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  1. Be able to mute to Personajexx? Where do I sign?
  2. Upload Untier to Mienfoo, 1 day before TT, when this month there is LC ... I'm not bad with their ban (However, I would have preferred just nerf), but I think they banned it one day before a major tournament is a Error... I hope the next time you want to change something important, you will do it with the change of month
  3. I still believe that we will have a hard month if the sand veil is enabled, but you are also right, we will have to see... I hope so
  4. Exactly, you're absolutely right, Gliscor doesn't access Sword Dance either, right? If you are going to say that my point is invalid, I would appreciate a minimum review that pokémon have this ability and how they would be favored. Don't just stick with Garchomp's example.
  5. I'm going to explain something to you (So that you understand I would explain it to you with drawings, but the forum does not allow it). Well, suppose your win Condition for you, is a Gyarados, against a Garchomp under a sandstorm, Garchomp is not damaged or intimidated and with a waterfall you don't do ohko, you are slower, it makes you 2hko ... Well, now suppose that ice fang is your only option, do you follow me there? Ice fang has a chance to fail, and with sandstorm + sand veil those chances can find even more. Failures, they make you 2hko ... In case you didn't understand, it's a hax ability, and the game is about ability, not rng. If you don't even know that, don't give your opinion, focus on asking to learn, thank you.
  6. To see new stuff in use, I think I should ban longer, please note LC is unranked level with about 10 tournaments per month, I support Foo ban, but needs to be evaluated first after no arena trap time , Mienfoo is so favored that it is unfeasible to ban Foo while there is still a arena trap in the level ... It would also be necessary to evaluate how dangerous Porygon would be with the absence of Mienfoo, I think nobody wants to spend 1 month with Porygon being a lot more threatening than usual.
  7. I understood that there were 15 players registered maximum
  8. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: [Pâst] Registered Players: aldahirramirez, thuxs, VelociRapTorl, killuacuba, harlamgamer, Fibraxxxx, DiositoSlurpuff, AstroFaizan, RohMartinez, TiburoncinDS, Rickypoke, PoisonAbben, robertramirez, Personajexx, Joniton, Elvessss, zAlexiiis, Joelxc, Hernjet, Rafapallet Team Captain: aldahirramirez
  9. Mimikyu is now ready for halloween Well, that ... Mimikyu is literally a pokémon in disguise, he decided to look a little different for these dates, disguising himself as Slurpuff IGN: DiositoSlurpuff
  10. That would bring recycle abuse on Bronzor's part, as they said before. If Mienfoo is banned, it would be necessary to do the same with Bronzor almost obligatorily ... On the other hand, since we mentioned LC, I don't know if it's the only one, but personally, I'm sick of arena trap
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