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  1. A could months ago I was hiking and I had my 3ds with gen 6 and 7 games on it. I fell asleep on off the beaten path but after ten hours of walking I was beat. Knowing that somebody might try to rob me I even had my pepper spray in hand. I was so zonked out I woke up 4 hours later with my pack gone. and my collection of dozens of shinnies and 100s of hours of my life and breeding down the tubes. I said screw it, I was too dumb to buy a pokebank account my 500+ collection is down the tubes. I have been playing since gen 1 and I have bad luck with getting my gameboys lost or stolen. I got a game genie not to cheat but to learn more about hex editing I even was screwing around one day and triggered an underflow glitch and found a wild mew. I was happy because they used to have events at malls and I came in 2nd to some 8 year old with a team of 6 mewtwos and didn't get the mew. enough about the past I am happy this game exists because I was going to hang up my trainer's hat for good after 20 years. if I stay hooked after I finish my online course in C# I will move to java to see if I can find a way to contribute.
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