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  1. ObitoUchiha

    Chinese New Year Lottery

    31 Rin
  2. ObitoUchiha

    Team läva Monophobia League

    I like these events of monotype ING Rin
  3. ObitoUchiha

    World Cup week #2

    VAMOS VENEZUELA !!!! Maduro Ctm
  4. ObitoUchiha

    World Cup week #2

    For something you are the best of the Uchiha
  5. ObitoUchiha

    Top Anime

    I look forward to it
  6. ObitoUchiha

    [Sig] Bryen's Signature Shop [Currently Free]

    - Template1 - Nombre: Obito Team: läva Render: Obito Uchiha Color de texto (opcional): A su gusto Color de mancha (opcional): same Donación: 100k
  7. ObitoUchiha

    World Cup Week #1

    I'm not competitive but I can defend myself. This means that if I have to defend the selection and by chance of life I win or lose who plays?
  8. ObitoUchiha

    It's a Surprise

    a surprise LOL
  9. ObitoUchiha

    Nanana Batman

    1 Obito
  10. ObitoUchiha

    RakuenX's Signature Shop

    Formar ➥ Personaje : Obito ➥ Texto : the one you want ➥ Animado : yes Donation 100k ....Surprise me :3
  11. ObitoUchiha

    Top Anime

    My God hahahaha My God hahahaha
  12. ObitoUchiha

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    Ahh I understand it's good to know that :D
  13. ObitoUchiha

    So No Christmas Event This Year?

    I really do not understand, @kyu do not think it's better to say that there will be an event instead of saying "New".¿What new one?". You do not think it's better to tell people what they really want to hear.
  14. ObitoUchiha

    Boss's birthday :)

    Happy birthday boss, I wish you the best in your day and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in this great team ... I hope you are having a great time :3

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