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  1. Rhalek

    Value Advice

    Okay. Thank you very much for your help. I didn't know that you could change the element of hidden power in pokemmo and I only heard of it after my eevee was nearly done... I won't make the same mistake with my next one :) But I'm happy that it turned out as I intended and didn't make a huge mistake, since it is my very first breed in Pokemon.
  2. Rhalek

    Value Advice

    Hey, I just finished breeding my eevee that I intended to use for myself, but someone wrote me that it would be worth somewhere between 4-5 milllion. If that was true I might actually sell it, but I couldn't imagine it being worth so much, because not all IVs are 31... https://imgur.com/a/sq8BU48 It's nature is timid. Ty for any responses.
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