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  1. My suggestion is simple: be able to send Pokémon / non-tradeable items to characters linked to the same account. I think it would be really necessary to release the "non-tradable" condition for the characters that we have on that same account. I have equipment for PvP where I use some pokémon of this type, and it can be annoying to want to go to another pj and not be able to use that equipment because it prevents me from passing X pokémon.
  2. Reason why, I should not check the forum when I am asleep, my mistake hahaha
  3. Azumarill + Electrode + Linoone in NU, it seems to me something ridiculous, if too many players (Many of them with good judgment) complained about this type of compositions 1 year ago in the UU, what is expected of NU?
  4. 32 teams means one more round, so how will the score be received for the team tournament of the year? I estimate it will be: Round 1: 0 points Round 2: 2 points Round 3: 3 points Semifinal: 4 points 2nd place: 7 points Champion: 10 points Or on the other hand: Round 1: 0 points Round 2: 1 point Round 3: 2 points Semifinal: 4 points 2nd place: 7 points Champion: 10 points I think that detail has to be clarified before the tournament starts.
  5. I think it would be better to give 3 selectable ivs to the pvp reward pokémon, considering there are pokes that are coming out a lot, like Crobat, Ferrothorn, Forretress or Garchomp for example, that need 3 ivs to work well. (Ex: Ferrothorn 31 ps - 31 def - 0 speed, Crobat 31 ps - 31 def - 31 speed) Well ... Considering that the pokémon are coming out like this, and considering that for a pokémon like Ferrothorn, 2 ivs can be selected. .. Limiting for that reason, having a value of 1200 points, and earning approximately 30 pts, having a veteran coach role (it is assumed that the ELO influences
  6. We saw ferrothorn 2 times in OU with a rate of 18.41% of use but not scizor or conkeldurr with a much higher use (Scizor almost triple) We had venomoth in the UU 4 weeks in a row And we even had Zekrom a few minutes in Dubs (XD) No matter how much metagame pokémon are added, you should control which pokémon they will put as a reward
  7. I don't think Garchomp is very popular on Doubs without sd
  8. This has already been suggested by @Tear
  9. New seasonal reward accessories! burning moth cap (Reward for OU) furious steel hat (Reward for UU) flying Stingray hat (Reward for NU) sumo wrestler hat (Reward for DB)
  10. this was in ... suggestion box ... Fail xD
  11. For this I will use the points made in the DarkShade post, giving my opinion of why it is stupid to delete a level without first showing the slightest interest in keeping it. Post from DarkShade: 1- It is unlikely that the tier has any significant growth potential, due to its gimmick-y nature and the difficulty of building for it without a guide or stat calculator, There are already tier guides, both a basic introductory introduction (with which I personally began my first steps in Little Cup) and a compendium fully explaining the roles of each mini
  12. Let's also eliminate OU, so we direct the players of that tier to other less played :D
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