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  1. Team Name:lävaTeam Tag:lävaRegistered Players: getovaherez, TheDH, badbaarsito, Samehada, Azphiel, Kamowanthere, xzoraboyx, XXJorelXX, SUDAKILL, Manytears, ZoNiFieD, NoNouGatine, Taystee, Takens, PoseidonWrath Team Captain: hannahtaylor
  2. yes for me too, but or MonkeyDMathew it shows 6pm. I just don't want to miss it.
  3. @Bearminator when is sign up? The converter is showing 2 different times for me and someone else. For them it shows in 40 minutes, for me it shows 1 hour 40.
  4. Is that what Australians call Fairy Bread or something?
  5. With the recent changes I am available to breed all the Nido's you need! :D
  6. I made lemon cake With lemon drizzle and lemon buttercream
  7. I am available to breed whatever you need :D
  8. Very quick and professional! Would definitely recommend
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