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  1. Dibbzzz

    Villa Gathering II Discussion

    Doubles and LC, the two most left out tiers that a lot of people love. I'd love to see those!
  2. Dibbzzz

    Villa Gathering I (Sunday, Dec. 16th)

    Yay for our team's first entry in a competitive team tournament! Team Name: PurpleMiews Team Tag: Miew Registered Players: SerpentLord, Dibz, AppledJuice, CipherPeonLeom, PurpleMiews Team Captain: @SerpentLord
  3. Dibbzzz

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Still don't believe shinies exist, none of these are real.
  4. Dibbzzz

    PokeMMO: Secret Base Basics

    I chill in there and afk because it's close to a pretty great farming spot (he never noticed me hiding under the slide)
  5. Dibbzzz

    Villa Gathering I (Sunday, Dec. 16th)

    and Wuden you should look into that event, there was one today, and it was AMAZING
  6. Dibbzzz

    Miew Year's Monotype Party! ~ Jan 5th

    To address the weather thing: Weather is NOT banned. Weather-causing abilities just aren't allowed with weather dependent speed boosts. That means to set up for swift swim or sand rush, you'd need to do it using a turn for a move. Or ditch the speed ability entirely if you want Drizzle/Sandstream. Did this to nerf the advantage certain types have over every other type in PokeMMO and add more diversity to the teams that can show up, plus this really does even the playing field. Banning weather entirely would be putting those teams at an unnecessary disadvantage, however.
  7. Hello and welcome, to a kind of event there's a HUUUGE lack of in this community: MONOTYPE!!! *fanfare, oooohs and aaaahs* I'm Dibz, an absolute noob that you probably don't know, and we are Team PurpleMiews, also fairly new. But you'll be hearing a lot more about us once we start winning all the Team Tournaments coming up. I'm excited to announce our first ever competitive tournament, in my favourite format, hosted by yours truly. Best part: everyone's invited! Let's cut right to the chase. What? 6v6 battles | Single Elimination | Monotype Format More details: When? JANUARY 5 6:00pm PST | 2:00am UTC (Jan 6th) | 9:00pm EST Time Zone Converter Where? My house, aka the Undella Estate, channel 5 (Where the first unofficial Team Tournament is being held on the 16th) How? We'll have a rolling registration system for this tournament, so anyone can sign up between now and 5 minutes before the event starts. However, you HAVE to be present 15 minutes before the event to confirm your registration. Simply whisper me or mail me in-game, or message me on Discord with your IGN and your interest in signing up and you'll be good to go! IGN: Dibz Discord: MewSquared#7637 Why? Because I love monotype and I'm super excited to see what players do in this rarely seen format! Also because this big bash will be my team's big hello to the world! Now for the fun part! PRIZES!!! Winner $5,000,000 Runner-Up $2,500,000 Third and fourth place $1,000,000 each DONATIONS Decided to do this entire event out of my own bank. And all donations will help me make more regular monotype tournaments with bigger prizes! (Which is really what I'm hoping comes out of this tournament, because I love this format and would love to make this a thing.) Donate if you love the idea of the event, if you loved playing/watching it, if you want this to be a regular thing, or if you just have a lot of money. > All donors will get shoutouts before the prizes section of my next monotype tournament, as well as huge hugs! > There will also be a public access donation tracker that can be requested by anyone, for full transparency in donations. I'm so very excited to host this, and I really hope all of you turn up! There's a whole month to go, so I'm hoping that's enough time to plan and make a proper monotype team. And hopefully, I'll see lots of you there! Happy Miew Year!!! (this gif was brought to you by Internet Explorer)
  8. Dibbzzz

    [GUI] Spheal with it!

    Why is this all I've ever wanted and needed in my life? Bless you, my dude. Do I have your permission to tweak it a tiny bit to make it more spheal-y when I have the time? Just for myself, unless you like it :)
  9. Dibbzzz

    nintendo switch

    Many reasons we can't unless it's hosted on our own domain. Then there's all the reasons we wouldn't be able to share it here if we did lol.
  10. Dibbzzz

    Villa Gathering I (Sunday, Dec. 16th)

    Oh hey a tournament in my house! Perfect!! I'm excited to have all of you there ❤️
  11. Dibbzzz

    Abilities in the pokedex

    I see where you're coming from, but I still think catching a Pokemon should let you look at all available abilities since that's easily Google-able, and easily changeable in-game. I mean, once HAs are implemented you could keep them actually hidden until you encounter/catch the Pokemon with its hidden ability, but tbh I'd just be happy with the dex implementing abilities however devs decide to if they do. I'd say it's like all locations becoming available when one is encountered or all moves becoming visible once caught. That's just my opinion though
  12. Dibbzzz

    Abilities in the pokedex

    Shouldn't be a concern. Literally every single thing about a Pokemon (moveset, EV yield, egg group) are available upon catching, why not abilities? All it takes to switch abilities is an ability pill anyway so I don't see why it should be an issue
  13. I'm just gonna make this my new afk spot, hanging out with my boy Ghetsis
  14. Dibbzzz

    A Beginner's Guide To PokeMMO

    My dude, "chance" and "rate" mean VERY different things. There's only one factor: RNG, or as you may know it: luck. I've done 111k encounters for ponyta, no shiny. Gastly, I found one in my first hour. Chance doesn't guarantee a shiny every 30k encounters, no more, no less. That's like saying a coin flip will exactly alternate between heads and tails.
  15. Dibbzzz

    [Sig] Signature Rating Thread

    I'd make my own really cool signature but why would I when I can pay people as awesome as MattMLG and mayuuuuu? :D

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