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  1. Hello, I just got the Android version of the game (Though I'm on Samsung) and I noticed three things that I thought I'd put out there just incase it wasn't just me and others may have suggestions/fixes or the DEVs weren't aware of. Though I understand this may be the phone's issue and not the game itself. First one is when I am typing it doesn't show what I am typing until I press space. This basically happens everywhere when I need to type in the chat, or search bar. Pressing space makes my words appear though. Second one is sometimes the keyboard won't disappear unti
  2. This is what they look like on Android not sure if this is wt they should look like but here ya go lol
  3. "The theme "OmniSeries - Azurora" could not be loaded. The theme may be incompatible with the current version. Please check logs for more information on the cause of the error" Any Idea why it's not compatible?
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