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  1. Gotta throw some max revives in this. "Znooz used max revive on team" "Team is loafing around"
  2. Hmm, fair point. But given the ammount of years, machop should have atleast finished a wall by now. I guess someone forgot to train the construction EVs :/
  3. We all know pokemmo been out for a couple of years. We all (mostly all) love it. BUT... How many years is it gonna take until the poor old man and his machop manage to finish their house in vermilion? He never made it in the original games, dont let the poor soul be homless here aswell :'( #PokemmoShouldCareForTheirOldMen
  4. Znooz

    Is PokeMMO a MOD, a Emulator or What?

    Pokemmo is not a emulator, nor a game or MOD. It is not a client, nor a gambling facility. Pokemmo is a lifestyle.
  5. Znooz

    Shiny Hunting Idea

    With my example the shiny rate would cap at 0.00366666...% after 600k encounters without a shiny, and reset back to normal rates whenever a ecounter is made. With your example the rate would be higher already after 30k encounters than my example...
  6. Znooz

    Shiny Hunting Idea

    Numbers are tooooo hot in this thread. While the idea aint bad, I dont like it. Like Goku said Tho i woudnt mind a small increase every 30k that goes somewhat along these numbers: 1/30k -> 1.005/30k -> 1.01/30k -> 1.015/30k... etc, until you reach the max cap at 1.1/30k. To reach the shiny rate cap you would have to reach 600k encounters without a shiny. #FeelsFairMan
  7. Hi guys, it's me, the one and only, the legend, the jolly 5x31 umbreon with curse, the "he got invited by finding feebas spawn (by himself within 5min) and shared it", that guy that sleeps while being online. Yes you guessed it right (or left depending which part of your brain does the guessing), I'm Znooz. Reddokunsama calls me "Znoo" for some unknown reason, probably just lazy xD Im wierd, mostly kind and i do troll alot (which sometimes can be taken the wrong way, like beliving that i am mean). I play to mostly have fun (which seems to be considered dumb by a few (no names named, he knows who he is if he would ever read this xD) ) and in second place competitive. Reason to why i take competitive in second place is bcuz the simple fact: even if you are the most skilled player and have game-knowledge of the same level as Jesus water walking, RNG will screw you over (looking at kamos 7focus blast misses in a row). TL;DR Be fat, eat bacon, be slim, eat matt. I luv you all :3
  8. Sweet scent ocarina would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to OP, it would have to cost ateast 100k RP of not 1M+... I mean HMs can be cast infinite times while sweet scent can be cast 6, YES 6TIMES when PP maxed. Sweet scent ocarina would also reduce the price of shinies by ALOT, therefor sweet scent ocarina is a No No.
  9. Znooz

    Appreciation thread

    Aah, that explains it, I dont ever visit reddit frontpage. I only check subreddits that i follow, which mostly include games & more games .-.
  10. Znooz


    I partley agree and partley disagree, the vendor should be able to cancel their product they want to sell for 30seconds from the time they listed it, after these 30seconds they shall not be able to cancel. Reason? 30seconds of regret time seems fair if you by any means missclicked the wrong product by chance. To be honest, i love this idea tho ^^
  11. Znooz

    Appreciation thread

    I do reddit but apperantly not redditing thru the same areas as you. TL;DR i dont get it
  12. Znooz

    Appreciation thread

    Give me a picture of this teddy bear playing pokemmo while sitting on a human and using it as a bench, then I might reconsider editing my post for love of teddys (;
  13. Znooz

    Appreciation thread

    I appreciate this, made me giggle :')
  14. Znooz

    Appreciation thread

    I just feel like I have to show appreciation to the staff of pokemmo, so i figured the best place would be om the forums :D For startes: I want to thank whoever muted me for 3000seconds, to be honest, when I think back about it, my comment in global chatt *spoiler: not going to share the comment i said* few days ago was pretty damn inappropiate, especially considering there might be a few (or alot) underaged kids playing this game and many dont appreciate that kind of comments. Lowkey I am trying to say thanks for the warning :) Futhermore: I love the thrash thread on this forum, some post and answers gave me damn good laugh :') And last but not least: I want to thank the devs for a amazing game aswell as for making an andriod version, I havent had a computer for 3years, so for the andriod version I do deeply love you ♡ Best Regards Znooz As for the thread itself: feel free to show some love for the staff, the staff are humans and they have feelings aswell.. I promise. A little appreciation gives breed to encouragement, keep the hate for other threads :)
  15. Znooz

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    Nomather what game nor if it is in real life: Limited should always = Limited. I actuly think party hats are a great example, from buyable to "i wont afford that even if i sold my house" in a span a few years. Now, if you really would like shiny to increase in value (i assume that is in fact the whole point of this post) then there are only 2ways. 1. Make shinies more rare/limited with any suggestion already made in the thread. The followup problems of these suggestions are also stated in the thread. 2. Make so that shines are only sellable if they have your own OT, meaning if you buy a shiny you wont be able to trade it away nor sell it AT ALL. I wont go into details on pros and cons since the list might get.. well, long AF. I understand both points of view in this thread and i stand by noone. The only thing i have to disagree with is making limited cosmetics availible again, i do agree they should make more limited cosmetics more frequently tho.

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