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  1. The revolution: a After leaving the Platinum update I have a question. There’s no way to put alola kalos because they’re fully 3ds games, so the update that would take the game to a level would be to work on Replacing the kanto to kanto map of the hearth Gold / soulsilver pokemon games by reprogramming to change only the appearance of the map and not the fire red story JOHTO: The johto map would come with or separate from the kanto update, closing the boat departure part from kanto to johto. EXTRAS: now that anyone's dream request. The script could have the withdrawal that there is only one of each legendary,it could put for the legendary to be prohibited from being sold and bought and prohibited from being used in tournaments and more. In short, the Pokémon can only be used by you in history in the gymnasiums and against people who challenge you. Sorry if you didn't understand a lot because I'm from Brazil and I never tried to write in English this and my first time, I had the help of Google translator kkkkk.
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