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  1. I'd be down for the gen 6+ mechanic of all the Pokemon in a horde losing HP simultaneously instead of one by one tbh
  2. how do you upvote a reply to a thread cause ^
  3. Dibz


    If it makes you feel any better I found a shiny Sawsbuck while training in story and muscle memory killed it before my brain processed the sound. I've at least double checked every encounter since, even if I'm watching something else while hunting. The loss of a shiny hurts, but the potential of missing a shiny like that makes it all the more fun! Imagine if you were hunting a rare animal irl, you could easily goof it, kinda makes it too easy to have a prompt that pauses the game for you till you pay attention to the fact that it's a shiny but that's just my opinion.
  4. Can't access the data for shinies caught/seen OT/non-OT because that's server-side data. I've tried. It's not something we can just make a mod for unless we're devs, though I could try to make something where you get to choose which shinies you have/had and have the dex highlight them for you :o *lightbulb*
  5. It's a weird gray area which SGMs never directly addressed. Unless I missed it, the official reply has always been "it's technically not illegal if you're individually controlling each account manually, but it's something we advise against doing", which I understand but at the same time that means "hey you might get banned so it's better not to". Someone should clear it out with the dev team and make an official stance already, or just straight up say it's against the rules, since we all have to assume it is because it's a maybe-ban.
  6. Okay, I agree with that. It'll probably revitalize the game a little longer than Unova did, but at the end of the day, we'll all run out of things to do and either move on or force ourselves back into it till we burn out or just don't care anymore. It won't sustain most players if it stagnates.
  7. Ooh a comp set for every Pokemon sounds fun, especially with the useless ones you have to get creative with! You should try and budget breed (2x31) them. And @ OP, congrats @ThatGreatGuy1! Hope it made you happy and gave you the sense of fulfilment you wanted, and the aesthetic pleasure of pretty PC boxes ^_^
  8. The AFK kick timer was what ruined the game. On a serious note though, super interesting thread and really good discussion for once :o I don't think Sinnoh will revive the game. It'll definitely cause a huge spike in new and returning players the same way Unova did, but it'd also go back to being dead the same way. I think more endgame features for casual non-PvP play would keep more people interested in doing more than just afk because honestly, I can't seem to find a single reason to motivate myself to grind anymore, and most of the friends I talk to say the same, where they kinda start on a grind and then just give up. The same old grinding methods get boring after a while, even when you're just going by muscle memory, but a variety of things to do by yourself or with friends that you'd need to grind for makes it more bearable. What do we have for now? 1. PvP (OU matchmaking and events), 2. PvE events (99% catching contests, 2 a week on average, which is a good number), 3. PvP (with absolutely no argued reason why an untradeable shiny prize has to be 4x25 and not even 4x28), oh wait I already said PvP 3. Shiny hunting, 4. AFK and it's been that way ever since I joined the game and before that too. I keep trying to log in from time to time and do something, but I end up just chatting for a bit, telling everyone I miss them, getting distracted and eventually AFK kicked, and trying again in a month. No uguu though, I love this game for some reason. Or is this Stockholm Syndrome?
  9. Since PokeMMO follows gen 7 battle mechanics, Facade should ignore the attack halving effect of a burn as kiwi said. Source:
  10. I wonder who the oldest account is out of all the people who still log in every month or two
  11. There's a mod for that, I use it and it's way better than the normal FRLG music. I don't think the devs would ever even consider adding another Kanto or Unova in the game, while I do see your point about it adding more content, I also see it as wasting possible years of development time on regions that already exist. Johto is a strong possibility once they run out of things to do, but I would much rather they start thinking and growing outside the box and adding more to the game than just story at some point tbh. Though that probably won't happen either lol. But supposing it did, there'd definitely be more fun events and more to do in the regions we'll already have and would probably take much less time than implementing a whole other Kanto/Unova. Think about it.
  12. Dibz

    Pokémon GO

    Just casually wears mimikyu's skin after devouring its soul and pretends it's a costume
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