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  1. What I'm about to say is based on my experience with my appeal ban, The first thing you need to know is that I was banned for misconduct in the chat room. I didn't know why I was banned but my brother told me that he had put something in the chat room while I was away and he did it to scare me and annoy me but he didn't think I would really get banned for that and neither did I but the ban was already done so I tried to defend myself in the appeal ban by saying everything that happened but when the staff replied that they THOUGHT I lied in the appeal ban they even took another comment and they took out of context, Besides, it is important to clarify that the staff never told me what I had said wrong in the chat, the only information I had was that I had behaved badly in the chat and the most obvious reason thing was what my brother did and I did not think about defending myself from a comment I made 1 month ago. And the response from the staff felt like they never really intended to unban me And this made me wonder, if you can really win the appeal ban at least the one for misconduct in the chat, because they take out of context the comments and also putting comments that happened many days ago in addition to the little information they give you about why they banned you and who are rejected just because they believe that what you say is false I also tried to defend myself on the other comment I had made , but I couldn't send another appeal ban and all I could do was edit my previous response, but most probably they will never read it
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