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  1. I forgot to say thank you very much, for taking the time to see how to solve my problem with the subject, now I can enjoy this again, really thank you very much :D
  2. send me the link again, I will try again, if not, just thank you ;3
  3. I did all the steps to install the theme, unzip it and add it to the Pokemmo> Data> Themes folder and when I enter the game it comes out "Fatal rendering error has occurred"
  4. unfortunately, when I try to enter the game with the updated theme, I get an error and it does not let me enter :'(
  5. this incredible, thank you very much :3
  6. IGN: NicoFdB Thread: Mega Rayquaza Main color: Green Secondary color: yellow and blue. All the specific recommendations: I would like to see Mega Rayquaza pixelated in the pc boxes Donation: 150k Images you could use: https://www.deviantart.com/ishmam/art/Mega-Rayquaza-Dragon-Ascent-578900480 https://www.deviantart.com/ishmam/art/Mega-Rayquaza-Dragon-Pulse-578898435
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