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  1. I have 80k+ encounters at Tangela.... went to quickly complete a breeding order and I hatch this
  2. Psyduck said these are the friendliest Smeargles around!
  3. I would say a Rotom, I'm not completely knowledgeable in OU at the moment so I can't say which one but it seems to fit good and also has levitate.
  4. What do you mean it disappears? Are you giving it to the Nido rather than 'using' it? If you 'use' it it should evolve straight away
  5. Thank you again and yay for the Psyducks! It's in your mail :)
  6. Thank you for your order! It should be in your mail now :D
  7. No shiny and 73k encounters so I'm back open!
  8. Eelektross (m)- careful 31/27/27/x/31/27, 252 hp, sp def. Sub, coil, drain punch (pp maxed), tpunch Eelektross (f)- rash 26/31/28/31/28/31, 142 atk, 236 sp atk, 132 speed. Giga drain, tbolt, flamethrower, superpower Empoleon (m)- calm 31/x/25/27/31/31, 252 hp, sp def. Stealth rock, scald, ice beam, protect Gastrodon (blue) (f)- relaxed 31/27/31/27/27/0, 252 HP, def. Muddy water, hp grass, ice beam, protect Magnezone- timid 26/x/26/31/27/31, 252 sp atk, speed. Volt switch, tbolt, hp fire, flash cannon Milotic (f)- calm 30/x/28/31/31/28, 248 HP, sp def, 8 def. Ice beam, scald, haze, recover. Egg move- mirror coat Porygon-Z- modest 26/x/28/31/27/31, 252 sp atk, speed. Agility, tri-attack, ice beam, shadow ball Mandibuzz- careful 31/25/26/x/31/26, 252 HP, sp def. Not moveset Ferrothorn (f)- relaxed 31/27/31/x/27/0, 252 HP, 132 def, 120 sp def. Gyro ball (pp maxed), power whip, leech seed, protect. Egg move- spikes Vaporeon (m)- calm 31/x/25/26/31/26, 252 HP, 252 sp def Scald, heal bell, protect, wish (all PP maxed) Vaporeon (m)- modest 28/x/31/31/26/31, 212 def, 252 sp atk, 46 speed Surf, ice beam, hp electric, wish Conkeldurr (f)- adamant 31/31/25/x/27/27, 252 HP, attack Mach punch, drain punch, ice punch, facade LF reasonable offers. Will also trade for- Sassy Porygon2 (31 HP, sp def and 0-1 speed) Quiet Cofagirgus with nasty plot (31 HP, sp atk and 0-1 speed) Modest Chandelure (31 sp atk, speed) Quiet Chandelure (31 HP, sp atk, 0-1 speed) Brave Snorlax (31 HP, attack, 0-1 speed) Bold Rotom-Wash (31 HP, def) Bolc Volc (31 HP, def) Timid/Modest Volc (31 sp atk, speed) Or let me know if you want to trade :D IGN- hannahtaylor or comment here :)
  9. Team Name: läva Team Tag: läva Registered Players: Getovaherez, TheDH, badbaarsito, BrianAttackPro, Hasvha, Poseidonwrath, Azphiel, Kamowanthere, ManyTears, Hannahtaylor, NoNouGatine, xLarzi, Taystee, Superman, Rakhmaninov Team Captain: HannahTaylor
  10. @Bearminator just so some people don't get confused- registration is tomorrow Thursday 25th June :D
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