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  1. Dazuzi


    7 day rental price decreased from 40k to 30k.
  2. Not sure if this sounded way better in your head, but it's unbearably cringy. Please stop.
  3. Supply and demand should dictate prices, not artificial 3rd party restrictions.
  4. Dazuzi


    Ongoing rentals: ImFunk relaxed Swampert 5 days - started 20.3 12:00 PM, GMT +1 ImFunk naive Salamence 3 days - started 20.3 12:00 PM, GMT +1 ImFunk bold Togekiss 7 days - started 20.3 12:00 PM, GMT +1
  5. Dazuzi


    Every comp is natured 5x31/6x31(except things like Wobbuffet who doesn't need damage IVs and 100% male pokemon) with all the necessary egg moves and about half are PP maxed. If something is placed on the top, it's offensive(+Spd/+Atk/+SpAtk) and if something is placed on the bottom, it's defensive(+Def/+SpDef). If there is a duplicate, it's either a trick room or a mixed build. I will update individual information for every comp if there is a demand for this, but until this concept proves itself, just ask me here or in-game(Dazuzi/NotDazuzi). OU: UU: NU: Dubs: The pricing is as follows: 1 day/10k 3 days/20k 7 days/30k Note: The pricing&rental lenghts might change in the future based on demand. Rules: I am alright with the comp not being returned precisely on time, but if it ends up being a longer period of time(ie. 3+ hours for a 1 day rental, 6+ hours for a 3 day rental, 12+ hours for a 7 day rental), the rent will be automatically extended by another day. The rental begins when you receive the comp. Item is not included. I will be screenshotting the rentals in case I don't know you. If you change the moveset, you need to change it back before returning. If you want to extend the rental, I need to confirm it. I can't terminate the rental prematurely if it was agreed on&paid for. There might not be a market for this, but why not try. If you have any ideas on how to improve this/think my pricing is somehow flawed, please let me know.
  6. Damn, the sheer bravery of hunting shinies in safari.
  7. Dazuzi

    Value Advice

    It's funny how little self-awareness you have. Giving your opinion and spreading misinformation based on personal assumptions are two very different things. You also can't justify that by saying that they don't need to follow it. I have seen it and his post also doesn't confirm your assumption in any way. You even tagged DS (for some reason) knowing fully well that kyu stated 'We're considering re-releasing them after an extremely long period of time, e.g. a few years from now, but I'm not sure we ever will.' earlier THIS week, what do you expect? That he is just gonna rescue your idiotic argument by contradicting what kyu said? I honestly don't understand what you're getting from these verbal exchanges you have been sparking lately, other than looking like a clown.
  8. Dazuzi

    Value Advice

    Why? That's how development works, you discuss ideas first, that doesn't mean that they have to get implemented. You just straight up assumed that 'they will most likely be released next year' from kyu's post and you're using that to give someone value advice. Seeing the level of your reading comprehension, you should read this statement a couple more times and then stop yours. You don't know that, stop assuming information that isn't there.
  9. Dazuzi

    Value Advice

    Yeah, and you should actually read the debate first before spreading incorrect information. This is what kyu said: He never mentioned that they will return in the next Halloween event, nor that they will most likely return in the future events.
  10. Why would it be pedantic? I find it quite necessary, especially looking at the amount of confusion and misinformation regarding the terms P2P and P2W in this community. I never advocated that this is not a problem. In fact, I mentioned on multiple occasions that this design is unhealthy for the game - the option to buy in-game currency for real money in an MMO is fundamentally flawed and I believe it's another subject on its own that should be discussed, because even if you fix the inflation (by buffing money sinks, introducing new money sinks, nerfing NPC berry values) and make grinding viable again, it will still be possible for someone to throw money at the gift shop instead of playing the game and having to earn something.
  11. 1 more question, was that singles or doubles? Also, at which streak did they start to appear?
  12. @Toupi Are the battle frontier exclusives only in the battle tower or can I encounter them in palace etc. as well? And are they exclusive to link battles or any?
  13. It takes longer, but you also get a bigger yield and the NPC will pay more per each 67 hour berry than per a 16 hour berry, so it evens out. Takes me 42 minutes to harvest, replant and water 189 fields twice personally, no idea what takes you so long. I have been farming every day on 2 accounts for over half a year without skipping a single day actually, so you're not wrong I suppose. Also, it's pretty evident that you're indeed too stubborn for me to change anything about your opinion despite all my efforts, but it's still fun to make you look like a baboon.
  14. No fyi we're talking about 67 hour berries such as liechis, not 16 hour berries, since THOSE are the main ones that are being farmed and massively sold to NPCs.
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