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  1. I would be very careful, no one is safe until the list goes public.
  2. Don't worry, we have dedicated 12 year olds on the job, look:
  3. But over the course of the last several years breeders didn't become worthless and people are indeed taking turns to false swipe + spore? You're ignoring crucial details such as difference in availability and obtainability, nobody really hunts scythers in safari for profit, because of the inability of influencing the outcome other than by using rocks or bait, which both have a downside and don't guarantee anything. Scythers also technically have an artificially fixed 25k price tag on them by the game corner, so their minimal market value won't fluctuate much from that point downwards. Most of individual's pokemon value comes from it's IVs, nature, egg group, gender or a combination of these factors, if a catch doesn't fit any of this criteria why should it hold any value if there is none to begin with? It feels to me like pushing value onto a worthless market for the sake of pushing value.
  4. I am confused, so were the balls such as dusk balls intentionally nerfed or was the catch rate broken since 2012?
  5. For example according to gen III/IV catch rate calculations catching a 1HP/asleep ditto with a dusk ball should be pretty much 100%, which is not the case. https://gyazo.com/1abd128dd18453aa3c2fb6303de755d3 I wouldn't have a problem with this change if it was simply explained to be altered from the original games in order to make it harder since it's an MMO. The whole argument about it being 'broken' for several years is my personal issue and I suppose that's why others are debating this as well.
  6. Most choices branch out into new and/or alternate outcomes so it had to be done that way.
  7. I agree. I also saw potential in the Ashley O episode , but it ultimately turned into a very cliche and predictable story, none of the episodes really did it for me or gave me the usual 'black mirror' experience. The first episode also felt like a dumbed down version of the episode 'Playtest' from season 3. Interesting, not my personal favorite but definitely a good episode.
  8. Meaning in line with the most recent 3DS hand-held game(s)? Yeah those were nerfed too from 3.5 to 3.
  9. I know that there were intentional changes too, I am asking if the reason behind these changes was the fact that they were too strong like you just said or if they were 'broken' like darkshade said a few months ago, because that was the explanation we got when all those 'pls revert catchrates' threads started popping up.
  10. The answer I seen not that long ago was because they were 'broken'. So which is it, were they too strong or broken?
  11. In that case I also wonder what would happen: @Bearminator ?
  12. I don't disagree. I am also hoping for updated rules that will be more clear and consistent. In this case you would have won, they only resorted to converting the list by squashing it because nobody picked the ticket with the number 9. This information was however poorly communicated at first and should have been properly explained like bear did instead of just locking the thread. I still don't understand why this was chosen over simply re-rolling though, as the amount of tickets sold wasn't so miniscule that squashing the list was necessary in my opinion. Full transparency should absolutely be the standard. Still, all this effort just to enable gambling isn't worth it in my opinion.
  13. This, the fact that staff members think that 'mathematically it doesn't make a difference' frankly concerns me, because it's simply incorrect. You can't just come up with a different illogical and unfair drawing system out of the blue and act as if it's ok, even saying that 'it was consulted', when it clearly wasn't. I also love how the thread got locked ASAP to prevent any form of discussion. @Bearminator Please redraw this lottery properly and then establish one consistent and logical drawing system(not Xth person from the top/bottom) to prevent this from happening again... or just get rid of lotteries altogether as bilburt suggested.
  14. 1. Have people pick their numbers. 2. Resort to a completely different drawing system, rendering the whole picking process irrelevant, instead of just re-rolling. 3. ??? 4. Profit.
  15. Lmao, what? Why wouldn't you just reroll? As if this lottery wasn't already bad enough from the OP's side.
  16. There's no one on number 9, could you elaborate?
  17. I liked it, the whole choose-your-own-adventure concept works really well with movies as a whole and I hope it's not the last movie to use this idea. But man season 5 was weak.
  18. Legend says your pokemon will be returned multilingual.
  19. I am referring to this: Will you make your list of idols and/or targets(which you hit cold) public at any point in the future? And followup question, at which temperature are you planning to strike exactly?
  20. @Noctuar Could you make your cold/hot list public?
  21. Actually, it's been repeated on a bi-weekly basis since 'upcoming update and dungeons' last year, you're not some samaritan who finally said what needed to be said. It's not even fun to collectively shit on him anymore, just don't engage the braindead kid.
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