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  1. He literally just said the SMG showed proof (the screenshot) first, that's why they could prove their innocence. It would be unfair otherwise; how can you proof something you haven't done. "Hey I was banned for RMT but I wasn't RMTing." "Okay, show proof you weren't." "?" You can't appeal properly in this situation, that's why there always should be transparency in the sense of, you accuse someone you proof it. There should only be a few exceptions, and RMTing definitly can't be one of it. By claiming that "Hey I was [...] botting or RMTing. Here's my proof." is a proper appeal, you ignore that the banned person is not able to show proof. - There is a fair point that they can't show everything if there's a risk of exposing capture methods, but that doesn't change the idea of presumption of innocence (Art. 6 ECHR). Reading this thread really makes me think more people should study law lol.
  2. You tell us, you tested it right? lol
  3. Let's be real. First of al we only lose 25% of Pokéyen, Pokéyen wich undergoes huge inflation so the purchasing power is rekt. On the long run you make more money, i.e. purchasing power, because of the deflationary charachter of this patch.
  4. Maybe make it battle based instead of time based; one can still chill out while running but the item is still consumable
  5. It's a multiplayer game, the more consumable items the better for the economy.
  6. First "problem" is inflation of pokéyen and items. The second problem is that we can put a sell order, but we cannot put up a buy order on GTL. This way mods don't have to put up a restricted price, but the market will create it's own "bottom".
  7. Put in rake and there's a new money sink. I would rek everyone in PokerMMO lol
  8. Lavalu


    So you'll mount your follower, and than ride it? That'd be hillarious and great.
  9. Maybe just allow the word "sell" and it might be fine I think.
  10. The people shall vote this up, as this is the leading opinion in Global.
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