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  1. Dazuzi

    [Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide

    Anybody knows if white herb is obtainable by pickup from somewhere or if it's sold exclusively for BP?
  2. Dazuzi

    Small Question

    How is the controller called?
  3. Dazuzi

    Feebas Hunting, Finder is Rewarded

    I tried to do a similiar thing lately, didn't work very well - people don't wanna do it for a reward since it is still very tedious with several people and only the lucky one gets paid(if you split it it's not worth it). You're better off just recruiting in global chat with the same goal and swapping between channels hoping there are people already there. Good luck.
  4. Is this ability not implemented right now? And if no, are there any plans for it?
  5. Dazuzi

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I didn't want to make another one. @Kyu Could you give an update on the development progress please?
  6. Dazuzi

    Ghostbusters Lottery

    30 please.
  7. Dazuzi

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    Careful, the Spanish community might start rioting again LOL.
  8. Dazuzi

    What comes in each goodie bag?

    Depression and regret.
  9. Dazuzi


    Prankster sableye would do awesome since he is kinda unplayable without prankster.
  10. 1 more breeding related question if you don't mind. So once you get an egg move done on a certain pokemon you can always relearn it. If you breed this pokemon without this specific egg move, but the option to relearn it with some other pokemon, will the newly bred pokemon be able to relearn the egg move that it's parent could or this option doesn't transfer?
  11. Male scraggy with head smash with a female nidoran and pray, got it.
  12. So it has to be a nidoran and it's 50/50 correct?
  13. So female scraggy/scrafty with head smash with male nidorino = 100% male nidoran with head smash?
  14. Is the breed outcome 50/50? Or is it more rare for the outcome to be male nidoran?

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