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  1. I have 0 opinions and I'm just excited to sign up for my first PSL and hope I get drafted :D
  2. Super fast EV training, whoa! Barely gave me time to grind up the money to pay hahah. Thank you Branni, you're amazing <3
  3. Yes it is. Wild farfetch'd hold them but not 100% of the time. About 8 out of the 10 farfetch'd I have in my PC are holding the item though. The moves thief or covet will take their items from them if it doesn't KO them. ****** Si. Lo es Farfetch'd salvaje los sostuvo, pero no el 100% del tiempo. Sin embargo, alrededor de 8 de las 10 personas que tengo en mi PC están sosteniendo el artículo. Los movimientos Ladrón o Antojo tomarán sus objetos si no los matan.
  4. I....can't stop watching this. And I'm getting dizzy. D:
  5. Interesting. I didn't know this. TIL. Eggplant's suggestion would be a pretty great improvement to the interface though.
  6. Actually no, it'd still be the same consumption of leppas, since people would use leppas to restore PP from 0 to 30, which is the same as 2 to 32. So the cycle would go like this: > 32 PP: 8 sweet scents > 3 leppas take the PP up to 30 > 30 PP: 7 sweet scents, leaving 2 PP > 3 leppas will bring that back up to 32 > And repeat. That'd be pretty satisfactory and the leppa market won't change cause of this buff. I'm totally down for this. I don't see a reason not to do this either.
  7. Pretty much. If you're looking for a swarm, NPC TVs also have hints for where they are. But these mons can also be found in other places (usually another region) so it's not that special.
  8. Team Name : 50 Shades of Great IGN: Dibz IGN: PoseidonWrath @PoseidonWrath IGN: xSparkie @xSparkie IGN: NonoPetitRobot @NonoPetitRobot
  9. Yes please, I was thinking of suggesting this too. It's also kind of annoying to find that one stack of quick balls or dusk balls after scrolling through like 50 stacks of Pokeballs and Repeat Balls :p In-battle hotkeys would be really cool!
  10. Here's a link to the Time Zone Converter for anyone who wan'ts to double check what time the tournament is in their area! Looking forward to this <3
  11. RIP, I'd help look but billibilli is like CN Twitch and PokeMMO is a super popular topic on it, I'm not watching through every single video till I find it .-. Force-resizing and playing landscape apps in portrait mode are easy to look up guides on but it looks really clumsy tbh. I like awkways' idea on how portrait mode should work. I'm sure people would dig the GBC/GBA(SP) feel of that too. And it'd solve the problem of not being able to chat/play at the same time. Wish I could upvote the suggestion more than once :(
  12. Fixed that for ya SRIF™ > Soon™
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