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  1. Para nada Tear, edité el post minutos después de publicar, y quiero la explicación de Bear, que al parecer se crea las reglas de un mes a otro... Se podía editar hasta una hora después de la hora de registro, eso se sabía. da cara @Bearminator
  2. thank you hanna! based on that VGC is number 17, that is, it goes into reserves ... I need an explanation from you Bear...
  3. explain to me what was the first comment you took into consideration? and why is VGC not in reserves ??? Increase the damn places Bear lareptm ...
  4. Team Name: VermilionGoldenChampions. Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, JamesFaul, AnGeLOrGuLloSo, MendeeZ, Kinsgarmaster, Gauchoo, Huargensy, Pablobacas, Juanchoqui, ninamik, xJhonatan, MegaBladers. Team Captain: Cristi
  5. Team Name: VermilionGoldenChampions Team Tag: [VGC]. Registered Players: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, XondeX, BranYT, JamesFaul, CarlosBreak, Huargensy, fulltoxic, MAXXII, AlejandroGB, AngelosRed. Team Captain: Cristi.
  6. StrikerFreecss vs Finalonion OU in 3 hrs 40 min.
  7. Team Name: VermilionGoldenChampionsTeam Tag: [VGC].Registered Players: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, XondeX, LordMaik, JamesFaul, CarlosBreak, RaiderOP, AnGeLOrGuLloSo, fulltoxic, xJhonatan, AlejandroGB, AngelosRed.Team Captain: Cristi
  8. StrikerFreecss vs DeusBruno in 3 min (OU)
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