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  1. The theme is updated, I've been rather lazy about it since it seems most people have moved onto other themes nowadays so it has become more a project primarily for my personal use. As a direct result of the above I have been tailoring the theme to my personal requirements and so from now on it will only work correctly if you have the default amount of PC boxes. (ie you have not purchased any expansion slots) The reason for this is that I squeezed the box tabs down and removed that arrows that cycle the boxes since they all fit on the window, it looks like this: If you're happy with the way this looks and havent purchased any expansion slots yourself the theme will work for you. If enough people pester me long enough ill make an alternate version to accommodate those who have PC expansions.
  2. Alouu

    Cancel button

    You have misunderstood @KarpQueen The button would only exist against in battle against other players, it would not require an extra click to confirm your action, only to cancel it. No extra time would be added to battles because the button would only be available during the time in which your opponent has yet to decide their own move.
  3. Updated original post link, the theme has been updated to work with the 13/08/2018 patch. There are also several cosmetic changes, ill update the pictures later. Edit: Also here is an alternate version of battle-hud.png for use with programs that track based on the color of healthbars.
  4. I am planning on updating the theme to fix it for the patch, but a lot more things changed than usual this patch to it'll take a bit longer.
  5. As I understand it the problems with the HA Pill are as follows: Before all HA's are released, using a HA Pill on a pokemon which doesn't yet have its HA implemented won't do anything and may cause confusion. Aquiring a HA Pill from a dungeon which for example gives out HA Charmanders and then using it on your Comp Venusaur will mean you don't ever need to enter the dungeon which gives out HA Bulbasaurs. Similarly to the previous point, if HA pokemon are localised to specific parts of the dungeon, the HA pill will limit the amount of exploration you need to do within a given dungeon. The last time this came up I pushed a suggestion which solves all 3 of these points, which is to implement NPC's which will swap the ability of a specifc species line, in the same areas as those pokemon appear in the dungeon. The benefits of using this method are as follows: The NPC's are released simultaneously with the HA's that they give out, meaning there will never be an instance of confusion trying to upgrade a non HA mon with them. The NPC's exist in the same dungeon which give out the HA mon that they give out the HA for, meaning you will still be required to enter and progress through the same dungeons you would have to normally in order to unlock a HA in this way. The NPC's would be located in the patch of terrain in which the HA mons wild encounter spawns, meaning that you will infact have to explore and find the exact same area in order to unlock a HA this way. Adds extra difficulty to the dungeon for anyone using this method over breeding since you are required to bring the HA mon with you to the NPC. For concerns about how this can be implemented in a lore friendly and easy to understand manner, please see this screenshot mockup: Obviously the 100k figure is subject to change. Here is a link to the last time I posted the suggestion, at that time Kyu made many nonsensical arguements against the idea which I will address here: 1: Since breeding HA mons costs more than breeding non-HA mons, this will save players money. Not true, breeding HA mons and non HA mons cost almost exactly the same. For example if you want to breed a comp dragonite without a HA you go to the safari zone and catch a female dratini and breed it with a lot of magikarp. If you want to breed a comp dragonite with a HA you go to the dungeon which gives out HA dratini and breed that with a lot of magikarp. The HA variable can ride on top of any other variable (Nature, Gender, IV's), that is why it doesnt add anything to breeding costs. 2: The NPC implementation is convoluted. NPC's which can change your pokemon exist in the game already in the form of specific move tutors. (Give me 2 Black Belts to teach a pokemon Seismic Toss), as well as existing in the original handheld games. As you can see from the above screenshot the way I implement this is extremely similar, easy to understand and by no stretch convoluted. 3: The 100k Price tag could be worth a lot of value one day and hardly any the next due to economic changes. Since there is already a necessity to keep the economy in balance for all of the other flat price tags in the game (pokeballs, repels, IV braces...), this price tag is no different. Additionally I in no way suggested that the price must be 100k. He made other points but they made even less sense, if you want me to address one in particular or have a valid critisism of the idea of your own please speak out.
  6. @xRdZiiiN Looks like you're not on the latest version.
  7. @Hexoutx It extracts fine for me, nevertheless I updated it to fix the horde health bars so you can try again now if you want.
  8. Based on the fact that the people showing problems have non-english windows clients, and the theme runs ok on my english client, I'm gunna guess it's something I still have thats messed up regarding that. I just got back to the game after a little break so ill be taking a look at it sometime over the next couple of days. Edit: Should now be fixed, updated link in original post.
  9. @mago1993 My bad, didn't test it in spanish. Should be fixed now.
  10. Updated to work with the new PC UI and battle move effectiveness display.
  11. In one form of the reward, you pay in time and hassle and money. In the other form of the reward you pay in the same amount of money + $100k. I think the things I said that you quoted and replied that to are self evidently true. I don't consider time worthless, I consider the time to be constant. You can spend 5 hours catching magikarp to breed with a normal dratini or you can spend 5 hours catching magikarp to breed with a HA carrying dratini. You spend 5 hours either way. As for the IV's of course they are random, but they are equally random just as the time is equally spent. Special rulesets to HA-captures could be a factor I grant you, but i'll wager the magikarp catching still takes up the bulk of the time and thus the cost of breeding the two is still almost identical.
  12. If you consider being able to pick up HA-Mons as a side reward for going through a dungeon, then an NPC located in the same area as those HA-mons which upgrades any pokemon you have of the same evolutionary line is basically the same reward but packaged for people who already made a comp mon of that species. In any situation that the NPC wasn't implemented and people went to the area to find a HA-Mon to rebreed their comp, they would go to that exact same spot if the NPC was implemented to upgrade their comp instead, in terms of player experience we are talking almost the exact same thing. In the situation where the player wants a HA-poke they don't already have a comp of then it doesnt make a difference if the NPC is there or not. The availability of a breeding partner is constant, on a species by species basis. If you want a comp dragonite for minimum money you get one female dratini and a lot of magikarp, the difficulty and cost of creating a comp dragonite is therefore based on the availability and difficulty of catching magikarp. If you want a comp multiscale dragonite the only difference is you catch that one female dratini in a dungeon instead of the safari zone, that's all. Therefore from a cost-to-create standpoint HA-comps and non HA-comps are almost identical. As you say it is true that one is more desirable than the other, I would point to that fact as a reason not to piss people off by rendering their once top-of-the line mon as obsolete breed fodder.
  13. It seems to me to be remarkably similar to the current NPC's which exchange items for the teaching of a specific move which can be found throughout the game. Additionally it is the only way I could think of to implement the upgrade route without violating the policies which darkshade laid out. The pricing of comps is based on the cost of braces, the cost of everstones, the rarity of the female's species and the rarity of the egg group breeder. All of these factors will remain identical regardless of whether or not a hidden ability is bred into it. (Again assuming 100% inheritance rate) This is because the hidden ability variable can ride on top of any other variable (ie. if you have a natured poke which you are breeding to carry its nature down, you can also carry down the HA at the same time). Based on these factors the difficulty and cost of creating a hidden ability pokemon and a non-hidden ability pokemon of the same species is almost identical. If you made it a pill you'd violate darkshade's #2 objection, not that I mind. In fact please go ahead and make it a pill, just don't make me rebreed everything please.
  14. Nobody will upgrade something that isnt already valueble using this method, it simply doesnt make sense to do so instead of catching one. This means that this upgrade route will only be used for people who own comps and shinys they want to have a HA on. The cost of breeding a comp from scratch with a HA (Assuming a 100% rate of passed down HA) will be equal to the cost of breeding a comp without a HA, therefore if you take a comp that costs X and pay $100K to upgrade it, you will be paying $100K more than if you bred a new identical comp with a HA from scratch. So its a money for time tradeoff which I hardly think you can find disagreeable in and of itself.
  15. All of the points I addressed are reasons why you wouldn't want to provide a driect upgrade path. If I address enough of these points you will cease to have a reason why not to make a direct upgrade path and will therefore be open to suggestions from the community telling you you should do so.
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