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  1. That's a good suggestion, however, people could just abuse that for alt accounts and such with IP Changer programs only for the marriage and could trade with themselves pokemons via the PC. I do like that idea tho, but, you'll need to overcome that exploit. :)
  2. That may be your reality, not mine. Are you lonely? ;-;
  3. Hey there, I've got a suggestion as the title says and I'll make it short. I think that the game is lacking a few social media experiences.. with marriage it could be improved a bit. So I'll list the things that should be included, do add more if you've got any and let's hope it gets into the game :D Marriage NPC and a ceremonial location will be placed for the Marriage. The wedding will cost alot of money so people won't abuse it. When the two wants to get married, right after the registration the server will announce their wedding so players can attend the ceremony. A few special 'marriage' skills such as teleporting to your spouse after you get X badges. I took this idea from Ragnarok Online whoever played it and attending weddings was awesome back then! Not to mention that players actually met in real life and some even go married ingame and in reality. So what'd you think? Wouldn't be awesome if real players were to meet and get married thanks to PokeMMO? ^.~ -ZodTheWicked // 1secEmpire
  4. Thought I'd join this convo and say that last episode of Boku no Hero Academia was pretty epic! loved that battle between deku and kacchan
  5. Nice going guys, fast response and quickly getting solutions for current problems. Good job, you have my support and thank you.
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