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  1. Flareonn

    Thanks läva

    A few words - Today will be the last day i log in (in game&forums) to return a couple items i borrowed from friends, Although this has been on my mind for a while now (leaving) today is the day. Not sure on returning but i do not intend to. Maybe in the far future after i have forgotten about this game and suddenly remembered it one day like the past few times i have came back xD Thank you to all i have come into contact with here at läva, i was mainly a solo player since 2012, only tested out a few teams in 2018 which ultimately confirmed that teams were not for me / filled with toxic people, but MM always made me welcome and was not pushy about it either like the other teams. läva's community is imo the best group of people in the PokeMMO community for sure. (Special thanks to the mods of the group for keeping it this way) I wish you all the best of luck both in game and IRL :)
  2. Flareonn

    Basic GTL observations over 3 months

    Haha why does everyone assume things about others on here? :D if you read it again you would see that i do not donate, rather just invested PokeYen, Regardless the only thing i invested on this game is my time and i have not played in awhile nor do i intend to anymore in its current state. Anyway... You are correct about all that crap about yeah its not gonna increase again and you are correct the reason it didnt happen before is cause the chinese didnt have the old vanitys. However.... The nature of GTL is people buying and reselling over and over again at a higher price to get richer, x that with all the players that will just leave this game out of sheer bordom and not come back (RIP Party Hat) those items will disspear with them. The items will still rise regardless, Even if it is in the end just the super rich trading between themselves, thats how its worked for years its just now there more people getting over 100m now pretty easily. Please do not worry about me lol i was merely trying to help you understand when you asked the question. i considered you a noob asking a genuine question and tried to help :D I'd be happy to help you try and understand things you do not, This is from experience the things i have said, its hard to put a years worth of experience into a small post so if i missed something or you did not understand it completely theirs no need to make a post like this XD My mistake tho i didnt respond to your post looking for an argument but i guess thats what you wanted when you said "I want to see someone spin an argument"
  3. Flareonn

    Basic GTL observations over 3 months

    I can say with confidence the main reason for it is this, (ill try and explain the best i can) - Every "Whale" now knows that this is now VanityMMO what with the recent years drastic increase in Time Limited Vanity prices - The thought behind it is what is the point in buying a 1500RP item (which is not limited and has little investment properties) when they can just wait until the next "Time Limited" item is available on the Gift Shop and buy multiples of those. - You could either buy them and resell constantly making small profits at a time to the people not donating OR save multiples and get around 20x EACH what you would of gotten if you bought a none time limited item for the same price of RP. - The fact people have caught on to this idea also drives all RP items up drastically with them, as lets be honest not even the casual donator noobs will sell 1500RP at the price of a NON limited item when there is also a Limited item they can buy and sell with it. This makes the non limiteds/donator tickets more scarce as not many people are buying them because they sell for less, They would rather buy limiteds instead and make 1-2-3m extra profit for there RP fast or invest. - There is definitely not "a lower percent of players donating", I know a few players than spent around $1K on the last Xmas event and that is just a couple of people.... This year has seen a huge increase in the playerbase mainly due to the android release/Chinese - The reason you do not see the market so drenched in these vanitys is also because of the people that are not donating (ME) getting in on the action due to the fast sellers, Stocking up on mutliple limiteds with PokeYen to double/triple there money in a year or 2 at max. In my opinion this is not speculation this is fact from what i have seen + discussed with players over the last year playing Also some background - when the drastic playerbase increase first happened they were tons more donations which drove all RP down, You could buy 30 day donator tickets for 700k and that was less than a year ago, This was just down to the Chinese being new to the game (noobs) which was also the reason everyday 2-3 ultra rare shinys were sold on GTL for 2m (LOL) and unfortunately the shiny market crashed contributing to the fast paced boost in vanity prices . Now they know better unfortunately which is why you are seeing everything rise in price (even more than before)
  4. Flareonn

    Expansion Ticket for more friend slots & more ideas

    agreed i kinda didn't wanna say it to be honest. But if you think about it this 1/30K rate was before the playbase got so much more bigger. I saw the market get rekt when they came and rares being listed for 300k on gtl everyday, but a part of me put it down to botting. It seems to have calmed down a lot compared to then
  5. Flareonn

    Expansion Ticket for more friend slots & more ideas

    i think we were talking about specifically the ultra rares hatched via breeding 2 non shinys together maybe i misunderstand? D;
  6. Flareonn

    Expansion Ticket for more friend slots & more ideas

    Relax theres no need to get all pissy, when you say it like that it sounds like a lot but come on bro... dittos and pokeballs? there cheap af. You got people doing berry farm runs on multiple alt accounts making 11m a week. yeah could take months years could also take a week or 2 or maybe a day depending on your luck lol and this done a massive scale like it has been recently is whats killed the desire of them - you guys talking about a few cases of dedicated shiny breeders that have not had there luck yet, you got many others that hatch rares in the space of a week too lol
  7. Flareonn

    Expansion Ticket for more friend slots & more ideas

    Thats the issue, Why would you wanna buy one when you could hatch one for 100 x cheaper than someone will try and get out of you. & if Chikorita was as desired as something like a Charizard, Chiko would be pretty common too cause everyone would of hatched it already like the zards. i personally think the only intrest by the community nowdays is for sheer resale value if they see someone fed up of trying to sell there rare shiny and let it go for peanuts
  8. Flareonn

    Expansion Ticket for more friend slots & more ideas

    I have been saying exactly the same thing, The way things are now any shiny that can be bred like this is pretty much the same value as there all the same 'rarity', and ultra rares are kinda in limbo around 100m atm which is not really that hard to achieve considering the rate which vanity prices increase & the berry farming methodsxAlts. i mean come on hatching a shiny charizard is like hunting a shiny slugma. 100% guarantee that your going to get it. It has put me off shinys which for me is a big part of pokemon, much more than vanitys are for sure. & people that complain about not being able to guarantee getting an ultra rare shiny that they want... It should have never been this easy in the first place. It kills the whole point of shinys / mmo , There supposed to be rare not common :/ D; Also agree on this ahah i have always avoided shiny's with nametags xD as soon as one gets name-tagged its ruined imo Edit - Ill give you your first upvote.. this thread is gonna attract a lot of opinions i think lol
  9. Flareonn

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Wait your NotDazuzi?!?! grats
  10. Flareonn

    Pokemon Massager in Unova

    I think its a bug, I don't think it is intentional as IIRC every NPC that has a process that can be repeated daily in Unova i.e "come back tomorrow" does not work either (Excluding the Game Freak battle) Otherwise i would assume they would do what they did with the other intentional broken NPCs and added "this is not implemented yet" I don't think Unova is quite finished yet? but i could be wrong
  11. Flareonn

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    It's just hard to believe for some people that after many years this feature that was promised is no where to be seen, Some people have been waiting too long for end game content now and the lack of presence from the actual devs themselves only adds fuel to the fire. (Right now the forums is more exciting than the game itself lol) Credibility is another issue too for many people, theirs been a few instances where dev's have said something that's turned out not to be correct or have not really given answers to. I personally don't believe it wold take this long to develop something like dungeons since 2014. However i can also believe that they just rarely get around to working on it because of other issues like they have explained before. You are correct in repeating what the devs have already said in previous threads countering these complaints but i think one of the issues is that these explanations are just scattered around random threads by different devs when lots of people complain, people this see and that's why theirs a lot more talk about it. Some people suggested dev blogs or something? That would avoid all of this crap, Just something to tell the community what the devs priorities are for the next update, Not exactly a promise of a certain feature but what they are actually aiming for & currently working on for the next scheduled update/future ones. I'm not so excited for Dungeons nor do i know the past discussions about this as much as some people but i can see both sides of the discussion, The thing is i'm swinging to one side more as i know more about the community side of this rather than the dev side of things because theirs very little that is/has been said to us by them. Maybe Mayor @Bestfriends can pool all of these responses from different devs together in a mega thread if in the end they cant be assed to do something about it themselves. I know they don't HAVE to do anything for us, but damn it wouldn't take much effort. I think many people would prefer just an update in the "Announcements" Sub from Kyu a little more often about how things have been going. was the last thing in there from September 2018 explaining what you are saying now not mentioning dungeons but development in general, Darkshade repeated this, i myself am unsure if that's a confirmation of Dungeons is still being worked on currently or darkshade was just repeating what he saw Kyu post in this thread about development in general. It seems like they sorted a lot of the RMT, Botters out fairly quickly at the time, Nice work :)
  12. Flareonn

    Vullaby Horde Spot

    Interesting, might have to hunt for thay vullaby horde then, I only knew of the one at victory road which was removed after that update. Try route 10, village bridge & route 11. There the only other locations of wild vullaby so I'd assume the 5 horde must be at one of those locations too.
  13. Flareonn

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    This sounds like a job for..... Mayor @Bestfriends ! Grab an interview with the Devs and let 'em have it

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