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  1. So since you can predict PvP so easily, how many tourneys have you won recently?
  2. Dazuzi

    TV Series Hub

    Anyone seen the Boys? And if yes is it worth watching?
  3. I mean people have been talking about it for months, looking at the sheer amount of economy topics and how often berries were involved, it was bound to happen. Looking forward to seeing how far the correction goes and how much different items are affected by it.
  4. They are not supposed to share information about freshly released content, in no way is it their responsibility to do so. It's honestly extremely obvious why if you think about it. In no MMO would staff ever directly tell you these things. That doesn't mean you're entitled to be told where to look for new items or how to do it, especially not by staff. That's a different issue, but by any means do report it if you can prove it. Between the players, sure. It should not be censored either, but expecting a staff member to hold your hand when it comes to new content few days after it's released is a bit too much.
  5. Are you seriously complaining that staff is not willing to spit out information about new content that is obviously meant for the players to find out?
  6. That's not what I said, I said that he should comprehensively read what he has been told before, instead of repeating himself. Not really, I think you're reading into what people are saying a bit too much.
  7. What even are these arguments? How do you know they will be tradeable in the first place? How do you know how much resources people will use(if any) and if it would theoretically sink enough money? How do you know how many people do gym rematches? Stop pulling 'facts' out of your ass to support your arguments and try to comprehensively read what you been told 10+ times by many people, including the devs instead of just repeating yourself.
  8. I am deeply saddened that my comment didn't reach your minimum requirement of necessity.
  9. That's a brave statement coming from you out of all people.
  10. DS said earlier that they hope to have rotom and all his forms available upon release.
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