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  1. I have noticed that in some cases Swarm brings mons that don't normally come from said route. If im not mistaken it also ups encounter rate but I can be wrong due to Illuminate already does that.
  2. Talk to anyone in Team Lem.. we will happily add you to the team. you can message Dwaasje/Aard/Linfangz as I will be away today
  3. Easy I stayed in route 1 until lvl 10. then I went into Viridian Forrest and did not leave till 16 then I lvl just outside untll 20. I also would mix in my Nido so I can have it at lvl 16 and ready for a moon stone. all it takes is some grinding and the game seems easy from there
  4. its not hard to lvl up in early game. Its rather easy to have a Nidoking by the 2nd gym. bellsprout is not too hard to lvl up either it just takes time. and if you cant put a little time in then yes.. the second gym will be hell. by brock I normaly have a lvl 20 mon. like its like the normal game. you need to grind a bit
  5. well if you evolve bellsprout it will kill her easy. also if you can up your lvls on Mankey. it will be a speedy boi if it can get some lvls under its belt
  6. what Pokémon are you using. if they are physical then Water pulse will hit harder than normal. I do understand where you are coming from. in here trainers do just spam moves like roost for example. it can be frustrating and being new in a region does not help. Can help you if needed. I have a few Pokémon that could be useful for you
  7. Have you considered this is a MMo and not going to be as easy as the Vanilla games. If I recall right when I played Misty in Blue she was hard to beat. took me 7-8 good goes. if you need I can give you a pokemon with Water absorb. that should help you with the problems you are having
  8. this is something I been looking for. betting on TT matches can get big. but a simple 5k here and there is nice.
  9. LOLOL I love this set up.. you are the man Fatlafel. My signature is dank as judge fudge
  10. im glad to see you back. Hope you enjoy the stay
  11. I personally prefer HellSing over Tokyo Ghoul but I can say Tokyo Ghoul is better than Death Note. hell even Soul Eater kept me more intrigued than Death Note.
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