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  1. ??? CoC and PokemonGO have way more developers, you can't just compare them because they are both free games. Also, how many times do you need to make yourself look like a clown trying to discuss the same thing over and over? I am genuinely interested at this point.
  2. Hello, me and my 191 buddies all voted for bestfriends and would like our drawings, please and thank you.
  3. Dazuzi

    TV Series Hub

    Binged season 1 of Ozark recently, pretty solid money laundering drama. Also, Stranger Things Season 3 was quite good. I would recommend both. Edit: Oh and Mindhunter was great too.
  4. Having a campaign manager or a PR representative is completely normal and happens all the time, if anything it's smart to delegate responsibilities to other people.
  5. You did not reduce poverty, you are just dumb enough to think you did. Since you just literally copy pasted your 'achievements' from Dusty's thread and clearly either don't read or don't care about feedback, I will just copy paste my reply to you as well. Lmao, you liked and commented on an 'important debate', you must be really grasping for straws if you thought this was worthy of mentioning. Can you at least try and make it look like your Youtube analytics are not the most important thing in your life? Lol, who thought this would be a good slogan for you? Empty rhetoric/self-bragging is what you do, if anything, this slogan applies to ProfesorEinsteinnn way more than it does to you and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets stolen.
  6. Dazuzi


    Damnit, I already almost had boltblades on 4th place.
  7. Dazuzi


    I don't think staff members and a banned player should even be included, staff has their own responsibilities and it undermines the whole 'community' aspect. Also, why use strawpoll as a voting system? I could have voted 200 times already just by switching my VPN.
  8. Yeah, fair point, I got that mixed up. I understand that the distinction is that it's the item(assuming it's consumable) or the pokemon being sunk in this scenario, the money is just being redistributed. What I was mostly alluding to though is that nerfing berries straight to 0 would tank the berry market altogether and possibly cause a deflation.
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