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  2. Although that would be useful, you can also just drag from your bag to the pokemon or click the item and 'give'
  3. Finally starting to look at breeders to finish Psyduck, won't be long! Make sure you look after her
  4. Hey! 😄 4x31 will be 250k and 5x31 500k 🙂
  5. Great, yes that's no problem. I'll look forward to your mail!
  6. While maintenence is happening why not think about your next breed? Quackin' Eggs is here for you!
  7. but...why? This is a MMO The whole point is to play with people A massive MULTIPLAYER ONLINE. There's constantly people online, why do we need this?
  8. Unfortunately, 31s count as one of the rolls even though they're both 31. If it's not braced, it's a roll.
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