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  1. a pink wobbly hairband with a butterfly knot. Just like Kizuna AI.
  2. hmm, i don't think u need to do any thing beside with the newest java, pokemmo can run on most pc.
  3. as far as i know: Here is what Bats particles effect look like: Here is what Ghost particle effect looks like: Here is what Eyes particle effect looks like: Here is what Hitodama Particle effect looks like: Here is what Shiny Particle effect looks like: Here is what Pumpking's Delight particles effect looks like:
  4. aw, so OHKO move like destiny bond, perish song, are all disable? plus, will it be easier if i created a new character so it lv base on my max obedience lv?
  5. KizunaAI

    Heal Ocarina

    Mylu, u really love ocarina aren't u? xd I seen alot of post about u posting some things about ocarina for sweet scent etc.
  6. I made this every one can participate, event start in one hours. Not only Team AI members.
  7. ty for answering, good to hear it is in progress now.
  8. I don't any new vanity suggestion but fix what we got now, most important is feathered hair on female character, when ever u wear a hat or halo on top of ur hat, ur profile picture look awful, also wings cover the feathered which look weird, plz fix it. Tyvm and is that possible to make the wing larger?
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