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  1. I have noticed that in some cases Swarm brings mons that don't normally come from said route. If im not mistaken it also ups encounter rate but I can be wrong due to Illuminate already does that.
  2. Talk to anyone in Team Lem.. we will happily add you to the team. you can message Dwaasje/Aard/Linfangz as I will be away today
  3. I'd also like to go over our shiny hunters side of the team. We have a small core of Shiny Hunters that include myself. Lem offers a Bimonthly shiny hunt with prizes. Our current hunt is coming to a end but it was Gastly and Cubone. We like to meet up and just hunt for a hour or two at times also. There is not much one can say about hunting shinys since, you don't hunt shiny the shiny hunts you. so since this is so Lack Luster id like to also go into our economic side. I know a few members of Lem purely GTL Flip and others like to shiny and vanity flip on trade chat. I myself and 2 others also Rp sell. I am building this team around other teams I have been on in my 7 years of playing. I want this team to be for everyone. if any of this interest you shoot me a whisper or mail. we can talk more about what this team can offer
  4. I'd like to go a little more in depth about our PvP. We are not the best team. but we show improvements. we have signed up for two team Tournaments 1st rounded our first time. it was close though and on the second well second round we where outmatched. I like to say this to show if you want to be on a superstar comp team we are not for you (yet). we have members who enter every tournament. to my knowledge the best we got was just outside of the semi finals. we are new to PvP as a team just under 3 months but we have members of the community that have PvP for years. If PvP is something you would like to get into our team is perfect to get a start. as a team we help one another with breeds or sets. If you have no clue where to start we as a collective will help guide you on your path. Id also like to add if you are someone who is already into PvP and want to do things like Team Tournaments to test your skills we will love to bring you in our team. don't let me say as a team we are new to PvP let you get the wrong idea. I feel the collective of veteran Comp players we have are solid.
  5. Easy I stayed in route 1 until lvl 10. then I went into Viridian Forrest and did not leave till 16 then I lvl just outside untll 20. I also would mix in my Nido so I can have it at lvl 16 and ready for a moon stone. all it takes is some grinding and the game seems easy from there
  6. its not hard to lvl up in early game. Its rather easy to have a Nidoking by the 2nd gym. bellsprout is not too hard to lvl up either it just takes time. and if you cant put a little time in then yes.. the second gym will be hell. by brock I normaly have a lvl 20 mon. like its like the normal game. you need to grind a bit
  7. well if you evolve bellsprout it will kill her easy. also if you can up your lvls on Mankey. it will be a speedy boi if it can get some lvls under its belt
  8. what Pokémon are you using. if they are physical then Water pulse will hit harder than normal. I do understand where you are coming from. in here trainers do just spam moves like roost for example. it can be frustrating and being new in a region does not help. Can help you if needed. I have a few Pokémon that could be useful for you
  9. Have you considered this is a MMo and not going to be as easy as the Vanilla games. If I recall right when I played Misty in Blue she was hard to beat. took me 7-8 good goes. if you need I can give you a pokemon with Water absorb. that should help you with the problems you are having
  10. If you are team less or in a dead team consider Team SimplyLemonade. we are fairly new but we are active and love to mingle. We actively look for shinys and are deeply involved in PVP. If you just want to hang out and chill come crack open a cold one with the boys. In game you can mail or whisper me its the same name as on here "CupidOfSorrow". I am always down to talk or battle. As the Boss Of lem I would like to also take a moment to add I accept anyone into the team. Fresh player or seasoned vet. I will not tolerate Toxic Behavior however. I will kick with out notice if I get too many complaints. I will however talk to you on a one on one to correct behavior. so If you are looking for a active team with events and just all around good people come and join us.
  11. Lost in Ice Catch Event This event will be like none other. The rules are simple. let me dive deeper into this for you. Location: Icefall Cave This is where you are allowed to catch the Pokémon. You may Fish, Surf, or Run to catch the Pokémon. as long as it comes from Icefall cave and is caught within the time limit given Date: February 5th Tuesday Time: 1Pm Western Pacific Catch Bonus Pokémon Lapras +7 Sneasel +5 Delibird +5 Nature Bonus: None Duration: 1hour 30 minuets with additional 15 minuets to find best pokemon. Prizes: First Lapras Second Metagross Third Sneasel I am Always in Icefall cave. I love this location so much sometimes its like I am lost in here. Come and join me for some fun For more information Contact me In game or on Discord
  12. this is something I been looking for. betting on TT matches can get big. but a simple 5k here and there is nice.
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