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  1. Dibz

    return channel 6

    I miss channel 28, NGL.
  2. Dibz

    Prevent shiny fails

    But weepinbell ;-; nothing could've saved me from that
  3. To elaborate on what Teddi said, each Pokemon you defeat yields specific EV(s) for every Pokemon that participated in battle against it (or had an exp share). The in-game pokedex tells you which EV(s) a Pokemon yields. The most efficient way to EV train is by using hordes, and I'll link two guides for that ^_^ if you're done with the story, here's the guide that'd help the most: If you haven't unlocked access to every single location yet, here's a horde guide with all the EV yields for each horde: Good luck!
  4. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/94253-horde-guide-2019/
  5. I found a FREE place where you can skip story and go straight to postgame! If you have disposable income to donate, I can also link a few great humanitarian organizations that travel the world helping people and communities ^_^ But till then, here's a site which is your suggestion come true: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/
  6. Translation: "I wanted to buy some points yesterday to use the small amount of the Taiwan Star. The payment has not been successful... I have been successful before, who can tell me!" Click the little chat icon on the bottom left of the donation portal to contact Xsolla support. They're the financing service that handles donations, so they can help! Chinese: 点击捐款网站左下方聊天泡泡的小图片联系 Xsolla支持。这是一家处理捐款的金融公司,所以他们可以提供帮助!
  7. Character name already exists It just means all those names are taken, unfortunately. You'll just have to think of another username or find the people who own those accounts irl and take it from them by force.
  8. They have to be in game resources
  9. 16 hours for gyms iirc, can someone else verify? I've barely logged on for more than an hour a day for a long time so I might be remembering wrong.
  10. I'm gonna make a wild guess and try to translate: Ranked matchmaking but with seasonal resets and prizes for season champions.
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