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  1. Yay 4th place is back. Time for my terrible RNG to shine
  2. Hi, no Sinnoh is not available yet. It has, however, been announced and is expected SoonTM
  3. Staff will learn. When no one joins their tournaments
  4. With team preview I see no reason why pokemon are hidden again!
  5. Before you make anymore posts you also need to remember you aren't necessarily playing 'emerald'. This is a MMO. Yes it uses the roms, but a lot has been changed, things added/removed and a lot not implemented yet. You shouldn't expect the same game play experience as playing the handheld games.
  6. You can search by OT in your PC so it shouldn't be too hard to implement
  7. Shinies can only breed with other shinies
  8. I feel it would be useful to be able to search the GTL by OT. If a friend tells you about a nice pokemon on there, rather than inputting the IVs and nature etc in, you can simply type in the OT and up comes everything that person is selling.
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