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  1. Do you still have your Jumpeon from the Unova PTS? You will need it to gain access to the Sinnoh PTS.
  2. The filter is made for players who don't want to see certain swear words, that doesn't give you permission to spam those words or use them however you please. You can't possibly expect staff members to know every lyric from every song, can you? Besides, something being a quote doesn't excuse it from the rules, if it's considered to be inappropriate it doesn't matter where you got it from.
  3. No, you'll need a ROM & the client for the PTS that will be linked when it's available soontm
  4. you need to wait for the devs to post a link for the pts client noob
  5. I assume day 1 will be vanilla Sinnoh with potential access to the debug commands after. I recall during Unova we had access to debug commands so we were able to spawn in anything we wanted to play tours that were hosted pretty frequently, hopefully this is something similar.
  6. We need starters to have set IVs so players don't restart until they get a good starter, or just to alt farm for easy money, making all starters worthless. Also, my argument is strictly for post-game play. If casual players get rocked against real teams in MM, they'll just settle for using bad Pokémon and only playing casual MM. I think we want to avoid separating the community as much as possible, and from the little information we have, it seems dungeons will be good for this. (from what we know so far) Dungeons will benefit both casual & competitive players, and will likely be a co-op type feature. So this pretty much solves the issue of not having a mid-tier activity for casuals.
  7. Making full comp teams is expensive, even for comp players themselves. This would be a much cheaper way for players to test out teams before investing money into making them competitive. Even if competitive players stick to regular matchmaking, what do casual players gain? They beat a few story teams with little reward, and then get stomped when they try regular MM. I don't think we want to promote casual players settling for using bad Pokémon in the minor league of matchmaking. We want them to learn how to play the game and get involved with the rest of the community.
  8. they nuked the berry farmers & we should be celebrating but here we are arguing about an item that gives 10% extra experience. sad!
  9. I'm not a fan of this at all. Competitive play is the main endgame here and we should be pushing these casual players towards it, not away from it. Bad players using bad Pokémon against other bad players will not help them improve at all. They need to learn how to play the game at a competitive level and the best way of doing so is by losing & learning from your mistakes. If your argument is for players who don't want to play competitively, I don't think this would help them. This would just be another competitive meta but with worse Pokémon. I guarantee you will still see standard OU teams with just less IVs, and that does nothing for casual or competitive players.
  10. i'm so happy for you, you deserved this uwu
  11. If your party is full & you catch something else, the Pokémons information will pop up and you can go to the far right tab to release it.
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