount of time
  2. He asked another question after that the one I replied to which Is the one you corrected :s I don't need the help I was guessing from memory it's not my question (why I said iirc) you should quote him so he knows the correct answer to the question not me xD please don't quote me again I am only in this thread to try and help!
  3. Quote the guy that asked and help him if you know the answers :p
  4. iirc Blaine has all 3 legendary birds but only one a time, his team will change and sometimes to include one of them. Same for Morimoto sometimes he will have Mew, not always. I doubt they would have removed the 3 dogs from BF, especially without saying so in patch notes
  5. PokeMMO Platinum confirmed $10/week
  6. Update - V3 added some shinys that were missing
  7. Finished V2.0! Changelog: - Added all shiny's! - Added more color's! (black,white,red,pink,blue,purple,yellow,green) - Reworked the Aura effect - Reworked previous color schemes on V1 If any bugs please report :) ty
  8. Got most of them done now, just around 100 or so that have some issues with and need to fix them another day, If you like this mod please share it with your friends and consider donating to my IGN - Flareon Thanks :)
  9. Edit: I've made it a bit better than the original, this is the best I can do I'm not any good at pixel art lol (gif quality is pretty bad as I'm on my phone ) thanks for the feedback
  10. Thanks bro I never thought to check, thanks for sharing your work
  11. That does look much better, I'll see what I can do. This is gonna be a big job finishing all the sprites but should look pretty cool when finished ^^ need to get more hype for it on here!
  12. There is a very easy way of removing the cooldown however I'm not sure I am allowed to post the answer as it would kinda kill the whole point of having it in the first place. (And no it doesn't involve re-installing xD) The system is in place to stop bots trying to crack passwords, it's a good thing.
  13. Cool thanks the unova ones look okay to use because they have 2 different poses of all sides of the pokemon but with just the one pose of the older ones the followers wouldn't be animated like they usually are. Could probably rip them straight from a heart gold ROM I'm just not sure where to look as I've never done ROM hacking before.
  14. :D If enough people like the idea I'll work on the other gens too, just need to get the base sprites from somewhere. For now you could probably combine it with billlas sparkling mod for the older gens.
  15. Welcome to my first PokeMMO Mod Features - (v3.0) : - All Shiny's added - Gen 5 Normal Sprites added - Added more colors (black / white / red / pink / blue / purple / yellow / green) - Reworked Aura - Added some missing shinys ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to install: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you like it please share with your friends and consider Donating to my IGN - "Flareon" Thank you & Enjoy! Credits to @Billla for the base sprites in his classic mod
  16. Hey @Billla is it possible you can update this version like you did your normal version (specifically the Zorua/Zoroark size issues) Thank you :)
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