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  1. [GUI] Tansparent

    Based on the fact that the people showing problems have non-english windows clients, and the theme runs ok on my english client, I'm gunna guess it's something I still have thats messed up regarding that. I just got back to the game after a little break so ill be taking a look at it sometime over the next couple of days. Edit: Should now be fixed, updated link in original post.
  2. [GUI] Tansparent

    @mago1993 My bad, didn't test it in spanish. Should be fixed now.
  3. [GUI] Tansparent

    Updated to work with the new PC UI and battle move effectiveness display.
  4. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    In one form of the reward, you pay in time and hassle and money. In the other form of the reward you pay in the same amount of money + $100k. I think the things I said that you quoted and replied that to are self evidently true. I don't consider time worthless, I consider the time to be constant. You can spend 5 hours catching magikarp to breed with a normal dratini or you can spend 5 hours catching magikarp to breed with a HA carrying dratini. You spend 5 hours either way. As for the IV's of course they are random, but they are equally random just as the time is equally spent. Special rulesets to HA-captures could be a factor I grant you, but i'll wager the magikarp catching still takes up the bulk of the time and thus the cost of breeding the two is still almost identical.
  5. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    If you consider being able to pick up HA-Mons as a side reward for going through a dungeon, then an NPC located in the same area as those HA-mons which upgrades any pokemon you have of the same evolutionary line is basically the same reward but packaged for people who already made a comp mon of that species. In any situation that the NPC wasn't implemented and people went to the area to find a HA-Mon to rebreed their comp, they would go to that exact same spot if the NPC was implemented to upgrade their comp instead, in terms of player experience we are talking almost the exact same thing. In the situation where the player wants a HA-poke they don't already have a comp of then it doesnt make a difference if the NPC is there or not. The availability of a breeding partner is constant, on a species by species basis. If you want a comp dragonite for minimum money you get one female dratini and a lot of magikarp, the difficulty and cost of creating a comp dragonite is therefore based on the availability and difficulty of catching magikarp. If you want a comp multiscale dragonite the only difference is you catch that one female dratini in a dungeon instead of the safari zone, that's all. Therefore from a cost-to-create standpoint HA-comps and non HA-comps are almost identical. As you say it is true that one is more desirable than the other, I would point to that fact as a reason not to piss people off by rendering their once top-of-the line mon as obsolete breed fodder.
  6. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    It seems to me to be remarkably similar to the current NPC's which exchange items for the teaching of a specific move which can be found throughout the game. Additionally it is the only way I could think of to implement the upgrade route without violating the policies which darkshade laid out. The pricing of comps is based on the cost of braces, the cost of everstones, the rarity of the female's species and the rarity of the egg group breeder. All of these factors will remain identical regardless of whether or not a hidden ability is bred into it. (Again assuming 100% inheritance rate) This is because the hidden ability variable can ride on top of any other variable (ie. if you have a natured poke which you are breeding to carry its nature down, you can also carry down the HA at the same time). Based on these factors the difficulty and cost of creating a hidden ability pokemon and a non-hidden ability pokemon of the same species is almost identical. If you made it a pill you'd violate darkshade's #2 objection, not that I mind. In fact please go ahead and make it a pill, just don't make me rebreed everything please.
  7. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Nobody will upgrade something that isnt already valueble using this method, it simply doesnt make sense to do so instead of catching one. This means that this upgrade route will only be used for people who own comps and shinys they want to have a HA on. The cost of breeding a comp from scratch with a HA (Assuming a 100% rate of passed down HA) will be equal to the cost of breeding a comp without a HA, therefore if you take a comp that costs X and pay $100K to upgrade it, you will be paying $100K more than if you bred a new identical comp with a HA from scratch. So its a money for time tradeoff which I hardly think you can find disagreeable in and of itself.
  8. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    All of the points I addressed are reasons why you wouldn't want to provide a driect upgrade path. If I address enough of these points you will cease to have a reason why not to make a direct upgrade path and will therefore be open to suggestions from the community telling you you should do so.
  9. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Adressing @Darkshade 's points. By implementing Hidden Abilities this way, it allows us to release them at our own pace, rather than all at once. This npc will only react if you have a mon that is in the evolutionary line of one of the hidden ability mons found in the dungeon, so this solution doesn't violate your policy here. There are some Hidden Abilities we do not want to release at all, due to them being 'too strong', being able to determine which species are available with them allows us to make sure these abilities are never released at all without needing to put a confusing and arbitrary "You can't use this item on this 'mon!" on something like an ability pill. If a pokemon that matches the evolutionary line of a hidden ability pokemon in the cave isn't in your party this NPC can just make some random comment about the pokemon in the cave, no confusion generated whatsoever. Most importantly, introducing them this way adds value to dungeons as a whole, rather than just the reward/legendary at the end. Now you are encouraged to sink balls on your way to the end, explore the dungeon in full and re-enter even after you've obtained a prize. We've toyed with the idea of limited bag space within dungeons, meaning selecting enough room for balls (and resisting the urge to use them on Hidden Ability 'mon) will play a factor. Since the NPC can be located anywhere in the dungeon, he can be placed wherever the hidden ability pokemon he talks about are found. Therefore seeking him out to upgrade a comp or shiny of yours will be a similar experience to catching the pokemon, players would be incentivied only to pay for the upgrade on their comps and shinies because of his very high price tag on upgrading to a hidden ability, which will ensure that for the majority of cases people will still decide to catch mons in the cave to access their hidden ability varients.. To add to the above - it encourages exploration of/adds value to different dungeons; rather than just running the one you feel most comfortable with/is easiest. If you want an electric Hidden Ability species you'll need to visit an Electric-type dungeon, if you want fire then you'll need to go into the Fire-type dungeon and so on. Because the NPC will only react to pokemon that match the evolutionary line of the mons found in the dungeon they are in, players will still be incentivized to visit every dungeon even if only to seek out each of the different NPC's to be found within so they can upgrade their comps. So as far as I can tell this solution doesn't violate your policies in a single way and the only thing standing in the way of implementing it is hassle.
  10. [GUI] Tansparent

    @awkways: Naw, you don't have the same problem as the other guy, I just updated it too hastily and made it only work for people with the exact same install directory path as myself, should be fixed if you redownload now though.
  11. [GUI] Tansparent

    My bad, didn't know anyone was still using it.. I updated the original post again so it works with the unova patch.
  12. Your method costs more than building a Natured, Hidden ability 5x31 from scratch. I made a couple charts in paint to show what I mean, this is the default way that It would be done, the ability adds no cost (aside from messing with the gender forcing costs) because it requires no item to transfer it, assuming it has 100% transfer rate from the mother (if not god help us all) so it costs the same to make a Hidden Ability Natured 5x31 as a normal Natured 5x31. This is what you suggested I do (I think), although it would only take a 4x31 Non-natured HA to get guaranteed results not a 5x31, even so it would cost $200,000 more using your suggestion than to build one from scratch, and that doesnt even account for lost time EV training, lost money PP Maxing, etc.
  13. Regarding feedback so far: On Typhlosion, you may be correct. I have other sets I prefer on the other two, PM me if you wanna go OT about it. Regarding breeding them over, It amounts to losing them as far as I can tell? If I have a 5x31 without a nature, then I take a 1x31 natured female with the HA and make a "ladder" for it to climb then it will eventually become a natured 4x31 with a HA. Breeding that with the non-natured, non-HA 5x31 results in the final 5x31 natured HA, meaning that if I used these natured 5x31's it would be (massively) wasteful. I was afraid that would be the prevailing advice, I'll wait until it's certain there's no upgrade route then do so I guess.
  14. So I have these four bad boys, which I bred, natured, EV trained, PP maxed their moves and leveled up to 100, laboring under the impression that when their hidden abilities were released I would be able to upgrade them perhaps with the existing ability pill or perhaps by someother more expensive method. Whoops! Apparantly not! Considering that the IV's and nature of each of these is where I want them already, there would be no benefit to breeding them into a hidden ability partner just to get the hidden ability when I could breed a hidden ability version from scratch, therefore is my only option to pawn these poor sods off on the GTL and then rebreed and train a replacement for each of them? I admit it was on me to assume something I shouldn't have, but the time reinvestment here is phenomenal and I doubt I'd be up to it a second time around.

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