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  1. If your party is full & you catch something else, the Pokémons information will pop up and you can go to the far right tab to release it.
  2. i'll help you evolve and be your friend, a 2 for 1 special what's your in-game name?
  3. Lucky Eggs were nerfed to only grant a 10% boost in experience yet the hold rate doesn't match that nerf, so I expect them to eventually balance it a lot better in the future.
  4. Scouting adds strategy and incentivizes people having multiple different teams. It also adds a greater distance between experienced players & new players which I believe is a good thing. I don't like the idea of a newer player having the same chance as someone who's been playing for months or years because of a good matchup. Matchmaking gives these newer players a place without scouting where they can test their team, learn about the meta, etc. All things they need before trying these tournaments. It also allows them to earn money to help towards the goal of having multiple teams. If you're on the side of "scouting is bad" it would definitely be better to have random brackets every round so you don't know who you're playing. If teams were locked altogether it would make learning & getting better at the game difficult. Testing and adjusting your team is a major part of competitive play & I don't think that should be taken away from tournaments.
  5. ImFunk

    Shiny Day

    Can't wait, thank you for announcing.
  6. It seems you need to play the game a bit more before making threads like these. There are horde battles in each of the 3 regions. 1 turn in a horde battle takes much longer than 2 seconds. You are able to summon hordes, so yes each battle will be one while farming. It existed in a single player story game, not an MMO that relies heavily on the economy of the game. I understand it takes time to learn all of the differences between our game and the official ones, so please take your time and experience the game before creating suggestions and challenging admins. It will not go well for you.
  7. It's his art and you didn't make any specific requests, plus it looked fantastic.
  8. Fighting against hordes are the main way to EV train, experience farm, Item farm, and shiny hunt here. If you could disable animations & skip 5 Pokémon attacking it would take significantly less time to train & would result in these popular items being more common, thus harming the economy & making grinding much, much easier. The boost you get from Donator Status is nearly unnoticeable, and every item in the Gift Shop is tradable (besides Amnesia Brace) which allows you to buy these items from other players using in-game currency.
  9. ImFunk

    Shiny Day

    Not for PokeMMO but other games have done similar things such as XP Weekends, which causes people to only play during the weekend because the normal rate becomes too little. You do realize Premier Balls were 500k until they were made more common, right? They're currently 10k. Stop using that as a comparison, it doesn't help you.
  10. The one you're most likely to encounter first is the changes to how level caps work during the story. You have a max obedience that you can view in your trainer card, and you won't be able to use anything above that level. Any Pokémon at the level cap won't go over it but instead will store any experience gained, which it will receive after the cap increases. You can increase this cap by defeating gym leaders, and the cap will be removed after you defeat the Elite 4. There are a lot of other changes but one other you should get familiar with is GTL. GTL is a place that allows you to buy/sell Pokémon & items once you have 4 badges. This is something that will help you during story & will be crucial during post-game. You can go to GTL by either visiting a PC or pressing 'P'
  11. They don't, which allows you to switch your team between rounds. If you were worried about scouting, it would make more sense to randomize the bracket after each round rather than completely locking teams, as it does have its positives. Bold statement considering it's been going strong for 6 years. If the game dies it'll be because of inflation or lack of content, not because a few people dislike the tournament system.
  12. ImFunk

    Shiny Day

    You're comparing two limited items with something that is not limited & will continue to be brought into the game. The only thing this suggestion accomplishes is speeding up the rate at which they're brought into the game.
  13. ImFunk

    Shiny Day

    My point still stands, there is no benefit to more people shiny hunting. And for your point of making them untradable; although it makes it so the shinies caught that day can't be sold, it still has an effect on the shinies for that species that were caught previous to that day.
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