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  1. Flareonn

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    New Volcarona ♥.♥
  2. An un-tradeable vanity reward would be nice
  3. Flareonn

    Why Graphic of Fire and Electric Moves sucks

    I didn't know that, I couldn't remember if there were effects back then or not as it was so long ago :o I assumed a basic feature like that would be done in the early days of the game being released.
  4. Flareonn

    Why Graphic of Fire and Electric Moves sucks

    If true, I think it's a pretty fair question considering the game has been out since 2012 and what he is describing is a basic feature. Maybe there is a reason for it not being worked on unlike the other effects. It may not be something that's needed as much as end game content dungeons H.A etc but i think you are getting your hopes up with those kinds of updates ;)
  5. Flareonn

    is zuroa in the game

    Please release him with a broken ability and fix it later like the other pokes that had broken ability's for ages (haxorus mould breaker etc) ;3 I wanna hunt Shiny Zorua and don't care for its ability :3
  6. Flareonn


    Hotkey Sweet Scent? :o
  7. Flareonn

    Shiny Showcase

    I finally make it to the shiny showcase :D
  8. Flareonn

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    First OT for Flareon! @ 233 hours without donator or leppas
  9. Flareonn

    Should we face inflation?

    PVP does not fill the devs pockets with cash though ;o I expect RP to rise even more when the xmas event starts
  10. Flareonn

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Name: Luxurious Robe / Plasma Poncho Slot: Back Image: /
  11. Flareonn

    Where can I find Jumpeon?

    Lucky hatch
  12. Current price of donator's kinda make them not worth it since they run out when you are not even online, would be a fantastic idea to change it so the countdown timer freezes when you are offline and resumes when you log back on. This seems to be the norm with most MMO's but not here for some reason ($.$) D; When 30 days were 700k i don't mind so much xD The current (IGC)price... meh the boosts are not worth it in the end especially if you can not no-life this game. #MakeDonatorStatusGreatAgain

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