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  1. Thank you everyone. This is why I'm asking, so I know what my weaknesses are etc. I definitely want to use Espeon and Metagross, I'll think about the others. I do have a Blaziken?
  2. Bump
  3. Need help sorting out my team and ideas for other pokes to use Espeon- 252 sp atk and speed, timid Calm mind HP fire Psychic Signal Beam Gyarados- 108 hp, 252 attack, 150 speed, jolly DD Waterfall EQ Crunch Dusclops- 252 hp and def, relaxed WoW Shadow punch Siesmic Toss Pain split Venusaur- 252 hp and sp def, calm Growth Sludge Bomb Giga Drain HP fire Metagross- 60 HP, 252 attack, 196 speed, adamant Agility Meteor madh EQ T-punch So suggestions on last poke to use or any changes etc?
  4. We have almost the same birthday. 


    Mine is 6th Feb 1995 

  5. Skarmory is more a defense wall than a special defense. Maybe something like curse on Cradily? I use it and it seems to work well
  6. Do you know what sort of price?
  7. I'm gonna say no thanks
  8. I don't think wish is important, but it might be useful in case I change the moveset :)
  9. Hey! I'm interested in a HP fire Alakazam or Eevee (what ever is cheaper/easier) Timid, 31 sp atk and speed
  10. Looking for help with a moveset for my Dusclops He's relaxed, 31/27/31/28/31/7 I've trained it in 252 HP and defense I was thinking WoW and confuse ray. But what else? Seismic toss or counter? And is night shade good? Pain split instead of confuse ray? He's my defense wall
  11. Happy Birthday Mommy, Love you mommy *kisses* haha Rosie #1


    Happy Birthday Miss Hannah :)

  12. Wow another big HP fan! Glad to meet you, I'm a Gryffinclaw (hat-stall between a Ravenclaw and Gryffindor)

    1. hannahtaylor


      Yes you could say I am a fan (quite a big one, honestly I read so many fanfics). I'm 100% Hufflepuff!