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  1. @Verdep @Insensitivity Thank you so much!! :)
  2. You make good points, and this is an accurate summary of what is happening.
  3. It seems like a fair trade indeed.
  4. I don't know if that was directed to me but let me answer. About Gyms rematch and Amulet coin, I have posted some comments on the subject, trying to explain the other aspects as-well that are not money-related. I was not alone to share that opinion from what I could read on the multiple posts that were created after the update. People really put a lot of though into their comments, digging deeply into the subject, and that was really pleasant to read. In 1h30-45 you could make around 300K (all Gyms plus Morimoto), and you needed about 3-4 rounds to up any poke to lev
  5. Thank you for bringing us the obvious fact. « Who cares if you quit the game » this kind of comment is irrelevant to any discussion, and sounds like what a dictator or a frustrated kid would say.
  6. This is not objectively true, not holding an Amulet coin does not change anything when it comes to Gyms run because of the animations and puzzles. Also Amulet coin was 30% money gain from what I remember. What is fact however, is that after the update you lost the freedom to money grind the way you like. To be right we have to talk about money/time. You can make 1 million a day, but if you have to play for 10 hours this means you only get 100K/hour. Which is more average than anything else. When you add the time farming for Amulet coins, you realise that your money gains
  7. I think you are totally right @Raichu4u. But it seems people answering your post are not casual/new player anyway. I am answering as a casual player. And there is a difference between what a player can do, and what actually happens. Also, losing 25% of few yens for a new player represents much more than losing 25% for veterans, that can already get enough money for end-game content. Targeting the Amulet coin the way it’s done and that, as you said, only plays a small role in the general inflation, does not seems like the fairest way to control the said econo
  8. About the IVs and EVs At level 100 IVs stay the same : 31 give 31 EVs are divided per 4 : 252 give 63 At level 50 IVs are divided per 2 : 31 give 15,5 EVs are divided per 8 : 252 give 31,5 So you if max out your EVs to 252 in a stat that has 31 in IV, you get the extra point : 31,5 + 15,5 = 47 points added to the base stat at level 50. It’s also worth notice : - Nature : +10% of the totale stat (base + IV + EV). About the base stat (Pokédex) At level 100 - Base HP : 110 + double the base stat
  9. About the specific case of the amulet coin, here are some interesting thoughts and answers.
  10. Interesting thoughts and answer from the devs.
  11. I can’t agree more. Yes, sadly. I just wished we could be taken a bit more into account when giving feedbacks. Even if most of us are just casuals, how would be any MMO without its noobs? ^^
  12. From what I could read on the forum doing research (players and devs alike), it seems that the game is in fact made mostly for hardcore players. What I mean by that is people willing to spend hours a day farming for items/yens. Someone even said on a suggestion post, that repetitive tasks like grinding might be consider as content and not a way to access content. Correct me if I am wrong. Also there is no deny that the casual player trying to get into competitive is not really helped by the nerfs. Because he starts with only few yens, and knowledge about the game once he finis
  13. Well, when I mention endgame content I have in mind mostly PVP (and other than single OU...). Verm’AFK does not count... Because you can’t do PVP in original ROMs and that’s what create the first interactions between players, the MMO part. Everything else can be done alone, other than trade-evo of course. (With WOW you can fight other players pretty much once you’ve reach a couple of levels, and if you like stay at that level forever and still have the MMO aspect of the game.) However in PokeMMO, being able to build enough teams to participate PVP events is not som
  14. Oh I get it, I might have been rushing when reading the posts and my comment can be in fact, confusing. Sorry again! Also, I am not English native so that can be misleading sometimes. Have fun :)
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