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  1. Damn, took me 2 weeks. Pheno rate is fair.
  2. Because you could buy/borrow/transfer any level 100 and just roflstomp the story.
  3. Not sure if you are able to do this, but there is a spot right above the entrance stairs on route 17, where if you stretch the game client over 2 monitors you can see 3 out of 5 of the potential alomomola spawns(+1 audino spawn). If you have this option and are not sure where to stand hmu. I kept an alt there and kept on relogging every 15 minutes to check and circled driftveil->route4 on main in the meantime. Second best option is probably periodically monitoring the alomomola listings and pray you get lucky. Good luck, alomomola is the most annoying one.
  4. You ever considered that it got removed for a reason and you should therefore also not do it? Don't post leaks about upcoming episodes, no matter if they were leaked before or not, can you please get this into your head? I think you do care, it's clearly very tough on your ego to get corrected. Ok.
  5. You were the first to post it because you clearly don't understand the obvious concept of 'spoilers' in the title. That's not what he said, but seeing how you throw a hissy fit and then attempt to run in the most childish way possible every time someone calls you out on your bullshit will never not be funny.
  6. How exactly is he insecure? Do you have the slightest clue about what the word even means? Don't post leaks about upcoming episodes before they're aired, it's really simple.
  7. There is the ultimate finale spoiler being shared all over Instagram right now. It's basically a leaked set photo of who sits on the iron throne in the end. It was the first post in my explore feed today without any spoiler warning so I would advise staying off of it.
  8. I think the plan is that they're gonna 3-way direct it I guess, or just have Johnson write the script, they're definitely working together on it. Anyway, I hated TLJ, I don't think Johnson should touch a SW movie ever again.
  9. The episode 5 memes are definitely great, but seeing how many people present this as some kind of actual plot hole or something, I really wish people would pay more attention because that's literally the point, that is her character arc. Her whole character development was to become the savior of Westeros, the 'breaker of chains', only to become the mad queen in the end through loss and betrayal, just like her father, which is the one thing she didn't want to become. The only argument that there is to make regarding this twist is that it felt rushed/needed more setup, which noone can deny, Benioff&Weiss are clearly done caring, seeing how much the writing went downhill.
  10. @MightyBoxerHow long did 50 wins take you and was it singles or doubles?
  11. Blue already answered his question regarding the locations, I am just correcting you.
  12. Yeah they seem very eager to wrap the show to start working on their star wars project as soon as possible.
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