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  1. Opa! Perhaps in future, blin! As long as you R U S H B unlike those Western Spies, I'm sure we have great time, blyat! (Also, bring Semechki. SlavKetchum can't get enough of it, blin!) This is Russian Hardbass, blyat! It is only music Slav should ever listen to, blin! Listen to Hardbass at least 10 times a day. Squat for 3 - 5 hours a day. And, drink 10 shots Vodka an hour, blin. You'll be true Slav in no time, blyat!
  2. You are most welcome, blin! As long as you squat to hardbass, drink plenty of Vodka, and eat all of the Semechki. Grinding will no longer be pizdek, blyat! ~Stay Cheeki Breeki
  3. Opa! Great idea, blins! Though, for maximum slavness, you must always squat. I kid, I squat anyway, blyat! I shall make sure all Gopniks do this, or else I take away Semechki, blin. You two comrades are 100% Cheeki, and 1000% Breeki, blyat! I shall be sending you both 20 kilos Semechki, blin! If we meet in game, we must take many shots Vodka and hold many Hardbass Squatting Contests, blins!
  4. I thank you for leveling guide, blyat. But, you misunderstand. I am Slav, not slave, blin. I'm in Moscow and eat many Semechki and squat every day, blin. Slave get none of the Semechki, blyat. And, maybe they no squat; who knows?
  5. Who is this, "Bestfriends", blyat? He sounds like nice blin. Maybe I teach him squats, yes?
  6. For the starters, I am not sure where to be putting this type of thing, blin. So, I apologize if this does not fit, blin. So, I have been playing the story like true Slav. Look at my character, blin. I have best tracksuit of the Adidas and nice Slav flatcap and sunglass, blyat. However, SlavKetchum notice this. Grinding in game like this, it is not fun, cyka. It is pizdek, no? So, being the nice Slav I am. I share with you best Russian Hardbass playlist to squat to while making your little sprouts turn to Big Borscht Blins. Maybe you eat Semech
  7. I agree, blin! This makes my poor Slavic heart feel like an empty bottle of Vodka. And, trust me when I say, blin; an empty bottle of Vodka is the worst thing a Slav can wake up to after long nights of squats and hardbass. Maybe the devs let you give Nidoran Semechki, yes? That way the egg comes out big male Slovic Blyat-Master Nidoran. My suggestion? Spend your money on more important things, like Kvass or Halva, blin! Not only you will know what you're getting, blin. But, you will also be satisfied. Unlike those pizdek Nidoran eggs, blyat!
  8. Opa! This what I'm talking about, blin! We have squatting contest to prove our slavness, yes? Winner gets 20 kilos Semechki, blyat!
  9. Oh, believe me debil. I have many of the AK 47s, blin. However, I am not sure as to the rules of the posting of guns on this forum, blin. So, I give you picture of American Super Soaker, blyat. Look at how pizdek your Western water shooting technology is, blin. In Moscow, we attach fire hose to Babushka's hydrant and spray all the blins. On a good day, you would break an arm, blyat. On a bad day... opa!
  10. Thank you, comrade! You can never have too much Vodka and Semachki. Never stop squatting to the Hardbass, blin!
  11. I would greatly appreciate the Event of the Halloweens, blin!
  12. Do not cry, blin. Eat Semechki, A glass of Kompot, and a bowl of Mayonez. You will feel much more Cheeki, and a lot more Breeki, blyat!
  13. Thank you for the warning, blin! I cannot let these cykas get a hold of Babushka's Halva recipe. They cannot know the feeling of pure concentrated Cheeki Breeki while squatting to Hardbass, blyat! Stay Cheeki Breeki, comrade!
  14. Why you say this, blyat? I am only trying to make the friends and enjoy the game, blin.
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