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  1. Nasty plot is banned bcuz the breeder for this pokes does not exist yet, as Matoka said: As for button pass.. its only banned in pvp, bcuz ressons. As for draco meteor, you may argue its the "players right to use any move they want" atleast for pve. On the other hand the developers own all rights to the game and not you as a player. You could say "its my right to use force of nature in LoL bcuz it existed when the game came out". No you dont, you only own the right to play the game and thats about it (which is also arguable bcuz your rights to play a game can be removed if you break the terms of use), whether you own the right to more things is all up to the devs.
  2. 6x365 = 2190 43783/2190 = 19,992..... Thats a avrage of 20 soft resets a day for 6years, good work, must have been a feelsgood when you got it.
  3. I feel like @Akshit should be elected just because he does not want the title. Also, imiagine all the Ak-shit posts we could make when we sad with what he does.. #MayorShit2020 #Vote4Shit&ShitWontDisappoint
  4. Znooz

    Sinnoh Region

    "Sinnoh when" deserves OU tier as a question.
  5. But what if i want to donate and still keep the level cap tho? .-.
  6. Yes, you get to keep synchronize aslong as it is your lead, dead or alive.
  7. . My bad, didnt read that you couldnt find anything for attack animation mods.
  8. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/
  9. I wish and hope I write this understandable enuff, since I have not owned a computer in 3years+, I have to provide a scentifically amazing essay from my phone since im toooo scrub to provide remade photos from my phone. Anyway, latley I've seen some unpolished requests about "team banks" which in result gave birth to my idea. The idea is simple and covers two things in one, a team bank and team tournaments to make the team environment more fun and give players more perks to join and be active in teams. So, the idea is to make a new tab between roster and premissions in the team tab called "team tournaments" (community -> team -> team tournaments). In this tab two options should be available for everyone in the team aswell as one thing that everyone in team is able to see. Side note: "team tournaments" could also be called "team events", was not sure which would fit best but for the sake of describing i went with "team tournaments" Two options (I will call them option 3 and 4) will only be available team boss and those ranks whom are given premission to see/use. Option 1: team tournament. This option is intended to work as the current pvp -> tournament tab, with a exception for two thing. When theres no tournament to start soon™ it shall display "none", secondly there should only be one tournamemt running at any given time. (Further explenation about this will be given in option 3.) Option 2: donate. This option speaks for itself (almost). Here you will be able to donate any ammount of money to the team, nothing less nor more. (Further explained in option 4.) The "thing" that everyone is able to see: team balance. Team balance is simply current balance of money the team has. It obvously increases by donations (option 2) and decreases by tournament prizes (option 3). Option 3: setup tournament. This option is for those with premissions for it. As stated, one can setup a tournament for the team. The following rules should apply: 1. The tournament must be setup 24 and a half hours before it starts (24hours notice for the whole team under option 1 and half hour signup time for the whole team under the same option). 2. Players kicked while already signed up will still participate in the team tournament (you will basicly be put in que time just like in the current pvp tournament system). 3. You wont be able to setup a tournament until the current one is over (im sorry everyone who wished for 1tournament a day). 4. Atleast 8 team members must signup for the tournament, incase of less the 8 team members signing up the tournament wont start and tournament funds will be sent back to the team balance (im sorry for small/inactive teams but this is due reason so one dont setup a tourna for when no one is online to claim everything). 5. The roof for the prize of the tournament is set to 1M or 50% of current balance if the balance is above 2M. 6. The one to setup the tournament can also choose to add one of the donated pokemons to the prize pool (see option 4). Option 4: donate pokemon. Due to reasons, this should only be a option seen for those with ranks that has premission. Under this option anyone with the right rank can donate a pokemon or view the donated pokemons that can be used for a prize pool. To keep it reasonable, only 4pokemons at a time can fill this section. Meaning that a total of 4pokemons can be "stored" at one time, if 4pokemons are stored, no one will be able to donate dj Khaleds most used sentence "another one" until one has been used for a prize pool and the tournament gift has reached the winners hand. Thanks for reading, incased i missed to explain something or just simply missed something feel free to add in! P.s I hope this woudnt be tooo hard to imply by the devs :p Best regards Your friend Znooz TL;DR - team bank with balance showed for all team members and the money can only be used for "team tournamnets/events" or whatever the best name would be for this. Those with premission can setup the tournaments.
  10. MonkaS Just a pun, no harm intended.
  11. And what exactly are you suggesting? .-. Nvm, hero lightningvolt moved the topic.
  12. To be honest, i dont understand your question. You can read mails wherever you are, BUT you can only claim items/pokemons/money from any pc in pokecenter or daycare etc. I hope this helps.
  13. Znooz

    shiny offered

    A gem for 999M to turn a pokemon into a shiny one sound fair. And can only be used once AND only after you've caught atleast 10shinies AND it should have a 50%fail rate just incase someone tries to abuse it by making shittons of account. #shinyrateISfair MonkaS
  14. While at this shiny talk, we could just ask the devs to remove all the existing shinies and ask them to only implement shiny drops in dungeons. You know.. just to keep it fair
  15. 2x 2x31 timid choise specs typhlotion can basicly solo(/duo, bcuz them sashes) all gyms besides those with drizzle leads (misty pelipper lead as an example) and flashfire gyms (such as blaine as an example). Eruption OP <3 For these gyms where lotion cant solo you could use(/duo) a ton of things like double disharge/sluge wave/surf/earthquake/you name it teams. Disharge and surf requiers volt/water absorb or pokes with such passives, EQ works vs most gyms aswell if you run 2x levitate team tho it cant hit enemy with levitate or flying types. Ev spread for gym runs is easy, 252spd and 252atk or spec.atk depending on if your duo uses special or physical moves. May rebattles be with you. Also also: you can use 2x dragon dancers such as haxorus and whatever to setup and making sure one survives the first round, then switch im a stealth rocker as soon as one of them dies. But thats not as ez as the other options.
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