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  1. if we consider that wobbuffet would never be used, the only one that would kill it relatively fast is honchkrow, so in my opinion it is that they should both be never used. I hope you understand, I use the translator :P
  2. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: [Pâst] Registered Players: WellexGame, BugStormLink, Tteaar, WingedWarrior, Santyyy, DonnaDDle, EithanPKM Team Captain: WellexGame
  3. Esta claro gente, no lo piensen mucho, ni debatan mucho. Toda la comunidad de PokeMMO latinoamericana sabe que es culpa de Walerito. This clear people, do not think much, or debate much. The entire Latin American PokeMMO community knows that it is Walerito's fault.
  4. Buenisimo Bro, Gracias por el tiempo que le pusiste para este tema!
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