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  1. Más que una sugerencia, es una solicitud, y es muy simple. Es ridículo que las recompensas PvP ahora valgan el doble, recompensando a sus jugadores según ELO y el tiempo. El ELO es comprensible, pero el tiempo de duelo es tonto, teniendo en cuenta que la mayoría de los jugadores usan equipos HO con combates de no más de 10 minutos. Esto para jugadores con ELO que redondea 600 (ELO donde se encuentra la gran mayoría de los jugadores), significa 2 puntos de recompensa, exactamente lo mismo que antes, pero con recompensas doblemente caras. ¿Qué es lo peor? Cuando juegas HO, si un pokémon en tu equipo hace algo que arruina rápidamente la estrategia del oponente, el oponente se da por vencido, y al ganar rápidamente, nos da un único punto de recompensa ... Quiero decir, por completar con éxito una estrategia HO y gana rápidamente tu duelo, te dan la mitad de puntos de recompensa... With double the price for each reward ... Now I ask, is this a bad joke?
  2. So won't it change anything in LC for now?
  3. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: Pâst Registered Players: aldahirramirez, Hernjet, iAlexiis, ThuxS, InuYashaL, Fibraxxxx, harlamgamer, robertramirez, VelociRapTorl, DiositoSlurpuff, JakiroMax, MathewGG, Neblinamist, waltersot. Team Captain: aldahirramirez
  4. As a team executive, I find it too difficult to make a recruiting message by choosing the right words to reduce space due to the character limit. Also, it was difficult to warn about events for the same reason (I think this really happens to most teams in the game). So I think it would be a good idea to increase the letter limit to solve this.
  5. I had this same idea, and I was checking the forum to see if it was suggested, I vote in favor!
  6. Your point is completely wrong, getting a very cheap item and reselling it at its normal market price ... Exactly how does it destroy the economy?
  7. IGN: DiositoSlurpuff Country: Argentina Tiers: OU
  8. Tittle: back home IGN: DiositoSlurpuff Explanation: It is very obvious to explain it, but here we go anyway ... Mewtwo was created based on Mew's DNA, in this mansion, so it was a good idea to capture him and take him to his place of origin.
  9. You can repeat it all you want brother, it is a suggestion with which I agree. And it won't change sending me 20 times to play showdown, good day :)
  10. How could I not have thought? : 0 Let's see, how do I organize my time that I don't have by the way?
  11. Berries prevent players who don't have a lot of time due to work or studies from getting a good amount of money. It is not a matter of "laziness" is that, as the publication says, that the berries do not work prevents many from playing competitively, among other things.
  12. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: Pâst Registered Players: StoKesAR, DiositoSlurpuff, Fibraxxxx, aldahirramirez, huargensy, ThuxS, DonnaDDIE, ZalexzPKM, aWaLLz, ZacKawaii, ashmaestro, robertramirez Team Captain: DiositoSlurpuff
  13. I think I can speak for the entire PokéMMO community, when I say it's too annoying to have to quit the game and search the web to pass an egg movement to the Pokémon I'm raising. So I propose the idea of adding an option to see which Pokémon can learn by level, the egg moves we want to give to our future competitive Pokémon. I think this would be too useful for us and would save us a lot of time and hassle.
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