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  1. I wanted to change my name from Mahezzz to Maheztha but now I think thats not worth it.
  2. Shiny Rattata 06/07/2019 Route 2/1 Kanto (I forgot because I sold it). 1st OT. its my first pokemon I think, Idk but I got it after I got the first 5 pokeball. Shiny Bibarel 25/05/2020 Route 209 Sinnoh. 2nd OT. 4k encounters. I'm now searching for Shiny Ralts.. 43k encounters still no Shiny Ralts.
  3. Happy birthday me even though the birthday is 11 days ago xD
  4. LMAO what is this topic that I started years ago. xD
  5. I just edited my own comment.
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