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  1. hannahtaylor

    Can't get my pokemon back after trading

    But it says they were doing the E4? So no more gyms
  2. hannahtaylor

    Tourney reminders

    After I've missed quite a few tournaments, yes my fault I know, I feel there should be a way of reminding us. Maybe an email 30 minutes/15 minutes before sign up? Or does anyone else have a better suggestion as emails are a bit... well I doubt people constantly check their emails! I think you should be able to pick which ones to be reminded of and not every one.
  3. hannahtaylor

    Shiny Pokémon

    I think my name makes it clear it's she and not he
  4. hannahtaylor

    Shiny Pokémon

    Took me 3 years for my first one, then got anothe a year later. Been 3 years again and nothing.
  5. hannahtaylor


    Woah this is like arguing with my 5 year old
  6. hannahtaylor


    I think something like daily challenges would be good. 3 challenges to do a day, small prizes after each one and a bigger one for completing all 3. A bigger weekly/monthly challenge. A team challenge as well?
  7. It's happening with PP Up now
  8. hannahtaylor

    Blueulb's EV Training Services

    Sorry done myself now
  9. Finally decided to turn the music back on, loving it!

  10. We have almost the same birthday. 


    Mine is 6th Feb 1995 

  11. nya :p

  12. Meow :3

  13. <3

  14. Happy Birthday Mommy, Love you mommy *kisses* haha Rosie #1


    Happy Birthday Miss Hannah :)


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