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  1. During the day there are both Vulpix and Meditite hordes, it's not just Meditite.
  2. These were the criteria to be wiped, and you had to meet all of them.
  3. Are you sure you logged into the correct account? You can check that here: https://pokemmo.eu/account_forgot_username/ There was a character wipe a few years ago but as you said you've donated, you shouldn't have been wiped. If you're sure you can't find your account make a support request.
  4. You have to actually upvote, not just like the post. The up button there above the 0
  5. I've got- 6 dumplings 8 green fireworks 8 red fireworks 8 timer balls 6 lava cookies 3 carbos 3 stardust All in red envelopes
  6. If you're trying to maximise the shiny charm, breed the eggs and put them in your PC to hatch at a later time. The game decides if it's a shiny or not when you get the egg
  7. Yes, your forum account is seperate from your game account :D
  8. Looks good! I'll look at the GUI and see what I can do :D
  9. Tomato soup and cheese baguette
  10. 2x31, 3x25+ natiured for 50k? Please, show me how
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