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  1. iArya

    umm legendary skills?

    ahh xd i see haha ty for info
  2. hey good ppl http://prntscr.com/ktz1o6 check this pic o.o its in market can anyone explain how the hell he taught those skills
  3. iArya

    hidden ability?

    does pokemmo hv hidden ability?
  4. iArya

    How is earth power possible

    ty for replying
  5. iArya

    How is earth power possible

    hey thanks for response where is the tutor
  6. hey ppls/mods/gms i am a new player in pokemmo . kinda joined few days ago infact i am new to any kind of pokemon game I am currently trying to breed a deino with earth power coz i saw it in trade market but i tried every breed combination i can think of but still could not transfer the skill. any tips please ps: i will attach the pic of the dragon i saw https://prnt.sc/kszv50

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