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  1. This sentence was right four years ago
  2. The key content of each update is PVP. A lot of interesting gameplay has been deleted or changed. as a normal player I don’t know what to do after logging in to the game every day To make money? I can only fight against npc. Why? I thought the previous interesting gameplay was deleted or changed. Officials want players to go to pvp? Back to title I think the game should not only have pvp players.
  3. 这人还在卖外挂脚本,石锤现金交易,就是弄不到游戏id
  4. 已经删完了 就是可惜没能给他整封号
  5. 成功举报外挂视频,b站办事效率真的高,几分钟就解决了
  6. Lioe

    Johto ?

    Within 100 years😅
  7. Would you oblige me with some information?
  8. Under the same account number several roles were created inadvertently. therefore I hope can take redundant role conduct delete! Please increase this function
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