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  1. No cooldown. Infinite battles till you give up or lose. You can go anywhere you want but you can't fly, change channels or regions. No, just gotta wait for the annoying message to pop up, though I've see a status check option for legendaries be suggested multiple times
  2. Edniss did say that even if the host is afk and doesn't update the list, everyone that mails will get the number of entries they paid for. Or maybe I'm reading too much into "oui". @Edniss pls respons
  3. This was posted May 10, so despite our impatience and the lack of communication from the host, I'm gonna guess June 10th is the last day for anyone to actually enter, unless the host says otherwise.
  4. If this isn't happening, at least take @pachima's suggestion and have fixed teams for a tournament. Should be easier to program. And I'm sure the PvP community would appreciate it, as well as those getting into competitive play
  5. Yes, satisfy the demographic that is you. What would this game do if you ever left? Or do you mean you'll keep spamming threads like this? =/ Cause in that case Desu pls
  6. That's pretty much what the case is right now. Well it makes sense that it'd be disabled until all the kinks and issues are ironed out. And it's pretty high up on their priority list but it'd need an entire client update to fix. I'm sad about it too but let's hope it's fixed sooner instead of later!
  7. Title pretty much says it. Just wondering if it was fixed.
  8. I'm sure there's still some work to be done to make it work with the game, finding and fixing bugs, errors and exploits, as well as plenty of tests both for staff as well as players (the Public Test Server is launched multiple times before the official release for players like us to test out the region and features and to see how it works with the MMO environment). Devs did say it should be done asap and I'm sure they're working as hard as they can on Sinnoh :)
  9. If you don't end up making it off the reserves list this month I can remind you right before signups start next month so you can post on time and make sure your team gets a spot ^_^ Though I really hope you guys make it in this month too!
  10. Last time he did that he deduced that "NO work is being done on dungeons or sinnoh at the moment" because devs said they were taking actions against Botting and RMT, and I also really don't wanna see another post about "I don't see any bugs, bug fixes are useless". I honestly think it's better to just stop engaging him at this point because there's no point. People have tried to have this conversation with him hundreds of times, if there was any hope of things getting through to him, they would've by now.
  11. Team Name:lävaTeam Tag:lävaRegistered Players: Cali, Getovaherez, imbatmans, NonoUgatine, Pawnwolf, xxxagisxxx, Draywolf, lavabobo, goku, Dibz, PoseidonWrath, Areille, Xigbaar, Beatbynina, Willfer Team Captain: MonkeyDMathew
  12. First of all, I'm very impressed that you managed to make a picture make an actual click noise in my head Good suggestion though, I'd love that too, maybe even a rarity indicator beside or when you hover over a pokemon?
  13. Make sure you're on the same channel and in the same location, you'll see them. You can change channel by going to Community > Change Channel. If you want to message them type "/w USERNAME" in your chat box :)
  14. Support staff can help you if you make a post here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  15. Dibz

    Horde Guide 2019

    Totally knew that was spelled wrong and didn't make a typo all four times ^^" Let's just blame copy/paste xD
  16. Don't be sorry ^_^ There's plenty of people on trade chat selling boxes of ditto, just ask there! They'll generally meet you somewhere and trade them to you 5 at a time. 3.5k-4.5k is the general price per ditto and you'll need as many as you can get, given the super low odds of finding a shiny in this game. Good luck!
  17. But that takes the creepiness factor out :(
  18. Dibz

    Horde Guide 2019

    Aaaaand we're done! I'll make it prettier the next time I'm not super busy or super tired
  19. Ooh this is a good idea, I'd definitely find that helpful!
  20. Send pheno callouts to global too please, there are a lot of players who would really appreciate it :) Good luck!
  21. How about whispering each other, then right-clicking their name and clicking Add Friend?
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