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  1. NoWall

    World Cup week #4

    me vs MinGKA in 10 min
  2. NoWall

    World Cup Week #1

    3-1 aguante Chile
  3. NoWall

    World Cup Week #1

  4. NoWall

    World Cup Week #1

    me vs Yetto in 15 mins
  5. NoWall

    World Cup Week #1

    It would be better to lose or win with honor. :s
  6. NoWall

    [Sig]Matt's Signature Shop

    Name: NoWall  Team Tag: World Cup 2019 Character(s)/Pokemon: Chile Donation: 50k sign banner
  7. NoWall

    Villa Gathering II (Saturday, Jan. 19th)

    RAGE did not take second place? lol
  8. NoWall


    BOSS @StrikerOak Executives @NoWall Commanders @YEYOxD @urquidi Officers OZEEN DonnaDDle KiwyXX Waldofabian fleare Tarataz
  9. NoWall

    [Sig]Matt's Signature Shop

    I hate you for winning me today, but I love u for the signature <3
  10. NoWall

    [Sig]Matt's Signature Shop

    Name: NoWall Team: ColdWar Render/Character: Steven Stone (the guy of the steel type :p) and Metagross Donation: 100k
  11. NoWall

    How to breed a Magnemite 5x31?

    You can breed with the same species or with dittos
  12. NoWall


    En unos minutos
  13. NoWall

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    An explanation would be good, just that.

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