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  1. I made a post about it, as yours is in Spanish, I doubt they respond quickly. Follow the one I did, and if answers will notify you:
  2. I get this error when I enter the sinnoh pts, after 2 seconds the error appears and forces me to close the game (I tried with 4 different roms, all in English, and the same error appears). This happens only in sinnoh, since I made a character of sts to start in Unova, and it does not present problems.
  3. Hi all. some time ago I want to create mods for the game, however I do not know what programs to use. I was looking for the whole forum and I did not find information about it, if someone could help me, I would appreciate it, thank you very much.
  4. hola amigo yo veo tus vídeos y quiero felicitarte por hacerme feliz,porque casi ningún youtuber hace que yo me entretenga tanto con un vídeo gracias por hacer mis ratos aburridos en algo interesante gracias...mi usuario es ManiElPokeMaster para que podamos hablar mejor :D 

    1. DiosSlurpuff


      Vaya, no se que decir, no suelo entrar al foro, y cuando lo hago me encuentro con ésto. Gracias por el apoyo! si gustas podemos hablar luego por el juego :)

    2. PedosMaster
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