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  1. I said ''Tons qué papi?'' in channel chat, then i got silenced for 42900 seconds (11 hours lmao). The game says that the reason is ''Inappropiate Chat conduct/ Racism'' I think this isn't a valid reason, ''Tons qué papi?'' doesn't mean any bad thing, in a literal way it means ''What happened daddy?'' and here, in Colombia, it means something like ''What's up dude?'' so i don't think i should be silenced lmao. I think that the word ''Papi'' was the one that sentenced me, but anyway, it is like if the word daddy was banned, yeah, it have kind of sexual meanigs, but it doesn't necessarily means bad things tho. I'm just making this post to see if they can ''unban'' the ''Tons qué papi'' idk.
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