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  1. Well another question. There is anyway to pace the game speed like in the GB console with Space button?
  2. I see. There is anyway to see comparison between all the three starters? (all the grass all the fire and all the water types).
  3. Hey guys, How can i start with generation 2 pokemons ? (Chikorita,Cyndaquil and Totodile)
  4. Well the most important question was not answered there. Where i download the Rooms the game require to start?
  5. Hey guys, I download now the game and i have no clue how to start play it. After Registering and installing the game i have no clue how to load game modes as the main screen require... Which room to play with and etc. I will be more then glad to get help and explanation about it and general guides. Thanks alot guys.
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