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  1. Point taken. Upvoting suggestion. Ty for not being as toxic as OP and legitimately discussing things
  2. They're automatically announced for tournaments. I'm saying for catching events and the like. They could be programmed in to announce them but I'm saying it'd be redundant considering the staff-spam that happens on global 15 minutes prior in hella bright colors. So I don't see the necessity for this
  3. Ye, add your ideas to this and upvote it pls! I'd love to see this happen
  4. They are on global, not as system announcements but as mods sending messages in as many different colors as they can think of lol Uh discord is an app pretty much anyone who plays any online game has, it's the platform designed for that. Every game/online server has a discord server, and it only makes things more convenient. I'm not online 24/7 but a Discord notification lets me know about events That being said, system announcements would be nice but given the fact that global is constantly reminded about events 15 minutes before them by staff messages in random bright colors, it would also be redundant af
  5. wut no I troll people with in-game alts, cbf to make forum alts @Minks I nominate @BoltBlades12 tho Do you really think a Mayor can do anything about staff? Lmao
  6. If that's the case, troubleshoot this way: In your chat window, type out the command "/sysgc" and press enter. Go to settings > Utilities and run each utility once Log out, close your client, reopen it and log in However, there are some clients where you won't see grass phenomenon at all like @MightyBoxer says. In that case, you'd need to relog in that phenomenon's specific area to see the grass shaking. ^If you mean shaky grass
  7. Not in game, but screenshare on discord works!
  8. To further that, probably never gonna get a fix for it either, nor any valid reasoning behind it. All I've seen so far are empty justifications that are just staff members defending this decision to the death with whatever they can make sound like fact.
  9. actually, this entire game has Gen 7 learnsets (for "capacities" too) limited to moves/abilities that existed in Gen 5. Hidden Abilities aren't a thing yet, but normal abilities are. And explain how this favors a rain team over let's say a sand team or a sun team? It doesn't.
  10. How many boxes of chansey is that.....
  11. I'm super busy too :( @Branni or @Arielle or @Hythalius how bout you guys?
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