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  1. Much appreciated, yes please. No one else in LEM is getting shinies
  2. Team Name: Simply Lemonade Team Tag: LEM Registered Players: hannahtaylor, Poufilou, Viannet Team Captain: hannahtaylor
  3. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you about the reasons it was deleted. They are 'stupid'. They killed LC themselves by REFUSING to add matchmaking, despite adding doubles which had about the same, if not less, of a playerbase. They said LC tours never filled, which may be true but a lot of the tours I've looked at recently haven't been full. The NU CC yesterday (Community Combat NU #278) had 64 seats and only 39 were filled. Is NU going to be removed? Community Combat NU #277, 34 seats and only 22 were filled. Community Combat Doubles #276 64 seats and only 33 filled. Community Combat UU #278 32 seats, 28 filled. These tournaments aren't being filled, but will those tiers (ok ok, 'format' for doubles) ever be removed? No, probably not.
  4. Beef ramen. Egg went a bit...plop though xD Still tastes great
  5. 10/10 will definitely come back and recommend!
  6. You could always make a silent track, or whatever you want it to play instead, and replace the battle one with that
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