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  1. The roms you have don't make any difference. Jigglypuff appear in phenomena on route 2 so you encountered a pheno (that could've even been an audino!) This guide's just out of date right now.
  2. It's phenomena only. A phenomenon is a rare overworld occurrence like shaky grass, dust clouds etc. Here's a guide that might help you:
  3. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ they might be able to help.
  4. Don't listen to what anyone says here. As kuplion said, just make a post in the appropriate section and support staff will help.
  5. Have you tried posting here? https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ Idk what we're gonna do with this info, but support staff does.
  6. So leveling one pokemon to level 50 in starting areas would somehow be faster than leveling your 6 pokemon to the level cap that's already multiple levels above what any NPC and even the next gym leader's pokemon are at???? Explain how. And ignoring your baseless comment of how it would "take longer", the reason behind this is to teach you basic type effectiveness, which pokemon matches up best against which, to look at movesets that have a wide coverage, so to actually teach you basic battle skills. And if most of your team's even close to the level cap, you're not going to have an issue with the first few gyms anyway. Level caps are never going away and for good reason. No matter how much you complain about it, they're there for reasons and everyone who complains about it existing doesn't even level their team to the level cap before they start complaining. It doesn't hinder anything and is a good indicator of the levels your Pokemon should be at at that point in the story.
  7. This has been reported before, look at the replies on this post (my first reply was back when I was staff so that was the official response), it might help you understand what's going on with the issue. It's not a one-size-fits-all error, it seems to affect clients at random and only a few have been fixable, and all in different ways too! So thank you for this post, it might help some people :)
  8. I'm still laughing at this I love how your brain works :')
  9. If you scroll up a tiny bit you can see on the guide that it says the Castelia Tutor is in the GameFreak Building. Idk why the Sucker Punch option is listed at the bottom and not there tho.
  10. Basic stuff from the character selection screen like hairstyles and the option of a skirt are gender-locked, yes. There's nothing sold by NPCs or on the gift shop that are locked to you, however. You can obtain reward points by donating irl money, winning official events or simply using pokeyen to buy those Gift Shop items off someone else.
  11. Download just the shiny sprites, not the regular sprites.
  12. There is a thread for vanity suggestions, post there, not here. Aquí hay un hilo para sugerencias de ropa, escribe allí, no aquí.
  13. Shiny hunting is always more fun with friends, you're right!
  14. Hordes are arguably much better at grinding exp, especially if you're using AoE moves and an exp share for maximum efficiency. And if you use hordes that yield EVs that benefit the pokemon you're training (if you don't know what EVs are they're essentially boosts to specific stats, so some of your pokemon will benefit from Atk EVs while others will benefit from SpAtk EVs), your pokemon will end up being amazingly powerful for story. Keep in mind though that EVs aren't even necessary for story, it's moreso type effectiveness and having a well rounded team that'll benefit you most. But NPC rebattles with an amulet coin are a way to level up AND make some money while you're at it (especially if you use an amulet coin in battle). Hope that helps!
  15. ^^^^^^^ no one can influence another person's odds (unless you're sharing a shiny charm via a link), what you did was just increase your sample size, which just means the group is more likely to find a shiny as a whole, the larger it grows. It's just math, nothing else. Your individual odds are still the same and no encounter's chances of being shiny is affected by another encounter, where you are, what you did, if it's the same Pokemon or area, or what you had for dinner. Still the same chances. It's all just superstition otherwise, like channels 1 and 4 being my lucky channels
  16. The issue seems to affect random clients regardless of OS or installation method, and seemingly at random. Guessing why it's taking so long to find a fix, they'd have to figure out why it's happening to random clients and not others first
  17. It's cause läva's awesome :3 remember the fact that I came to visit for a week and 6 months later I'm still here? xD MM HAS ME TRAPPED IN HIS BASEMENT SOMEONE SAVE ME
  18. Ooh I want 31, thanks for hosting keyys <3
  19. I can't even be at this event cause I work all day on Saturdays ;-; But thanks guys! Remember, SRIF!
  20. GTL listings last a month from the date of posting. If it doesn't sell in a month, it'll expire. It'll tell you how many days a listing has been active for and if it's active.
  21. So Zekhar's Index post in the guide tavern is as obsolete as he is, but I didn't know where to post about that. It currently links a lot of out-of-date guides as well as ones that wouldn't even work anymore. So can someone fix that? Thanks <3
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