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  1. "Yeyo Carry" IGN: NoWall - @NoWall (Capitán) IGN: StrikerII - @StrikerOak IGN: Cristi - @CristiDOX IGN: YEYOxD - @YEYOxD
  2. I could never talk to her personally, but I'm sure she was one of the nicest and nicest people in the game, I respect her for that. Rest in peace Roxxass <3
  3. Name: NoWall  Team Tag: World Cup 2019 Character(s)/Pokemon: Chile Donation: 50k sign banner
  4. I hate you for winning me today, but I love u for the signature <3
  5. Name: NoWall Team: ColdWar Render/Character: Steven Stone (the guy of the steel type :p) and Metagross Donation: 100k
  6. You can breed with the same species or with dittos
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