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  1. when will Pokemmo Platinum happen?
  2. where is pokemmo platinum?
  3. I think pokemmo should give sinnoh a unique main story instead of the same old thing in the vanilla games!!!
  4. who are the inside sources?
  5. Updates on pokemmo Sinnoh
  6. When Sinnoh soon????
  7. When will mount silver happen?
  8. Excuse me, dear administrator, when will sinnoh map come out?I am very curious, waiting for your reply, thank you very much.
  9. any updates on pokemmo platinum?
  10. Could you bring back shakey grass in Unova?? Let's have some Audinos
  11. I say we should add Mega evoulutions, Z moves/stones, 6th & 7th gen and johto, sinnoh, aloha and kalos regions soon. Because for good reasons. 1. it will be a refreshing mix into pokemmo. 2. We will be able to go to unavailable regions we want to go to. 3. we can finally use Mega evolutions and z stones/moves
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