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  1. NoWall

    Meh Tag Tournament: 34m Prize

    Team Name: BB'S Player One: NoWall Player Two: Waldofabian
  2. NoWall

    Help finishing my team!

    Gliscor sweeper or Swampert
  3. NoWall

    How to breed a Magnemite 5x31?

    You can breed with the same species or with dittos
  4. Team Name: ColdWar Team Tag: Cöld Registered Players: YEYOxD , urquidi , Urquiidi , StrikerOak , NoWall , Gigoreo , fleare , LeonellaEuge , gregormaster , Alberthrich , Waldofabian , prakatam , Anavidales , MastRoberto , Friight Team Captain: NoWall
  5. NoWall


    En unos minutos
  6. NoWall

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    An explanation would be good, just that.

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