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  1. It's a good idea as long as they change the method of obtaining them. The current charm items are only obtainable through event items which is pretty lame for a consumable that only lasts for an hour.
  2. A lot of the things you mentioned are for balancing purposes, as you said yourself it's an MMO and needs grinding. We have the Macho Brace which doubles EVs gained, so with how easy EV training is with hordes, you don't need the braces. As for breeding, losing the parents is another mechanic for balancing. If this wasn't in the game you could just breed two perfect Pokémon and pump out unlimited 6x31's which is obviously unhealthy for an MMO. Most of the things you need to know is either in-game in your Pokedex or here on the forums. Mechanic changes can be found in the changelogs and pretty much everything else in the guide tavern. Yet another change for balancing. Sweet Scent is used for EV training and shiny hunting, so they put a restriction on how much you're able to abuse it, which makes things such as Leppa Berries valuable. In gen 6 we had mega evolutions and fairy types, which helped balance the increased Knock Off damage. Here we have neither of those things so updating Knock Off would cause a lot of problems in competitive play. It prevents you from having a level 100 and just spamming Thief for an easy profit, besides we have the ability Frisk so item farming is already easy enough. We don't have much post-game content so that's really all there is, grinding. I tried to answer as much as I could so I hope I helped you realize why these changes were made, I avoided questions like "why is the game harder" because things like that should be obvious considering it's an MMO and they don't want you running through the game without a challenge.
  3. That's a pretty nice wall of text that I won't read but I'll give you some breeding tips if you want to save money. For starters, you don't need 31's. You want 2 31's in the important stats, so using Gengar as an example you'd want 31 SpA and 31 Speed. Everything else is okay to be at least 25. You should be farming your own Everstones to save yourself roughly 50k and you don't need to catch the breeders, as finding things on gtl with multiple 25's is not difficult. You should breed nature and egg moves first, and breed the two 31's last. If you choose to buy the breeders, don't get lazy with it. If you find a 1x31 3x25 for 80k vs a 1x31 2x25 and 3x25 for a total of 40k, you should buy the two breeders and breed them together. It'll create an extra step and take longer, but you're saving money compared to buying the 80k breeder. I don't know if this is the best method, but I use it and it costs me around 250k more or less depending on egg group and gender.
  4. yes please I want to dab irl and in-game
  5. ImFunk

    Horde Guide 2019

    I give this guide an 11/10 would use again
  6. I made 300k from a gym run, spent 400k, afked for about 8 hours dab
  7. you could have stopped there, we don't have any of that here at pokemmo
  8. Ok you're obviously slow so i'll spell it out for you. ign = in-game name They're asking what your name is in the game. Very confusing but try to keep up.
  9. How do you plan to EV train without an ign? :thonk:
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