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  1. BurnBabieBurn


    It did install, it just takes forever. Long enough for me to do a whole level on another game before it had even installed.
  2. BurnBabieBurn

    Appreciation thread

    I agree, this is a brilliant game! The devs work so hard on it, and I'm grateful to them for all the time and hard work they put into PokeMMO!
  3. BurnBabieBurn


    Does anyone else have it where PokeMMO takes forever to update? Like, I think it took 3 hours for the last update to fully install for me.
  4. BurnBabieBurn

    Legendaries Available For All

    I don't understand why though, if its for story then its your own choice whether you use it or not. The only time I could see a problem would be if it was A tradable or B used in pvp
  5. BurnBabieBurn

    Legendaries Available For All

    Yeah I mean one you can use in npc battles, rematching gyms etc. Just not able to be used during pvp or tournaments.
  6. BurnBabieBurn

    Legendaries Available For All

    I think it would be a good idea to make Legendaries available to everyone, so for example everyone can have their own Mewtwo but there would obviously be some guidelines/rules. The legendary would be untradable so it can't be put on gtl or traded to another player and the legendary can't be used in tournaments/pvp. But it can be used in storymode.

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