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  1. Porque le quitan el esfuerzo que hace la gente para poder obtener algo que está muy caro en el gtl. y si hablo de las bayas xd. Porque hacer consumible el mon. Amuleto muchos farmeamos Gimnasios porque es la única forma de hacer dinero rapido. El huevo suerte jajaja yo nunca compre esa ridicules jajaja rip porque los que lo compraron xD Me gusto el RP intercambiable. * Creo que fue lo único bueno * Porque llegar a tal extremo. Eso era todo. Traduccion :v Because they take away the effort that people make to get something that is super expensive in the gtl. and if I talk about berries xd. Why make the Mon consumable? Many amulet we call Gyms because it is the only way to make money fast. The lucky egg hahaha I never bought that ridiculous lol rip because those who bought it xD I liked the interchangeable RP. * I think it was the only good thing * Why get to such an extreme. That was all.
  2. PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Necesitamos gente con esa motivación y creatividad
  3. Bebesitaaaa!!! Uaah
  4. I think I'm the only player who has many accounts in the game and each team recognized that I will not say the names hahaha. But lava is a different team from the others it is a team where you can do what you want and without discrimination that is what I like about this team . I do not know much English but that was not enough to be here and bi you know here, you learn little by little. Mathew that great leader a really nice person talked a lot with that hahaha is a brother of another mother <3 I have no words to thank this wonderful team LAVA FOREVER
  5. Offensive name is something ridiculous ... And being offended is even more ridiculous, it's like you call yourself "PUTO" in the game and you see it .-. hahahaha I would laugh a lot the truth GREETINGS !!
  6. Hello community, how are you doing? It has not happened to them that their team has become very popular and many want to enter it and since there is no space to invite them, I propose a team expansion ticket. Well that was all take care :) Hola comunidad como les voy espero que bien. No hay un pasado que su equipo se haya vuelto muy popular y que no haya un espacio para invitarlos a proponer un ticket de expasion de team. Bueno eso era todo se cuidadan :)
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